Elohite Investigations

*Ayrie* [[Hallo! We all ready to Rock and Roll to the Symphony?]]

*Narnian* [[* Kid *BRIGHTENS.* "Does that mean we get to cause lots of Disturbance?"]]

* December 23rd, 2070. The Wednesday before Yultide. Two days before Christmas. And anybody who's planning to go running around after a weekend of snowfall and DC traffic must be certifiably -crazy- to be getting ready to go out there.

* Which would explain why Ayrie's pulling on her trenchcoat, getting ready to go out with Kidumiel and Luxastra, and not Philip.

* Gillian hums a tune that's been going through her head in an effort to clear it. Sure, Angels can avoid so many mortal problems, but can they kill viral songs? Nooooo...

* Kid hums along in harmony with Gillian.

{Gillian} Kim?

{Kid} Yes 'lin?

* Gillian takes her coat off of the hook. "Would it be terribly dissonant to start tearing out my hair if I don't get this song out of my head?" She shrugs on the coat. "I think it would help."

{Kid} I thought it was kinda catchy....

* Gillian rolls her eyes to the heavens. Looking up, she speaks. "Please, accept my apologies for doubting your mysteries. I know there's a need for perkiness in the universe; else it would not exist."

* Ayrie quirks an eyebrow at Kid as she pulls on a kitted cap. "Catchy is one thing... having it impair one's efficency and objectivity is another." She does this in a pretty decent imitation of Archangel Jean's tones.

* Kid hangs head in shame.

{Gillian} Of course. Then it's entirely logical that I get the song out of my head, shoud the need arise.

* Gillian leans over to the wall and bangs it with her skull. Twice.

* Kid winces automatically.

* Philip peers out at the sound of the banging. "Oh. Thought it was Ayrie. Asprin, Gillian?"

{Gillian} No thank you. And that was work-related, Phil.

{Kid} Strictly. Really. {pause} Did it help?

{Gillian} No, not at all. Shall we go?

* Ayrie considers, and then nods. "I'm ready there..." She then pauses. "Want either of us to attune to you before we head out, Gill?"

* Gillian lifts an eyebrow. "That might be prudent."

{Kid} I already am....

* Gillian nods. "And taken care of."

{Ayrie} That it does. *she smiles, and wraps a scarf around her neck, before leaning over to give Philip a quick kiss* See you later, dear? Keep the home fires burining?

* Philip blushes, but returns the kiss, willingly. "Always, dearheart. They'll be ready to launch when ready." He winks.

* Ayrie giggles softly, and gently baps him on the head. "Silly." She then heads for the door that leads to the exit of the apartment. "Right, we're off...."

* Gillian nods and wanders with.

* Ayrie trudges out to the Angel-van. The DC snow's now a lot more melted and greyer, though the parts on the actual grass are still relatively white. The edges of the roads have a good deal of slush, though. She bee-boops the van to unlock, and hops into the driver's seat.

* Gillian climbs into the back, sparing Kid the need to yell 'shotgun'.

* Kid clambers in!

* Ayrie locks doors, makes sure everybody's belted in, and starts da' van. She starts driving off towards the wilds of the DC suburbs.

* Gillian leans back, humming.

* Kid hums with, in harmony again.

* Ayrie ignores the humming, concentrating on her Driving...

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 13 (1 6 6).

* Clearly, Ayrie's skill in driving is such that even Beltway Traffic cannot bar her way! They make decent time along it towards Bethesda/Chevy Chase.

* Gillian might be impressed, but she can't show it!

* Ayrie makes the turn off the Beltway for Rockville Pike.

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 9 (1 6 2).

* Ayrie continues doing decently in the driving department, but now it's a bit slower, thanks to holiday traffic. Roorah.

{Gillian} *q* Nice suspension.

* Before too long, the Angelmobile reaches the center of the Chevy Chase buildings... feeling decidedly less christmasy thanks to it being broad daylight, instead of nighttime with the christmas lights.

* Ayrie hehs a little bit, heading for their particular building in question. *q* "Thanks... we try to keep it regularly tuned up."]

* Kid feels very proud of herself for not bursting into a Christmas carol the *whole way.*

* Ayrie now attempts to find a parking spot, as they reach the building that Dr. Tivoli is based in, driving into its parking garage.

* Apparently they've gotten there just in time as another person pulls out, and Aryei is able to get that space. Okay, so it's far from the elevators...a t least they GOT a space.

* Ayrie parks, turns off the van, unbuckles, etc.

* Gillian climbs out, stretching the kinks.

* Kid climbs out with, bouncing as she lands.

* Gillian glances at her assets, then away. "Nice hang time."

* Ayrie locks up the van, and looks towards the entranceway to the Elevators. "Okay... Kiddy and I'll be down in the mall while you're upstairs with Tivoli... if it starts getting hot and you can excuse yourself, we'll be down here. If Kiddy's attunement picks up you being in danger (aside from being in the presence of a demon), we'll be up. Otherwise... see you in about three hours, if that's how long it'llt ake to deal with his website and to poke around unobtrusively?"

* Ayrie doesn't comment about Kiddy's bouncing assets.

* Gillian nods. "Seems reasonable. See you both."

* Kid nodnodnodnods.

* Gillian strikes out for the building, her PDA tucked under one arm.

* Ayrie leads Kiddy mallward.

* The elevator suite awaits Gillian... near the entrance of the glitzy and people-packed Mall.

* Gillian steps through, pressing the correct button.

* Twelfth Floor, going up!

* Gillian looks at the muzzak. Dring it.

* Yummynummy Synth Christmas Muzaaaaak...

{Gillian} . o O (One day. There will be a rational reason to destroy you. And on that day, you're mine.)

* The elevator reaches the 12th floor. The hallway is much like it was yesterday! Shock, surprise.

* Gillian steps out and heads for the office.

* Ayrie enters the Mall with Kiddy. As she does, she happens to ping her attunements out of habit.

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 13 (3 6 4).

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 7 (2 3 2).

* Ayrie can tell that Philip's to the northeast, he's intact, and the distance to their apartment in yards (woo!). She can also tell that Lydia Tivoli is to the south, and not in any immediate danger.

* Reassured, she continues on into the mall, presumably trailing the nice PikaCherub.

* Kid is half-bouncing along, happily windowshopping again, not pinging *just* yet!

* The mall is filled with the frantic press and throb of humanity, desperate for purchasing last-minute christmas presents. Ayrie herself makes a show of windowshopping and keeping out of the way of the press of traffic unobtrusively.

* Kid *does* ping her attunements as the crowd gets deeper.

## Narnian rolled 3d6 = 7 (3 1 3).

## Narnian rolled 3d6 = 14 (5 4 5).

* To Kidumiel's Cherub Pingie Sense, she can tell that Gillian is tangentally above her, likely within the building, and isn't in -immediate- life-threatening-gonna-Fall-or-be-majorly-harmed danger. As for trying to ping Bianca Tivoli, she doesn't get anything due to her resonance not being perceptive -enough-. Ahwell. Try again for her in 5 hours.

* Kid siiiighs. {vq} "Gillian's okay for the moment, no joy on Bianca."

* Ayrie mms. *q* "Right. Ahwell, can't win 'em all. Philip's safe, Bianca's mom is somewhere to the south and not in danger right now."

* The "Family Wellness Psychology Center" is right where Gillian last encountered it.

* Gillian goes in!

* Kid nodnodnods.

* The secretary from before smiles, nodding to gillian as she enters. "Welcome again, Ms. Newman... you're ten minutes early! Please, have a seat and Dr. Tivoli will be with you right afterwards."

* Gillian nods and moves to take a seat.

* Ayrie nods, and continues meandering through the mall, keeping Kiddy in sight, watching for anything weird, just another holiday shopper, move along, move along...

* After about 10 minutes of surviving the Muzak of the Office, the door to the inner office area opens. Dr. Tivoli steps out, shaking his hands with a slightly overweight by smiling businessman.

* Gillian rises and waits for him to be quit of the bizman.

{Businessman} Thank you, Dr. Tivoli... I'm sure my wife will appreciate your suggestions...

* Ambrose smiles. "Well, of course! Every marraige needs a little spice in their love life... have a Merry Christmas!"

{Gillian} . o O (Aha...)

* The businessman nods in agreement, takes care of the copayment with the secretary, and heads out of the office.

* Ambrose, meanwhile, turns towards Gillian, and smiles that winning smile towards her, offering his hand. "And Ms. Newman, -so- glad to see you again. Are you ready to work?"

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 8 (6 1 1).

## Frobozz rolled 3d6 = 13 (4 5 4).

* Gillian doesn't feel particulatry Charmed by Ambrose right at the moment. Perhaps he flubbed it. Perhaps she lucked out. Who can say?

{Gillian} Of course. Immediately. *wnk* If not sooner.

* Ambrose chuckles, and leads the way towards the office door. "Well, after you left last afternoon, we went ahead and moved the computer out here so you wouldn't have to stay in my office the entire time..." He turns a corner, and Gill can see the entrance to the secretary's area, and the patient records racked up behind her, as she smiles at her. Tivoli's computer, recognizeable from yesterday, is sitting against the wall, monitor facing the area.

{Gillian} Well thank you. That was very considerate.

* Ambrose smiles. "You're welcome, Ms. Newman. If you need anything, feel free to ask Ms. Artesia or myself. I've left the directory of my website next to the computer, there."

{Gillian} Of course. Thank you, sir.

* Ambrose smiles, and nods to the secretary. "Inform me when my next patient arrives, hm, and let her in?"

* Ms. Artesia smiles and nods. "Of course, sir!"

* Gillian takes a seat, hacking in...

* The computer appears to be pretty standard 2070's make. A few years old, but still kept updated. The website directory is right where Tivoli's said it would be, with all pertenant web-files there. To likely nobody's suprise, they appear to be the only ones Gillian can currently access....

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 13 (1 6 6).

* Gillian gets to work. After all, she has to do a little role maintenance right now...

## Frobozz rolled 3d6 = 13 (6 3 4).

* Ooo, look, files. And hey, he does at least have -some- decent coding acumen with HTML. Shock and suprise. But Gill can clean them up juuust fine, being the uber Web Designer Elohite that she is.

* Gillian gets to work. Do a lot of it, see what she can search for in the breaks...

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 15 (6 5 4).

## Frobozz rolled 3d6 = 10 (1 3 6).

* While Gill does her work, looking very nicely busy (and also blocking the view of the monitor from the nice secretary, who's been glancing over towards her every so often...) ... she manages to gain access to... Tivoli's dayplanner! Or at least his local digital copy of it.

* Gillian first covers her tracks to make it look like an oops.

* The computer rolls over and shows its digital underbelly to Gillian. Clearly, she is very skilled.

* Gillian starts to memorize what's there. She doesn't trust recording it.

* Hmm... appointment... appointment... appointment.... appointment... occasional note for phone calls, to and from, just numbers, no names... and something that's been redflagged for the 25th in the evening.

* Gillian checks that out...

* Hmmm. It'd appear to be some sort of gathering at the Rennaisance Mayflower hotel in DC. Going on pretty late at night, too.

* Gillian memorizes it. Oooh, ritual!

* And, of course, no more appointments until the next week, yaddah yaddah. The usual sort of listing for digital dayplanners, nothing screaming out "THESE ARE DEMONIC PHONE NUMBERS AND EMAILS TO HELL."

* Gillian covers her tracks again, hiding evidence of her intrusion...

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 13 (1 6 6).

## Frobozz rolled 3d6 = 6 (2 3 1).

* Mmmm. Gillian... -might- have tripped something. Or not. It's hard to say....

* The secretary is still working at her desk, handling a phone-call right at this moment.

* Gillian oopses loudly, cursing her luck. Making this look as much like an accident as she prepared for as she could.

* The secretary looks up and over at Gillian. "Is everything all right, Ms. Newman?"

* Gillian sighs. "I'm very sorry, is there a way that I can log a mistake? I accidentally went where I shouldn't have."

* The secretary blinks, and hehs a bit, moving over. "That's all right. These things happen, you know?" She looks over Gillian's shoulder, and tries to reset things.

{Gillian} I know... thank you...

* The secretary resets the dayplanner with a quick 3-key-macro. She may not know enough about computers to hack, but she can reset a program to normal security with the best of 'em!

{Gillian} Thank you, ma'am.

* The secretary smiles, and pats Gillian on the shoulder. "You're welcome, Ms. Newman." She heads back to her seat.

* Gillian nods and does some HTML work.

* And Fork.

* The HTML is... html. Gillian doesn't have much difficulty editing it, even with the prior security-peek into Tivoli's dayplanner.

* Gillian just keeps on working. It's better not to riskanother grab yet. One can be a mistake -- two is Suspicious.

* The secretary doesn't appear to be Suspicious (tm)! Of course, she's chatting on the phone again, gossiping a bit, so it's questionable how much she -would- noticed... but then again, there's still the fact that Gill's screen would still be visible from the secretary's desk.

* Gillian's fairly sure that her intrusion will be noticed at some point. It's wise practice not to break in twice when you've broken in once... a repeat is a pattern,a pattern leads to suspicion, suspicion leads to capture and capture leads to the Dark Side.

* The secretary finishes her phone call, and goes to drink more of her coffee. She then pauses. "Oh, -shoot-."

* Gillian glances over at her.

* The secretary appears to be mildly irked that not only her coffee mug is empty, but that the coffee machine itself has run out of the liquid ambrosia.

{Gillian} All out?

* Ms. Artesia nods. "Yeah... and I'll have to run out to the bathroom down the hall to refill it." She smiles, sheepishly.

* Gillian nods. "Sorry to hear it. Coffee's good people."

* Ms. Artesia chuckles, and hrms. "For that matter, I -really- need to stop by the bathroom myself for... y'know." She looks embarrased. "Don't suppose you could.. nah, of course not. I'll be back in about 10 minutes, tops. Don't worry if the phone rings or if a patient comes in... we've got a message service."

{Gillian} Mm? Oh, all right.

* Gillian turns back and oh *all* right, just ooooone little hack...

* The secretary nods, and gets up, taking the coffepots out into the hallway with her as she exits. There doesn't appear to be any other patients waiting right at the moment. There's also a few patient dossers (apparently the day's queue) in a stack on the secretary's desk.)

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 12 (1 5 6).

## Frobozz rolled 3d6 = 5 (2 1 2).

* Nope. Apparently the security's too good this time 'round. Nada. Zero. Zip.

* Gillian ohdarns and keeps working while looking for other potential holes...

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 16 (4 6 6).

## Frobozz rolled 3d6 = 10 (1 3 6).

* Ah-hah! Gillian has just gained access to Tivoli's email addressbook... and she also managed to catch that little alert flag that happened to get set when she previously hacked in, and attempted the second time...

* Gillian tries to set it to normal!

* Gillian's skill is such that the flag is set, most effortlessly!

* Back to normal, that is.

* Gillian then copies down the email addressbook... to her *mind*. Okay, she memorizes.

* lots and lots of prefectly innocuous email addresses. Nothing screaming out demonic here, but hey, Gillian's own email addresses don't scream out angelic, either.

* Gillian sighs and writes them down, but hides the papers in her bra. Hey, you can usually count on people not searching you there until later, giving her ample time to destroy them unnoticed later.

* The papers are hidden. Good thing that Gill's bra is utilitarian, you can hardly see the folded paper lines under her blouse.

* Gillian's got the Swiss-Army bra! Er, n/m. She tries to cover this up again. Not her bra. Not that it's Swiss army.

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 12 (5 6 1).

## Frobozz rolled 3d6 = 8 (1 3 4).

* Somewhere, her player curses Orc. Curses him.

* Gillian covers it up! If it was any more covered up, it'd be covered by politicos.

* Gillian finishes her work!

* And just in time! 'cause here returns the secretary!

{Gillian} Did you get your fix?

* The secretary holds up the pots filled with water. "Going to set them on the boil right now."

* The secretary starts the ritual of coffee preparation.

* Gillian nods, working!

* The secretary smiles, returning to her seat. The aroma of coffee percolating fills the office.

* Gillian checks to see how much more time before she's 'released'.

*** Eagle connected at Fri Jun 16 8:17 PM PDT from localhost.

* Well, she's pretty much completely finished with Tivoli's website. However, most likely she'll have to wait until he's done with his next patient for him to pay her.

* Gillian plays... Tetris.

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 14 (6 4 4).

* There is no Tetris. Would you like to play Minesweeper instead?

* No. Solitaire.

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 10 (4 2 4).

* There is Solitare. It can be played.

* Gillian plays it. WOo.

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 9 (3 3 3).

## Frobozz rolled 3d6 = 9 (3 3 3).

* After about 3 minutes of thrilling and skillful solitare playing, the door to the inner office opens, just as Gillian manages to place a red queen on a black king. Dr. Tivoli is saying his goodbyes and several helpful moments of holiday advice to this next patient, a pretty looking businesswoman.

* Gillian kills Solly and rises.

* Ambrose nods at his patient, and waves to her as she pays the secretary and heads out the door. He then turns and smiles that winning smile again at Gillian. "Well then, Ms. Newman. Was everything satisfactory done?"

{Gillian} I believe so. Would you like to check the results?

* Ambrose nods, moving over to the computer and pulling up the webbrowser. "Of course." He starts looking through the pages....

* Gillian steps back to let him pry into her work.

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 14 (5 4 5).

## Frobozz rolled 3d6 = 12 (3 4 5).

* Ambrose looks through the site. Examines every page through the web browser. He even can be seen to be checking some other things that Gillian might have tried to access... but he doesn't cry out or turn suspiciously towards Gillian decrying her of having spied on his files.

* Gillian waits, unruffled.

* Ambrose nods, standing up and smiling. "You do -good- work, Ms. Newman. If I update the site again, I'll be sure to give you first crack at it. Now then... I beleive we now need to handle the matter of payment?"

{Gillian} I believe so. *she nods*

* Ambrose reaches into his pants and pulls out.... his wallet! "This is the agreed-upon amount, yes?" He starts writing a check.

* Gillian nod after checking to make sure that it is.

* It is!

{Gillian} Yes.

* Ambrose rips off the check, and hands it to her. "Pleasure doing business with you, Ms. Newman." He smiles. "Is there anything else I can do for you while you're here? Care for some coffee?"

## Frobozz rolled 3d6 = 15 (4 6 5).

{Gillian} I'd... love some...

## Frobozz rolled 3d6 = 9 (3 1 5).

* Ambrose smiles, nodding. "Of course, of course. Ms. Artesia, why don't you pour our freind here a mug or three..."

* the secretary blinks, and nods, pouring a mug of Folgers.

* To Gillian's perceptive senses, she can tell that... gee, the good Dr. Tivoli just spent a measure of Essence for an attunement! She can't tell any specifics though, given her rather abrupt longing for... -coffee-....

{Gillian} . o O (oh... no...)

* And fork.

In Nomine 2070