Heavenly Holiday Reunion

* The Date: December 21st, 2070. The Time: Sometime after "Brian Scherus" went to bed. The Place: Blandine's side of the Marches, where dreams of Christmas and other happy holidays drift by...

* Amid the landscape of holidays cheer, and not far from the Tower, a figure coalesces out of the mist, stretching a bit and taking in his surroundings.

* Nobody seems to be immediately around, unless you count the odd dreamscape and Ofanite passing overhead...

* Ian glances about, shrugs, and starts making his way toward the Tower.

* Still no sign...maybe?

{Ian} hm?

* There is, suddenly perceptible, the sound of running feet.

* Ian looks in the direction of the feet sounds.

* There is a blur of short, curvy figure coming *RIGHT* at him, and suddenly he's nearly bowled over by the impact of another body.

* Ian -whoofs- and tries to keep from being knocked completely flat.

* Ian is also being hugged rather tightly, so lord only knows what that does for his balance, and a very familiar voice is saying slightly hysterically "you came you came you came...."

* Ian somehow manages to keep his balance despite all this, recognizes who just plowed into him in the same second, and so hugs back just as tightly. *q* "'course i came..."

* Tina snuggles into his chest, almost desperately. "...i was waiting almost since i got the message and all....it was a *bitch* getting to sleep..."

* Ian just hugs and lets her snuggle, kissing her forehead. *q* "yeah, me too..."

* Tina keeps holding rather desperately, shifting her head so he gets a bit better than forehead to kiss.

* Ian keeps holding right back, tilts his head in response, and proceeds to kiss her very soundly and deeply.

* Tina seems to be very much in favor of this, judging from her reaction, and is kissing back fiercely, trembling a bit.

* Ian decides maintaining this position for a while would be a good idea, and so continues kissing her deeply, holding her close and tight.

* Tina maintains this for quite some time, before releasing a bit.

* Ian eases off when he feels Tina releasing a bit, looking into her eyes. *q* "Glad to see you too." *wg*

* Tina nods, looking up into his eyes with her own brown ones and grinning and nodding a little bit, her face a bit wet. It's....noteable that the blue dye is now drowned out by a thatch of black, silky hair.

{Tina} {q} Heck yeah...

* Ian does note the change in hair color, though at the moment he's more interested in looking into Tina's eyes. *q* "wanna go topside?"

* Tina nods, squeezing. {q} "Yeah....please...."

* Ian nods, and sweeps Tina up in his arms, walking toward the Tower.

* Tina eeeeeps in surprise at the sweeping, but doesn't exactly seem to be having much of an issue with it after the initial shock. She snuggles in. {q} "Looks like *someone* is feeling gallant here." {little grin}

{Ian} Well, somebody deserves a little chivalry here. *wink*

* Tina grins a little bit. "Are you absolutely sure?" {blush, cuddle}

{Ian} Quite sure. *grin, peck cheek*

* Tina blushes more. "Okay, okay, I won't argue..." {squeeze}

{Tina} So I take you just got defrosted today? {little smile}

* Ian hehs, squeezes back a bit. "Yup. Few hours back, like I said in the mail."

* Tina nods. "I guess I timed my mail about right, then." {little grin}

* Ian nodnods. "First thing in the mailbox." *g*

{Tina} Okay, somebody *is* watching after us! {grin}

* Ian nodnods, grinning, and keeps heading Tower-ward.

* Tina goes with, naturally, making sure the trip's at least pleasant for the Malakite carrying her.

* Blandine's Tower continues to stand there, as it has ever since either of the two angels can remember.

* Ian has no problems with the trip, looking to the Tower Guardians to see if they have any issues.

* Tina looks a bit sheepish, but not exactly ashamed to be where she is.

* Both of the Cherubim on Guard duty quirk furry eyebrows as Tina and Ian come up to the front gate. One of them, a large Griffin-cherub clicks its beak at Tina and Ian. "And to what purpose do you wish to enter, Virtue, Bright Daughter?"

{Tina} . o O (Oh god, loaded queeeestion.)

{Ian} We've been out of touch for quite some time, Guardians. I need to report in... and we need to get reacquainted.

{Tina} Essentially. {small wry smile}

* Griffin-cherub regards the two of them, and their somewhat huggy position. A stag-cherub deigns not to comment. "Very well then," it replies, clicking its beak again. "You may enter, and proceed in Hope and Dreams, the two of you."

* The two Cherubim move aside so the cuddling twosome may enter.

* Ian nods. "Walk in Illumination, Guardians."

{Tina} My sentiments too. {small slightly sheepish smile}

* Ian carries Tina through and into the Tower, heading in the direction of the Heavenward levels.

* Tina cuddles as he goes, hugging to him slightly, a little, slightly blissed-out smile on her face.

* The heavenward levels continue to stand on the other side of the Tether-portal on the one end of Blandine's ivory hallway.

* Ian heads that way, kissing Tina's forehead as he goes.

* Tina smiles more, going for his chin in thanks.

* Ian smiles back, and passes through the boundary between the realms when he gets there.

* Tina looks around, deeming it safe, and thus drops vessel-image, wings flaring out in ghostly blue and white electrical aura.

* Zooomp! And with a word, a thought, and motion, the twosome are in Heaven proper, in the Celestial side of Blandine's tower..

* Ian vesseldrops about the same time, black wings unfurling in a cascade of purple sparkles.

* Tina admires the effect. {q} "I kind of missed seeing that..."

* Ian smiles at her, his eyes sparkling. *q, nodding at her wings* "Missed that too."

* Tina blushes a bit under the aura. {q} "Missed more the guy they're attached to, juuuuust so we have everything straight."

{Ian} *q* "Of course. Missed everything about you." *blush*

* Tina nods, hugging, blushing a bit, and seeming evidently just completely dizzy with relief. {q} "We're really sad, you know that?"

{Ian} *q* "Yeah, but oh well." *by this time they've nearly reached the heavenward exit*

{Tina} {q} Yup.

* Ian's wings unfurl as they pass through the doorway out into the open, and holding Tina close, he begins flying upward.

* Tina merps a bit but is still snuggling trustingly, looking out at the skies of Heaven, her eyes shining and her longer hair blowing about her face.

{Ian} *q* Any particular place you'd like to go? *smile*

{Tina} {q} Halls of Progress first, so you can report in....then I don't know...Magna Veritas or something? {smile}

* Ian nods, and wings toward the Halls, gliding leisurely and still cuddling Tina.

* Tina grins slightly and cuddles back, hopefully making things pleasant for him without undue interference.

* Heaven is much as the twosome saw it last... and the Halls of Progress even doubly so.

* Tina relaxes, feeling relief as their Superior's Cathedral comes into view.

* Ian does indeed enjoy Tina's closeness and isn't interfered with, gliding effortlessly down toward the Halls and landing without incident.

* Tina shifts accordingly to make sure it's a bit easier to land.

* The twosome land, with what can be considered a very efficent and capable landing even with the Malakite being hugged by the Bright! Well, at least by the two cherubim standing guard here, as well.

{Tina} {m} So, tell me, Ian. Is it especially promotory of our Superior's Word to display a blatant case of puppy love? {wink, grin}

{Ian} um... hrm... have to think about that for a while *wg, sets Tina down*

{Tina} Riiiiiight. {sheepish grin, and goes, flaring her wings a bit for balance}

* The two Cherubim move aside from the door, recognizing both Ian and Tina as being of Lightning (though of course, given the twosome's mental states, it's debatable wether they even NOTICE the Cherubim.)

* Tina does! And waves, albeit blushing a bit. She likely has the best exercised capillaries on the celestial plane by this point.

* Ian does notice the Cherubim, yes, although admittedly he is paying more attention to the pretty Bright.

* The Cherubim wave wings back at the twosome, trying not to look smug.

* Tina arches her eyebrow at the two Cherubim with a "What're YOU lookin' at?" expression.

* The two Chreubim look innocent. Really.

* Ian pays no heed to this, merely takes Tina's hand and heads through the doorway.

* Tina grins, takes his, and follows with.

* Ian heads for open computer terminals, giving Tina's hand a squeeze.

* Tina smiles and naturally goes with, squeezing back warmly.

* Open computer terminals can be found!

* Ian sits down at the closest available one and logs in.

* Tina follows at an adjoining one, also logging in and starting to check mail and compose a report, though she has far less than Ian to say.

* Ian's report deals mainly with his getting successfully from Earth out to Citidas, and that expects to have quite a bit more detail starting tomorrow, once his Role has security access.

* Both their accounts, as expected, are just as they left them when they accessed them last.

* Ian checks email for anything big and important.

* Tina has little new to relate for her own part, and thus her own report is sparse. She likewise checks mail.

* Nothing majorly importaint in either's email... well, unless you count that week-ago email from a certain redheaded cherub of Creation in Ian's mailbox about a party she was holding on the 19th of december....

* Ian hmms, and calls up the aforementioned email.

{Tina} Mrf? {Ian} Email from Ayrie.

{Tina} ...Oho.... What's she got to say? * Ian reads.

* It's a simple email, really... just a note about the party she and Philip usually has around this time of the holidays with the usual invites and understandings if Role-duties get in the way, hope you're all having a happy one too, and Merry Christmas!

* Ian hehs. "The usual invite to the holiday party... which I think Role duties are going to lock me out of this time around. And Merry Christmas." *g*

{Tina} Gotcha. {wry smile} Just a slight suspicion, eh?

{Ian} Just a little bit. *wg* You could go, eh? *g*

{Tina} I dunno about geography! Plus I don't know her personally. {wry grin}

{Ian} Well I could put in a good word and stuff. *wink*

* Tina blushes. "I'm sure, I'm sure....but there's also the bit about spending it with you, even if it's not dirtside."

{Ian} Mm. well, s'a thought, anyway. *wg*

{Tina} True, true... {wry grin} We'll see. Role keeps me in place, ya know.

* Ian sends a quick reply to Ayrie saying Role duties will definitely keep him out of the party this time around, but maybe next time, have a Merry Christmas all the same.

* The message is sent!

* Tina meanwhile checks her mail for anything else.

* Nothing major that Tina would have to address Right This Moment Now Darnit! After all, despite her self-professed flakiness, she -does- keep on top of her status reports. No new orders from her Archangel.

* Tina hrms, ponders how far along Ian is in his work, and ponders a quick computer game.

* Ian seems to be Caught Up as well right now.

{Tina} So, that's taken care of...what else?

* All of the games avaliable via the main Lightning Servers are all very mind-enhancing, rational, and efficent. It's the secondary servers where you get to the fun stuff.

{Ian} Well, hm... you did mention Magna Veritas as an option.

{Tina} Yeeeaaaahhh....and I also well, {slight blush} had a bit of sortakinda present to show you before we hit there, I think?

{Ian} Mm?

* Tina looks sheepish, then slides off the seat, holding out her hand and blushing a bit.

* Ian gets up and accepts Tina's hand.

* Tina grins a bit, squeezing, then wanders off down a corridor with him.

* Ian follows, of course.

* As they keep walking, the corridors get to be *very* familiar to Ian indeed. Unless he misses his guess, they're walking in the direction of the Heartrooms.

* Ian blinks a bit, wondering if they're going where he thinks, but says nothing.

* The corridor gets to be even more familiar to him...and seems to be the one in which his own Heart is located.

* Ian still says nothing, but is getting an idea...

* Tina is blushing quite a bit, as they get to the section his Heart is in.

* In the same alcove where it has always been rests Ian's Heart, a multifaceted crystal of purest black, within which a galaxy of sparkling purple stars can be seen; almost like a window into another universe.

* Tina blushes a lot more, looking at it a moment, her gaze then drifting to the alcove next to it...

* Ian looks where Tina's looking...

* In the alcove next to Ian's heart is an orange-sized, faceted crystal...clear seeming but with a blue-green almost iridescent sheen to it, and in its depths seemingly infinite facets of blue, green, and even gold and red.

* Ian just looks at it for a very long moment. *q* "Is that...?"

{Tina} {mumbled} ...had it moved not long after y' shipped out...

{Ian} *vq* "it's beautiful..."

* Tina blushes more... {vq} "Th'nks...just wanted them together... Boss was good about it."

* Ian turns to face her, framing her face with his hands. *vq, eyes sparkling* "You honor me."

* Tina blushes more. {vq} "I do?"

* Ian nods, blushing. *vq* "It's an honor to be so close to you in all ways."

{Tina} {vq} ...funny I could say the same here....

* Ian leans forward and embraces her, first with arms and then with wings.

* Tina mmms and embraces back, also with arms and brightly sparkling wings.

{Ian} *vq* I love you very much, dearest Bright Daughter.

{Tina} {vq} Love you just as much, sweet Virtue. I've been blessed.

{Ian} *vq* As have I. *soft kiss*

* Tina mmms, kissing back devotedly.

* Ian lets the kiss go on for a good while.

* Tina doesn't seem terribly inclined to have it stop yet, either.

* Ian finally does back off, though certainly a bit reluctantly. *vq* "So..."

{Tina} {vq} Yeeees? {eyes twinkle}

{Ian} *vq* Anything else we ought to do, or shall we just continue being mushy by Heartlight? *wg*

{Tina} {vq} Magna Veritas. Then we'll see. {wink}

* Ian hehs, takes Tina's hand and leads the way to M.V.

* Tina follows with, blushing, grinning, and definitely in holiday spirit now.

* And indeed, as Ian and Tina proceed towards Commerce Park, they can tell the holiday spirit has settled on various of their fellow angels as well... after all, the coming holiday celebrates the coming of the Christ Child, and the religeon that he helped to promote directly supported by two major Archangels. Albeit without all the commerciallisim, but this doesn't stop some angels from having a good time or helping the blessed souls or those on earth plan the same...

* Ian looks around the Park and enjoys all the goings-on.

* Tina does as well, looking rather holidayesque herself in silver jumpsuit, blue aura, and sparkling lightning effects.

* Trade goes on, all around the two angels, the give and take of batter and fair deals.

* Ian reminds himself after a bit that Magna Veritas was where they were headed, and aims in the proper direction. Oh, and he also appreciates how pretty Tina looks when she's holidayesque, or any other kind of esque for that matter.

* Tina heads that way too, grinning at everything and everyone.

* Tina and Ian attract more than their share of friendly nods and smiles as they make their way to Magna Veritas... soon, they reach the familiar half-curtains and low walls that make the front of the drinking establishment. Some kind soul has gone and put up some evergreen garlands along the front... apparently somebody from Flowers. It smells refreshing and enticing all at once.

* Ian takes a deep breath of the refreshing/enticing smell.

* Tina snorfles like a bird dog, enjoying the smell.

{Ian} Mmmmmm... shall we?

{Tina} We shall, good sir!

* Ian nodnods, and leads through the curtain.

* Tina follows!

* Inside, the place is busy as always! A Mercurian over in the corner has gotten several souls and other angels together to sing Christmas Carols over drinks, while other angels and souls are drinking and chatting, talking about deals and munching snacks. Kyrio servers flit about with drinks and plates, and the Elohite Bartender is behind the bar as he's been seen before.

* Ian looks around for a suitable seating place.

* Tina does as well, though she's shorter. "So, what you thinking of gettng?"

{Ian} Hm... besides the usual java, not sure yet... wonder if they've got any specials going today?

{Tina} Not sure...something christmasy? Though gyros would kick.

{Ian} Gyros good. Maybe they have a holiday edition. *g*

* Eggnog does appear to be a "special" today... A measure of Essence, all you can drink.

{Tina} Nooooooog...

* Ian notices this. "hmmmm... maybe I'll skip the java this time around." *g*

{Tina} Shocked, I am...

{Ian} Can't imagine why...

{Tina} You? Skip the coffee? {grin}

* Ian eyerolls, but he is grinning, and searches for suitable seating.

## INServ rolled 3d6 = 10 (3 5 2).

* Tina grins too, squeezing his hand.

* Ian manages to find decent... not -stellar-, but decent seating along one side area at a booth that has a good view of the carollers and something of a clear path to the bar proper. The booths on both sides of the empty one have other angels in them, though, so it's not hyper-private.

* At least there are seats to be had. Ian gives Tina's hand a squeeze back and zeros in on the booth.

* Tina follows, finding a seat to plop her rear into.

* Seats are plopped into! And soon after, a Kyriotate server, limned in green and gold the color of aged copper and burnished gold floats over, several of its hands reaching into its server's smock for a notepad. "Hello, and welcome to Magna Veritas!" "How may I take your order?" "Our specials today are Chilled Eggnog" "Spiced Eggnog" "Roasted Chestnuts" "and Plum Pudding!"

{Ian} hrm...... chilled or spiced......

* Tina ponders. "I'll take the spiced 'nog. And some stuffing with maybe turkey!"

{Ian} Think I'll have what she's having, 'cept more turkey. *grin*

{Tina} Right!

* The Kyriotate nods to both Tina and Ian... at once. "Two Eggnogs, two turkeys with stuffing?" "Or two eggnogs with shared turkey?" It winks eyes at the twosome.

* Tina flushes.

{Ian} umm... well, you wanna? *faint blush*

{Tina} {mumbled} Okay...

{Ian} *ahem* right, two eggnogs, shared turkey.

* The Kyrio nods, smiling with its many mouths. "Right! That'll be four measures of Essence, be right back!" It floats back towards the food-prop area.

* Tina is rather red. {m} "So, does the sight of a Domination wearing a server's smock unsettle you too?"

{Ian} *q* yeah... my brain insists I saw it, but... *wg*

{Tina} {q} you're not sure *how*?

{Ian} Pretty much, yeah. *wl*

{Tina} Me too.

* Tina gets a slightly puckish look on her face, pondering something.

{Ian} Hm?

* Ian abruptly feels her foot start to massage his calf! Tina's trying hard to look innocent, but she's still blushing.

* Ian blushes a bit and also tries to look innocent, even as his other foot rubs up against Tina's other foot.

* Tina blushes more, continuing the footsie as a way to pass the time!

* Ian does essentially the same thing.

* Before long, the Trade-Domination returns, carrying a carafe of heated, spiced eggnog, two glasses, and a freshly cooked, stuffed, and carved turkey in its arms. It doesn't notice the two of them playing footsie, really.

* Tina tries not to notice the Domination not noticing the footsie too.

* Ian also tries not to notice all the not noticing and whatnot, and focuses on the food.

{Tina} Thank you!

{Ian} Thanks very much.

{Kyrio} You're welcome! *chorused* That'll be four measures of essence...

* The kyrio extends a reliquary towards the twosome.

* Tina reaches up her hand to pay!

* Ian reaches his hand at the same time.

* Tina glances over at him. "So, is this going to be a fight over who pays what?" {grin} {Ian} er... 2 measures apiece? *wl*

{Tina} Okay!

* Tina pays up 2!

* Ian pays 2 more right after.

* The Kyriotate nods, and smiles as the essence is paid. "Thank you! Wave and hand or use some other attention-getting device when the carafe is empty, refills on the house." It winks, and floats off to handle other customers.

{Tina} Thanks. {grins a bit} * Ian hehs a bit, then turns his attention to the food.

* Tina digs in as well, with obvious gusto, making happy eating noises.

* Ian makes happy eating noises as well.

* And as the twosome chow down on holiday food, we fork.

{Tiphareth} Noooooog....

* Ian hehs.

* Tiphareth eats hungrily. Never mind the fact it's all celestial and technically she doesn't need to eat, the food's still Heavenly and she's finally in something approaching holiday spirit.

* Ian is quite happy to see Tina in holiday spirit and doesn't concern himself with that whole doesn't need to eat thing. 'sides, the food -is- heavenly.

* Tiphareth wonders if the Nog's alcoholic or not!

* The Eggnog's got a hint of nutmeg and cinnamon and is nice and warm... but you can't tell if it's alchooloic or not. Supposedly one -could- order some -added-, but this is Heaven! Even if it was, would the hangover be negligable?

* Tiphareth doesn't care, and makes appropriate yummy noises as she downs some.

* Ian drinks his share of the 'nog as well, and also makes suitable noises.

* Tiphareth comes up for air, and burps. Loudly. And goes bright red and looks sheepish.

* Ian arches an eyebrow, and also fights down a snicker.

{Tiphareth} ....sorry....

{Ian} *snrf* s'alright, just makes a statement... *snicker*

{Tiphareth} ....hopefully that i enjoyed the food and that i'm not a disgusting slob...

{Ian} Eh, you're far too pretty to be a disgusting slob. *wg*

{Tiphareth} Okay, cute person with no manners. {blush}

* If anybody did notice Tippy's burp, they have deigned not to comment, given politeness, the holiday mood, and the fact that this -is- Heaven....

{Ian} Whatever. *wink*

* Tiphareth blushes more.

* Ian checks to see how much drink (and food) is left.

* Tiphareth does too!

* Both their glasses are empty, but the Carafe is still full. The turkey has clearly seen better days, however.

{Ian} More eggnog, milady? *g*

* Tiphareth nodnodnodnods!

* Ian refills both their glasses.

* Tiphareth smiles at him as he does.

* Ian smiles back, eyes sparkling a bit.

* Tiphareth blushes a bit.

{Ian} Anything else I can get for you?

{Tiphareth} I think m' full. You?

{Ian} Yeah, pretty much. Pretty good stuff, as always. *wg*

* Tiphareth nodnods! "Um...what now?" {small grin}

{Ian} Besides more eggnog? *g*

{Tiphareth} Nog, yes, but after? {smile} And how long do you have before you have to join the land of the waking?

{Ian} I still have quite a few hours left. *wg* And, well... s'pose we could go to the Glade or something. *faint blush*

{Tiphareth} {m} Or my room... {blush}

{Ian} *m* That too. *blush*

* Tiphareth nodnods, blushing.

* Ian sips more eggnog, working on keeping blushiness under control.

* Tiphareth ponders footsie some more, but puts it off until later!

* Ian finishes up his drink after a bit.

* The heavenly bar continues its buisiness, unnoticed by the two very-in-love angels.

* Tiphareth finishes too, resisting another burp.

{Ian} Good? *sg*

* Tiphareth nodnods, grinning slightly.

{Ian} So... elsewhere? *ss*

* Tiphareth nodnods a bit, blushing.

* Ian nodnods, slipping out of his seat and offering a hand to Tippy.

* Tiphareth takes it, blushing slightly, and squeezes.

* Ian squeezes back, blushing a bit himself. "Lead the way, m'love."

* Tiphareth nodnods, flushing, and wends her way back to the Halls of Progress, Malakite in tow, looking at all the Stuff in the Bazaar in the meantime.

* Ian, naturally enough, follows and looks at stuff too.

* There is much, much Stuff. All of it eminantely buyable or Tradeable, here in the heart of its Archangel's Word, the ivory-and-gold skyscraper that is Marc's Cathedral, standing tall in proud in the center of Commerce Park.

{Tiphareth} ....must resist....urge...to bargain for stuff......must not....get it all...must...stop...talking like Shatner...

* Ian snickers a tiny bit.

{Tiphareth} We need to get out of here. It's evil. In a highly good way, but my Essence cannae take it, captain...

{Ian} Me neither, but we're liable to forget if we don't keep moving. *wg*

* Tiphareth nods, and steps up the pace, slightly wild-eyed!

* Ian keeps pace, naturally enough, ready to steer her away from Bargains(tm) if need be.

* Tiphareth NEARLY drifts over to a couple of tables with jewelry, but resists mightily.

* Ian keeps her from drifting too far, but makes a mental note or two.

{Tiphareth} ....I admit it. I'm a magpie, Ian.

{Ian} s'okay, shiny things are fun. *g*

* And on shinystuff, we Fork.

{Tina} ...Mmmm....toys.......oh god, I'm turning into Muon.

{Ian} Nah, I think you need a few more limbs and eyes and stuff first. *wg*

* Tina baps him lightly. "Mentally I mean."

* All around them, servitors of Trade go about hawking their wares, offering services, but never annoyingly or in the twosome's faces.

{Ian} I don't think anyone can ever be as fascinated by toys as Muon is. *swl*

* Tina tries to be strong....be stroooooooong....

{Tina} He's new, though. {grin}

{Ian} Well, still. *g, massages Tina's shoulders a bit*

* Tina grins, and mms a bit at the massage. "He makes....um, life interesting at home, though."

* Ian mms, still steering Tina away from beckoning toys and stuff.

{Tina} {mutter} Tau seems to end up sempai to those of us interested in playing with material goods or emulations thereof...

{Ian} Funny how these things happen. *wl*

{Tina} Yes, isn't it. Methinks Boss is expressing his sense of humor in some sort of weird Elohite way.

* Ian hehs. "Would not be surprised." *g, rub rub*

* Tina mmms happily, leaning against him and continuing to wend away from the Trade District with him.

* Ian keeps steering and shoulder-rubbing.

* The Trade District starts to be edged away, though of course their final destination is anybody's guess....

* Tina seems to sortakindamaybe wending back in the direction of the Halls of Progress, if Ian is game.

* Ian has no problems wending in that direction.

* Nor does Tina!

{Ian} So where to now?

* The sounds of Trade fades to more normal levels in the distance, and the twosome can see both the Halls of Progress and the Halls of Creation rising for the sky nearby.

* Tina blinks, and blushes a bit. {m} "Your place or mine?" {sheepish grin}

## R-Type rolled 1d2 = 1 (1).

{Ian} *q* Yours is fine. *wg*

{Tina} {q} Right. {blush, keeps walking for the Halls} Have I told you I missed you recently?

{Ian} *q* I got that impression. *hugs a bit*

* Tina hugs back. {q} "You impress rightly..."

{Ian} *q* You lead, then.

* Tina smiles and does, still holding him, as they get near the Halls.

* Ian is led, still caressing Tina's shoulders a bit.

* The two Cherubim from earlier nod politely to the approaching couple, lowering their wings and backing off to either side as they reach the entrance.

* Ian nods to the Cherubim and keeps letting Tina lead.

* Tina smiles at them and heads on in, taking an elevator just inside.

* Ian follows, naturally enough.

* Fortunately, no Muzak is perpetrated, as they go up a few floors to the residential section of the Halls.

* Ian waits for the elevator to reach its destination.

* There's a soft celestial chime as they reach their floor.

* Tina waits for the door to open, then walks out. The corridor, presumably, is neat, tidy, rational, and efficient, i.e. nothing like, say, the Halls of Creation.

* Ian goes with, remembering floor level and location and stuff.

* Tina blushes and finds one door. For some inexplicable reason, it seems to be covered in different colors of metallic mylar, which kind of destroys the rationality of the corridor. Most of them are in the silver/ teal/ blue ranges.

* Ian overlooks the slight difference in rationality. "Hmm. This the place?" *g*

{Tina} Yep. {blushes, and opens the door}

* Ian hehs. "It's you." *follows her in*

{Tina} Sadly!

* Tina's heavenside quarters are.....um....messy. And rather obviously not much used. Though at least the clothes on the floor are kept to a minimum, and the computer is obviously kept lovingly well. There are also various posters on the wall, some B5 themed, some Dilbert related, and at least a couple computer-rendered and with freedom-related themes.

* Ian just takes it all in. "S'definitely you." *g*

{Tina} Um....yeah. {small grin} One wonders why Boss puts up with me like this.

* Above the computer, there is one small, but prominently placed and lovingly done poster, lettered in elegant script against a background of circuits limmed in stars...

* "We are dreamers, shapers, singers, and makers."

{Ian} Must be 'cause you're good at stuff... *pauses, properly noticing the small poster for the first time*

* "We study the mysteries of laser and circuit, crystal and scanner, holographic demons, and invocations of equations. These are the tools we employ,."

* "And we know...many things."

* Tina follows his gaze, and looks sheepish a bit. "Got that from Babylon 5." {Ian} *q* Definitely, definitely you.

* Tina nods, blushing more.

{Tina} {q} Thank you...

{Ian} *q* Welcome. *hugs her gently from behind*

* Tina hugs his arms.

* Ian softly kisses her cheek.

* Tina mmms and kisses him back.

{Ian} *q, breathed against her lips* love you very much.

{Tina} {q} You too. Love you a heck of a lot.

* Ian embraces, and kisses her.

* Tina mmms, and kisses back, more intensely.

* Ian deepens the kiss and hugs her more closely.

* Tina hugs back, embracing tightly, leaning against him.

* Fork. Or fade, or something.

In Nomine 2070