Visiting Dr. Feelgood

* December 22, 2070. Despite this being the week before christmas, a man's still gotta work. Bills need to be paid. Presents need to be bought. And a van needs to be driven to the current abode of a currently-in-town Elohite of Lightning.

* A minivan, recognizeable to those who have seen it before as the one woned by Ayrie and Philip, pulls up in front of the place where Gillian and Kiddy are staying.

* Gillian hovers over a computer, chceking facts...

* The facts are very much as Gillian found the other day... though Trade's been able to get a little more headway on the names Gillian provided listing marital histories and current occupations of some of Tivoli's clientele. There appear to be a higher number of divorces, swapped partners, and some rumors of sleeping around on the parts of some of those clients.

* Also, the website code of Dr. Tivoli's website could -easily- be brought up to snuff by a webdesigner of Gillian's calibre. She could do it in her sleep if she needed to sleep.

* Gillian rises, moving to the door as Phil Arrives. She waits a few beats... a few more... he should be raising his hand to knock right... about...

* Gillian opens the door. Angels have a reputation to maintain.

* Philip 's hand comes to a halt before knocking on Gillian's chest. He coughs, and blushes a tad. "Er, hello, Gillian. Ready to go and brave the wilds of Family Wellness?" He's also clad in what is clearly a telephone repairman's jumpsuit, very authentic.

* Gillian nods. "I'm looking forward to it about as much as I am being thrown back into the pits of Gehenna."

{Philip} ... Aaaah-hah. Right. Well, anyway... got what you'll need for actually heading to the office? *he fiddles with his jumpsuit, and he does look decent in it. Very official*

* Gillian picks up a laptop. "If you keep fiddling with your jumpsuit, then someone's going to get the idea that you rented it from a dollar costume shop. Which would be an insult as I happen to know you rented it from a place that's much more expensive than that."

* Philip coughs, and nods. "Good point. Anyway, right this way..." He heads for the van, and gets the door open for Gillian.

* Gillian follows behind, laptop under arm.

* Philip gets in and buckled, waits for Gillian to do the same, and then starts driving for Bethesda proper.

* Gillian cracks open a window, frowning out of it.

* The air is cold, though it's to be expected for December. The snow's melted off a little bit, and there's people still in the throes of holiday shopping or other, more regular business.

{Gillian} *q* Innocent.

* Philip mmms, and nods slightly, still driving, the traffic getting a little thicker as they get closer to the city, off the Beltway and along Rockville Pike.

* Gillian doesn't seem to be talking to anyone but herself.

* Philip deals with that all right, and doesn't feel the need to comment as he continues the thing of driving... soon, the locale becomes more upscale as they reach the center of Bethesda/Chevy Chase, near where it was pinpointed where Dr. Tivoli worked.

* Gillian continues her watch.

* Philip starts looking for a place to park, hopefully close to the mall/offices/residences of 7600 Wisconsin Avenue...

## Philip rolled 3d6 = 13 (5 3 5).

## Philip rolled 3d6 = 11 (5 2 4).

## Philip rolled 3d6 = 7 (3 3 1).

## Philip rolled 3d6 = 6 (3 2 1).

* Gillian leaves parking to those who know such things!

* It takes some doing and extra driving around, but Philip FINALLY manages to worm his way into the parking garage attached to the building, getting a spot, well, really far away from any entrances and near a fire standpipe, but -hopefully- nobody'll need to get to it...

* Gillian turns to look. She looks behind herself, then back at Phil. "There was a spot closer."

* Philip mutters a "doh!" He then "d'oh!"s again as another car takes the spot that Gillian just mentioned.

{Gillian} Of course it's lost now.

{Philip} *deadpan* I, ah, noticed that, yes. *he lets out a sigh, and then shrugs, sitting up and unbuckling*

* Gillian climbs out, stretching.

* Philip gets out as well, and pulls out a set of telephone-worker's tools.. he also hands Gillian a slip of paper that has Tivoli's office address and floor, email, and phone number. "Tivoli's on the twelfth floor... I'm going to double-check the telephone closets on several floors before reaching that one to plant the listener. So you should have as much time as you need to chat with Tivoli and hopefully sound him out."

* Gillian nods. "My creditials as a webbuilder are in order?'

{Philip} Should be, last I, the Senceschal, and Ayrie checked. Which was a day or so ago. *slight smile* You got my pager number for when you're ready to go?

{Gillian} Would I lose it?

{Philip} If memorized, no... *he quickly recites it*

* Gillian nods. "I have it, already."

* Philip nods. "Well then... see you in a while, Gillian."

{Gillian} Go with God.

* Philip nods again. "And walk in Illumination," he replies, before heading off into the depths of the building, leaving Gillian to her own devices and route to Tivoli's office...

* Gillian's bearing straightens to perfect professionalism. She then makes her way to the office.

* The office, as has been previously gleaned, is on the 12th floor of the building (this counts the first 3 floors of interior mall and whatnot. The building hallways and the elevator are tastefully decorated, the carpeting plush, the hallways occasionally mirrored, the elevator doors polishied. The Elevator plays sythn-christmas-muzak, though.

* Gillian stands there, still, waiting. She cocks an eyebrow at the muzzak, pondering.

{Gillian} If I tore that out of the wall and smashed it, it might save a million human spirits.

{Gillian} No, I might enjoy that too much.

* Gillian steps off the elevator once the belly thing dings.

* The elevator eventually reaches her floor, not having reacted to her scathing commentary on its musical preferences. Potted plants are set up along the hallway on this floor... wodners of wonders, they're even -live-. The office Gillian wants is to the right, on the higher end of numbers for this floor.

* Gillian's footsteps make nary a sound, thanks to the carpeting.

{Gillian} *q* Muzzack, cheap carpeting... why doesn't he just zombify his employees and get it done with cleanly? *she stops at the door and raps Shave-anna-Haircut somberly*

* The door is solid oak, polished, and has "Family Wellness Psychology Center" mounted on it in golden lettering, with "Dr. Ambrose Tivoli" listed underneath. Gillian can tell that it's not the -higher- quality metal lettering, though. A female voice replies, "Come In!"

* Gillian walks in.

* The interior is... an office waiting room, similar to many Gillian may have had to enter before in the guise of a Role. There's a couch and two similar chairs around a coffee table with some regluar magazines and psychology ones, some leaflets and phamphlets on a coffee table and in a wall-mounted rack, and a few tasteful abstract paintings on the walls. There's a door opposite the one Gillian entered, and to her right there's a partion/wall-opening through which she can see an attractive, brown-haired woman clad in blouse and slacks, who was just looking through a pair of files. "Hello, and welcome to the Family Wellness Psychology Center!" she chirps, happily.

{Gillian} Hello. *she nods* My name is Gillian Newman. I'm here to enquire about your web-situation.

* The woman blinks, and looks up at her curiously, and with a hint of confusion. "Our web-situation? Dr. Tivoli handles all that, I just handle the patient records..."

{Gillian} Oh good, then he's the one I'd like to see.

* The woman nods, still looking at Gillian curiously and a touch warily, but she does smile, still. "Well, he's with a patient right now, and will be busy for a while longer, so if you'd like to wait and read one of our brochures..." She nods towards the rest of the waiting room and the seats therein.

* Gillian nods, checking resonance as she moves to the waiting room.

* The seats are comfortable in the waiting room, and afford a good view of the presumably-secratary, and there is much literature that can be read. And to Gillian's eyes, she can tell that the secretary is currently feeling pretty decentabout things, though her strongest emotion at the moment is curious.

* Gillian waits where she is. Good. Curious. Yes. Good. Curious Yes. damn, the muzzak is getting to her again.

* There is different muzak in the office, fortunately. Though still holiday-themed. Beggars can't be choosers. At least it's not muzak renditions of the current top-40... SKA and Rap never translate that well.

* Gillian waits patiently.

* Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking ... into the fuuuuuture....

* Fortuantely, after about a half-hour or so, the inner door unlocks, sparing Gillian from the distraction of more muzak.

{Gillian} . o O (Thank you, Almighty one.)

* Gillian rises, so as to be on her feet when the big moment comes.

* The door opens, and a woman steps out, clad in business suit, slacks, jacket... her top button of her blouse is currently being fastened, and she's got a slight flush to her cheeks. She's smiling though, and turns to nod to the other figure, a well-built man clad in knit sweater and kahkis, wearing wire-framed glasses. "... well, I'll -definitely- take that into account, Dr. Tivoli..." She smiles.

* Ambrose nods, smiling back winningly. "I'm sure your husband will appreciate it, Mrs. Lochmier. See you again in a month?"

* Gillian gives the woman a reonsance vibe as she watches, impassively.

* Lochmier nods, shaking hands with Ambrose. "I'll be sure to let you know." She lets go, and gathers her coat from the corner coat rack.

* To Gillian's perceptions, she can tell that the woman is curretly feeling very relaxed; her strongest emotion being pleased as the good Dr's advice is sure to help spice up her sex life with her husband; and her second strongest emotion is that of being mellow since the Good Dr. just gave her a 'live demonstration'.

* Gillian gives the suggestion: what would you do if he told her to jump in a lake.

* Gillian can somehow tell that Mrs. Lochmier would blink and roundly ask out loud -why- would Tivoli ask her to jump in a lake.

* Gillian hms to that. And waits patiently.

* And by this point, Lochmier has settled her accounts with the secretary, and exited the office. Tivoli, meanwhile, looks at Gillian with a curious expression. "And hello... you might be?"

* The secratary speaks up. "Oh, this is Gillian Newman, Dr. Tivoli." She smiles. "She wanted to talk to you..."

* Gillian nods."A pleasure."

* Ambrose nods, smiling, offering his hand. "Oh indeed, indeed. So, what brings you by to my humble office today, Ms. Newman?"

## Ambrose rolled 3d6 = 11 (5 3 3).

{Gillian} I've come here with a proposition, sir. Would you have a few moments?

{Ambrose} A proposition? *he quirks an eyebrow, smiling* Oh, I'm always available for hearing a good proposition or three... *he gestures, holding the door open for Gillian* ... please, do come into my office.

{Gillian} Thank you, sir.

* Gillian files through the door.

* Ambrose follows Gillian through the door, getting a good look at her from behind before moving to open the following door at the end of the short hallway. There's another pair of doors, one on each side of the hallway.

* Gillian bears that scrutiny with stoicism!

* Inside, the office is very nice and clean and tidy, a computer on Dr. Tivoli's desk, a jellybean jar on it was well, with several notes and documents. There's several bookshelves and a pair of filing cabinets along two walls, and a chair behind Tivoli's desk, and one opposite. Various plaques and diplomas are on the wall, several plants by the single window in the office, and several photos of his wife and child are also on the desk. "Please, do sit down..." He gestures at the one chair opposite his.

* Gillian takes her seat. "Most kind. Shall I come to the point?"

{Ambrose} Oh, of course. *he smiles, and idly eats a jellybean* So what brings you by?

{Gillian} Have you ever wanted to double your on-line presence and not spend much money at all doing it?

* Ambrose quirks an eyebrow. "That sounds very much like some spam-mails I've gotten, Ms. Newman. I do all my own online work, and I'm quite proud of it..."

{Gillian} Of course. But you must be a busy man. *smile* After all, you're one of the most successful men whom I've ever met. Wouldn't it be nice to delegate that sort of thing to someone who guarantees your satisfaction?

* Ambrose hrrrrms, looking at Gillian calculatingly, nodding slightly. "Well, if your work -is- good, I suppose I could be convinced to accept your services... What would your rates be like?"

{Gillian} Oh very reasonable. I've drawn up a rate plan for you to peruse.

* Gillian leans across the table, holding out a PDA screen for access.

* Ambrose leans over as well, taking a look at the PDA as his hand happens to touch hers as he does so.

* Gillian does her best to avoid contact, but these things happen sometimes. Her rates are quite reasonable indeed!

## Ambrose rolled 3d6 = 7 (1 1 5).

* Ambrose , as he touches Gillian's hand, idly resonates.

* Gillian manages to resist Tivoli's attempt to Charm her into feeling friendly towards him!

* Gillian looks back at him, seeming to draw back calmly as she resonantes.

* Gillian's celestial senses can perceive that Tivoli's currently feeling calculatingly thoughtful right at the moment... his first strongest emotion is that of anticipation, since those rates -are- good and with a better website he could reach more people... and suspicion, since the timing of this offer is -damn- peculiar and it seems this newcomer has resisted at least one attempt to Charm her.

* Ambrose hrmms, thoughtful, scratching his chin. "Well, I can definitely say these are good rates... but that still leaves the question of the quality of your work, Ms. Newman..."

{Gillian} I have a portfolio on me. Would you like to see it?

* Ambrose nods. "Yes, please."

* Gillian presses a recall button on her PDA, calling up past site-work and IRing him the results.

* Ambrose makes sure his computer is up and running (it is), and the data gets IR'd. He turns, and starts studying the webpages.

* Gillian's pages are clean, crisp code, minmal overhead...

* Ambrose doesn't care about the coding so much as for how it looks! He makes sure to check -that- out as well, while also checking to see where they actually -exist- on the web...

* It's *pretty*. And they do.

## Ambrose rolled 3d6 = 10 (3 2 5).

* Ambrose hrms, sitting back and nodding. "Very, very clean, Ms. Newman. And how many hits a day do these sites get?"

{Gillian} The counter's right there.

* It shows quite a few hits!

* Ambrose raises his eyebrows, and whistles. "-Well-. I have to say you've definitely piqued my interest, Ms. Newman. When can you start, how long would it take, and what, if anything, would you need from me?"

{Gillian} Immediately, that depends on the projects, and only information.

* Ambrose nods, and shifts his computer around so that she can look at it more clearly. He brings up another webpage, recognizeable to Gillian as his website. He's about to speak, when there's a buzz on the small intercom on his desk.

* Ambrose blinks, and frowns, tapping the intercom. "Yes, Ms. Artesia?"

{Artesia} Dr. Tivoli? Your three-o-clock appointment is here and waiting.

* Gillian smiles a touch.

* Ambrose ahhhs, and nods. He looks up at Gillain, wry and apologetic. "Well, I've been planning an update and expansion to my website for quite some time, but as you can tell, my schedule is rather busy. Fortunately, this is a half-hour appointment, so if you'd like to look around the website itself and give me an estimate when I get finished..."

* Gillian nods. "I'd be glad to, thank you."

* Ambrose nods, getting up and patting Gillian on the shoulder, all nice and friendly-like. "You're welcome." He smiles. "See you in thirty minutes or thereabouts..." He then heads for the door to his office, after glancing at Gillian one more time. He leaves the door ajar as he exits.

* Gillian moves out, sitting near to the door as she flicks on her PAD.

## Ambrose rolled 3d6 = 16 (4 6 6).

* Gillian doesn't hear much of anything as she gets close to the door, save that Tivoli's talking to somebody who's male... and then the opposite door closes, presumably the place where he does his consulting.

* Gillian nods and heads for the waiting area.

* The waiting area is still there! The secratary is filling out some forms, but the room is otherwise still empty.

* Gillian takes her seat.

* Muzak continues to softly play in the nicely well-appointed waiting room.

{Gillian} . o O (Interesting. The numbness in my brain is being replaced by a strange, warm sensation. I think my vessel's trying to incinerate.)

* Despite Gillian's thoughts, the room is still climate-controlled. The scratch of a pencil as the secretary works helps break up some of the tension. And, of course, there's always fun with PDA's to pass the time...

* Gillian reviews sites to her heart's content...

* Many sites are perused. The wonders of wireless communication and high bandwith in the modern day. Some of them actually have a decent signal-noise ratio.

* Gillian checks out his stylistics, amusing herself until the waiting is done.

* Tivoli's websites, such as they are, have a rather decent load of testimonials and some copies of the contents of his pamphlets listing reports of developments in the field, and his own advice... which seem subtly skewed towards satisfying your own pleasures at the expense of others. His HTML coding skills leave something to be desired... they're -okay-, but on the low end of serviceable, like if he'd gone striaght from an "HTML For Dummies" book and didn't bother to refine his style further for efficency. He even uses (ugh) -Frames- ineffectively.

* Gillian finishes her work and moves to literature.

* Much reading material... some general purveyors of Media-regurgitated 'facts' (ie Newsmagazines), some more specialty psychological journals (which actually do appear legit), and the Family Wellness Psychology Center newsletter.

* Gillian settles back to absorb everything she can about this...

* The Psychology journals are ones that Gillian might have heard of from her fellow servitors of Lightning who focussed on their fields. All very reputable, and dealing with the interpersonal-relationship side of human psychology. Tivoli's newsletters -appears to say much the same things, but his 'practical advice' seems to lean towards advice as "time apart" for couples in rocky marraiges, including seeing other people... 'personal health sessions'... "Getting Experience" for young single guys and girls.... all phrased so that if one -casually- glanced at it, it'd make perfect sense....

{Gillian} . o O (Archie comics these aren't.)

* Fortunately (?) for Gillian, the newsletters aren't illustrated. Pretty much purely text.

* Gillian puts them aside and gets to some work while she waits.

* Time continues passing... and while she's working on one section, she can hear the sound of footsteps in the small in-office hallway...

* Gillian glances up, readying herself...

* The inner door opens, and Tivoli enters, jovially patting the shoulder of a teenaged man. "Now, you just think it over, Jonas.... I'm -sure- that she'll appreciate it for Christmas."

* The teenager, who looks to be about college-age, nods. "You bet I will, Dr. Tivoli..."

{Gillian} . o O (You're taking advice from a gargoyle, child.)

* Ambrose chuckles. "Good, good. Now you get going, you're a busy man..."

* The teen nods, and goes to settle his copayment with the secretary before departing.

* Gillian glances up at Ambrose.

* Ambrose looks over at Gillian, somewhat suprised to see her out there, but covering it -very- well for one who isn't as perceptive as Gillian is. "So, Ms. Newman... how were things with the website?"

{Gillian} Very interesting. I had a chance to get comfortable with your style.

* Ambrose smiles. "Oh? And how hard would it be to get it up to spec?"

{Gillian} Not terribly. Your work is a good foundation to build on.

* Ambrose smiles more. "Good, good. I'm glad to hear it. So, when can you get started? I know the holidays can be panicked, I get a lot of my patients during them."

{Gillian} Immediately, if not sooner?

* Ambrose grins. "Very good." He them hrms, looking over at the secretary. "Ms. Artesia? What's my schedule for the rest of the day?"

* The secretary blinks, and looks at the planner-scheduler. "Um... looks like it'll be full-up for the rest of the day, Dr. Tivoli." She smiles, sheepsihly.

* Gillian nods.

* Ambrose sighs. "Ahwell... suppose it'll have to be tomorrow, Ms. Newman."

{Gillian} Of course. What time would be most convenient for you?

* Ambrose thinks, then moves over to peer at the planner-scheduler. "Somewhere around 10:30 looks about right."

{Gillian} Count on me for then. Thank you for your time.

* Ambrose nods, offering his hand. "And you, Ms. Newman. I think we're going to work very well together on this." He smiles.

* Gillian smiles a touch, nodding. "I have a good feeling about that, yes."

* Ambrose nods again, pulling his hand back. "Right. Well, I've got to get back to work... see you tomorrow, Ms. Newman."

{Gillian} Until then. *she turns to leave*

* Ambrose watches Gillian head out, and goes back into his office. The outside hallway is much as Gillian left it.

* Gillian heads for the way out, seeking her own personal Idaho.

* The hallway is empty, save for a guy in a jumpsuit working in the telephone closet... wait, that backside seems familiar...

* Gillian clears her throat as she walks past.

* There's a hrm, and the figure turns, looking over. Yes, it's Philip, having just finished 'installing' something in the telephone closet that looks very official. "Yes, Miss?"

{Gillian} Keep working hard. *She breezes past, knowing she's said all she needs. Why? Because when you keep your emotions balanced, being inscruitiable is the only way to needle people*

* Philip rolls his eyes and waits for Gillian to move for the elevators before he finishes his work and heads for the service stairwell.

* Gillian takes the vaders down and back to the rendez-vous point.

* The minivan is waiting there for her, and a few minutes after, Philip comes walking for it, his toolbelt and carry-bag all snug.

* Gillian is leaning back, reclined, looking the epitome of 'cool'. "You smell like fibreglas."

* Philip brushes some off before unlocking the doors and getting in. "At least I didn't breathe any of it, and I was wearing gloves the whole time."

{Gillian} Good for you. Did you learn anything beyond that red was positive and black was negative?

{Philip} Well, I was able to confirm his phone numbers, get his phone account number, and place a pair of listeners at the junction boxes. And you? *he starts up the van, and looks over his shoulder as he pulls out*

{Gillian} I've learned how to make friends and influence people.

* Philip ahs, slightly, driving out of the parking garage and into the wilds of Bethesda/Chevy Chase.

{Gillian} Or did you want more?

{Philip} *dryly* Well, it -would- help our general mission....

{Gillian} Of course. He's a demon.

* Philip nods. "Any idea what band?" He starts driving northward, managing maneuvering through traffic like... somebody who's lived there quite a long time.

{Gillian} I have my suspicions. I think he's working an all you can eat right now.

* Philip mms, quietly. "Ah. Well, when we get back to the apartments, we can let Ayrie and Kiddy know what we found out..."

* Gillian nods, buclking up. Because you can never bee too careful.

* Philip was already buckled, but it's always a good idea. And so they drive off, into a Fade.

In Nomine 2070