Lightning Reports

* Thursday, July 16th, 2071. The middle of the second shift on Citidas Station in orbit around Saturn. And in one particular cabin on the Executive Level, a certain security guard is trying to get some shuteye after the events of the day. Well, perhaps "Shuteye" isn't -exactly- accurate in this case...

* Tina cuddles by him, awake but waiting, and keeping an eye...

* Ian does his best to relax...

* Tina provides enough general comfort it should go a great way towards that general relaxation.

-} *R-Type* Gimme a Will Roll to go Marches.

##} R-Type rolled 3d6 = 9 (3 3 3).

* Before long, Ian falls "asleep"... and finds himself, a "Security Guard" near a technological dreamscape, one within depicting broad chromed avenues and flying craft as the human to whom the dreamscape belongs sleeps and dreams...

* Ian looks at that dreamscape for a moment... then looks around to get his bearings.

* Ian appears to be pretty further than his usual appearance at the base of Balndine's. But fortunately, he's still on the Angelic side of the Vale, and nowhwere near the Far Marches. WEll, at least as far as the Lightning servitor can tell.

* Ian hrms, chalking it up to the recent chaos, then shakes his head and makes his way toward the tower.

* The tower is quickly reached, as time and space mean nothing to those with sufficent Will within the Marches, and the tower continues to stand, soaring and peaceful. Two cherubim, one a racoon with dappled wings, the other a triceratops with greyed wings, nod at Ian's approach.

{Ian} *nods, bowing* Well met, Guardians. I must deliver urgent news to my Superior.

* The cherubim both nod. The racoon-cherub folds his wings and moves back a bit, while the triceratops continues to stand there, regarding Ian quietly.

{Racoon-Cherub} Of course, of course... *nod* Proceed in dreams, then....

*R-Type* Safe to pass? *wg*

* Triceratops-Cherub grunts a bit, and looks at Ian. "See anything 'odd' in the Marches, recently?"

* Ian nods again, bowing, then pauses. "'Odd'? How so?"

* The Triceratops-Cherub shrugs. "Odd dreamscapes. Weird things out of the Far Marches..."

*R-Type* Don't think he'd count that one dreamscape as overly odd, but hey. *wg*

-} *R-Type* Nothing odd that would qualify, no.

{Ian} I haven't seen anything I considered odd or unusual, but I'll most certainly watch for anything.

* The Triceratops-Cherub grunts, and nods, his horns lowering. "Good enough. Proceed in hope, then." He backs off to allow Ian to pass.

{Ian} Walk in illumination. *bows once more, then makes his way into the tower*

* The tower is wider on the inside than the outside. Various angels and blessed souls go about their tasks. The Tether-Portal at the other end of the large hall beckons like a beacon.

* Ian relaxes a bit more as he makes his way toward the Portal, letting his vessel slip away.

* The vessel-image slips away, revealing Ian in all his nicely Malakiteish glory.

* And the Portal stands there, waiting for him...

* Ian goes through...

* ...And Ian steps out on the other side, in the middle of Blandine's Tower in Heaven, the exit/entrance waiting for him, the sounds and scents and refreshing light a balm on the soul.

* Ian relaxes visibly, his wings unfurling a bit and shimmering with purple sparkles as he pauses in the healing environment.

* None of the Angels of Dream ask Ian to get out of the way, knowing all too well that even members of the Host need the chance to pause and reflect and relax.

* Ian becomes mindful of his position after a few seconds and resumes his movement, though he already looks better than he did earlier.

* Nobody bars Ian's exit, and the wide expanse of Heaven awaits the Malakite.

* On reaching the outside of the tower, Ian spreads his wings fully, creating another cascade of purple sparkles as he lifts into the sky, making a straight line for the Halls of Progress.

* Heaven spreads out beneath Ian like an artistically designed Circuit Board, every path efficently yet attractively laid out... well, at least it looks that way to certain Lightning Servitors.

* Ian feels reassured by the efficiency of all he sees, secure in the rightness of all that he does as he continues on his flight.

* And the Halls of Progress loom ahead....

* Ian flares into a descent...

* The two Cherubim draw back slightly as he lands, wings spreading, and then settle their wings as they recognize their Brother in Lightning. "Greetings, Virtue in Illumination. How goes things in the Mortal World?"

{Ian} *settling and furling his wings* "Greetings, Guardians in Illumination. And not well. I've urgent news that our Bright Lord must hear immediately."

* The two Guardians look at one another, and pull back. "Then enter by the Grace of Lightning, and may your paths to your goals be efficent."

* Ian bows to them. "Walk in Illumination, Guardians." *so saying, he makes his way into the Halls*

* The Halls continue to buzz with activity and the undercurrent of Lightning. the path to Jean's office is the same as it ever was. A yellow-furred reliever, with a small black pattern like a frill around its neck, its pointed ears edged with black, and an angled black tail flits by Ian, carring some Lightning device as its wings beat.

*R-Type* Hrm... was he going to send a high-priority email first or ask for an audience?

-} *R-Type* Prolly ask for an audience, and wether or not he gets admitted, do the Email. Standard stuff.

*R-Type* Ook. Right. I was prepared to describe an email. *wg*

-} *R-Type* You can do that first if you want!

* Ian pays no heed to the reliever at the moment, his path to the office the most efficient he can manage.

* The releiver soon goes off on its own way as Ian makes his way to the office reception area, where a Seraph is doing the thing of typing.

*R-Type* Right, hrm... he's almost there, it'd be fairly efficient to request an audience at Boss's earliest convenience, then send email to clarify the secure issues. *wg*

-} *R-Type* *nod*

*R-Type* (he'll probably realize he should've sent the email and just waited, but oh well *wg* )

* Ian slows his pace as he moves into the reception area, waiting patiently for the Seraph to finish working.

* The Seraph (one Ian doesn't immediately recognize) glances up at Ian with her six chromed eyes. "How may I be of Service, Virtue?"

{Ian} *bows slightly* "I wish to request an audience with our Bright Lord, Most Holy."

* The seraph nods, and checks her appointment calendar...

## INServ2 rolled 3d6 = 11 (6 2 3).

* The Seraph smiles slightly. "You are indeed fortunate, Virtue. In three hours, our Bright Lord will be available to speak with you."

{Ian} *smiles a bit* "My thanks, Most Holy. This is welcome news. I'll take advantage of the intervening time to file a report."

* The Seraph nods. "Of course. That would be very efficent."

* Ian nods back. "I try to be as efficient as possible. And I am Ian, Most Holy."

* The Seraph nods, and enters that into the computers. "Very good, Ian."

* She looks up again. "I will page you when your appointment is incipient, Virtue."

* Ian nods once more. "Thank you, Most Holy. I will return promptly at that time."

* The seraph nods, and returns to her typing.

* That having been taken care of, Ian turns and leaves the office, heading for the nearest range of terminals.

* The terminals are, of course, easily found. Several other angels are using them of course, but are polite and do not ogle the Virtue.

* Ian sits down at an open terminal and logs in, bringing up the mail program.

* Ahhhhh, LightningMail. Better than anything the humasn have come up with by far.

-} *R-Type* And go ahead, write up yer email. :)

*R-Type* I was planning to summarize it. *wl*

-} *R-Type* That works, too...

*R-Type* {Player is more confident of his ability to summarize than his ability to detail. *swl* }

* Ian is certainly mindful of this, yes. Calling up the composer program, he puts together a secure message to the Boss which describes the recent disaster and Disturbance aboard Citidas. He details his observations of the Balseraph, Nelson, his assessment that Nelson's colleagues have at least been removed from the corporeal plane. }}}

* }}} He also relates his discovery of the grav-gen/dimensional technology that Nelson was working with, and thus strongly suspects Technology's hand, though he remains uncertain which if any other Diabolical factions might be present. The magnitude of the Disturbance has also made the risk of an enemy Tether very unlikely, however as the Disturbance -did- involve dimensional tech being greatly misused, and so other issues may be present he is yet unaware of. }}}

* }}} For these reasons he has filed this report with the appropriate level of security and priority, coordinated to the best of his ability with the agents of the Sword and Flowers also on station, and now wishes to know how best to proceed in dealing with this situation.

* Ian signs the message in proper respectful fashion, attaches a priority flag to it, and sends it on its way.

* The message proceeds on its merry lightning way.

* Ian nods, feeling relieved at that first step having been dealt with, and checks for any other mail or messages which might be floating about.

*R-Type* I think that message also mentioned Diego and his suspected involvement, although the Player neglected to type that. ^_-;;

-} *R-Type* Righto.

* Mostly emails wondering how Ian's doing from other Angels Ian knows, general status notices for Lightning and Heaven, the usual...

*R-Type* [Ian looks wry.]

* Ian makes note of the various status notices, files anything particularly important, replies to other Angels about his doing okay under his circumstances, which are still a bit classified, he'll try to get out more when the current mess is over, etc.

* More mail is sent. And about an hour after Ian had entered the halls and talked with the Secretary Seraph, that selfsame seraph's voice speaks over the room's PA...

* Ian listens...

{Seraph} Ian, Virtue of Lightning, report to Jean's office immediately.

* The speaker then clicks off. Several angels look at Ian speculatively.

* Ian hms, logs off his terminal posthaste, and heads smoothly for the office, sparing no second glances for anyone.

* The seraph is still at the secretary's desk. The door to Jean's office slides open at his approach.

* Ian looks to the Seraph as he arrives, also noting the open status of the doorway.

* The seraph nods at Ian, and gestures with a wing. "You can enter now, Virtue."

* Ian nods. "Thank you, Most Holy." So saying, he makes his way into the inner office.

* Jean sits behind its desk, stormcloud grey eyes clear as Ian enters and the door slides closed securely, the security chains of lightning snapping around the corners. "Ian. Virtue of Lightning. You have requested instruction on how to proceed further."

* Ian bows. "I have, Bright Lord."

* Jean nods, curtly. "The Balseraph's research is to be discredited as much as possible, to prevent further experimentation in the Trans-Dimensional sciences. You are to investigate any other connections and vectors that may have led to its attempted implementation, such as the human, Edward Diego. The Virtue of Flowers would be of assistance. As for the Balseraph itself, you are authorized to use any methods that would not jepordize your Role to eliminate it, either corporeal or Soul death. The members of the Sword who are your Role-Associates are likely to be ideal in assisting you with this."

{Ian} Understood clearly on all counts, Bright Lord. I will coordinate efforts with Flowers and the Sword as soon as practical.

* Jean nods. "Are there any other concerns or inquiries you may possess regarding these matters?"

*R-Type* Hm... -is- there anything it'd be good for him to ask about right now? *swg*

-} *R-Type* Hmmm... how much else to investigate, if there's any other cocerns abouyt the other Diabolicals you and others have pegged, how much to let on to the mortals about any shady deals, etc.

*R-Type* righto...

* Ian considers for a moment. "I would like to know what if any information should be offered to my mortal superiors concerning these illicit dealings, and what other investigation if any should be conducted regarding the other Diabolicals that have been identified."

* Jean considers this for a microsecond, then speaks. "You may inform your other human associates of the suspicions that there may be other illegal technolgical-based crimes occuring on the station, given this one that has just occured, though without the details that would imply greater knowledge than what your Role as a young security officer would possess. Your primary Role for Arasaka may inform your superior about confirmation of illicit dealings with their gravity technology. Investigation of other DIabolical activities may be handled under this ageis. The equipment assembled by the Balseraph is to be further destroyed if it cannoty be secured for analysis, to prevent it from falling into mortal hands."

* Ian nods. "These things will be done to the best of our ability, Bright Lord."

* Jean nods. "Return to your duties, Virtue, and proceed in Illumination."

* Ian nods and bows. "Walk in Illumination, Bright Lord."

* The door corners and edges unseal, and the door slides open.

* Ian turns smoothly and efficiently, and makes his way back out.

* The seraph nods as Ian exits.

* Ian nods to the seraph, and continues on his way outward.

-} *R-Type* Anything else up in the heavenly city, or are you gonna go back to your GF and let her know what's next? :)

*R-Type* *shrug* Can't think of anything else on the agenda for Heaven; he was up there to report and he did that, and the efficient thing to do now would be drop back down and coordinate. *wg*

-} *R-Type* Right! :)

-} *R-Type* and it's your option to fade, unless you want Ian to Chat with Tina a bit before he thuds. *wry look*

*R-Type* hrm... the info would probably be better spoken to a gathering of some degree, so what say we fade for this particular one.

*R-Type* (just make sure I get a log on this one so I don't mess it up later. *wl* )

-} *R-Type* Righto. *wg*

* And the Heavenly city, as usual, is right where Ian left it...

* His business here having been taken care of, the efficient thing to do would be to return to the corporeal plane, and begin making preparations. As such, Ian unfurls his wings once again, and takes to the air in a small wave of sparkles, heading back toward the Tower, and to the Marches beyond......

* And as Ian flies off, we Fade.

In Nomine 2070