True Confessions of a Malakite

* Tuesday, June 30th, 2071. Citidas Station, around the orbit of Saturn. And Brian Scheurs is just getting off his security shift for the day.

{Brian} Another day, another credit.

* Lonni Stevens looks up from her desk that ajoins the security team wardroom. "Getting tired on us, Scheurs?" *grin*

{Brian} Eh... I was up a little late last night. Threw my internal clock off a little.

* Lonni quirks an eyebrow. "This have anything to do with the new folks coming in yesterday?"

{Brian} Erm...... yeah, well, my girlfriend was one of 'em. *scratches his head, blushing faintly*

* Lonni grins as Brian starts to blush. "Lucky man... Just remember to come in on time, and not get -too- distracted..." *wink*

* Brian coughs, reddening a bit more. "Er, right, no problem."

* Lonni chuckles, and waves to Brian. "Go on, get out of here... your shift's over."

{Brian} Riiiight. *heads into the wardroom and to his locker*

* Brian's locker is where he left it! Carl Robinson, another security officer, is just getting jumpsuited up. "Hey there, Brian."

{Brian} Hey Carl, how goes? *opens his locker and works on getting equipment stowed and civvies changed into*

* Carl shrugs. "Eh, got the swing-shift for the next two weeks, yay. Luck of the draw." He continues getting suited up, with all the appropriate security gear.

{Brian} "Fun. Well, maybe we'll get lucky and things will be real quiet for a while." *wl, continues changing*

* Carl chuckles, and nods. "Hope so. Then maybe I can get some good reading in while standing guard. You ever looked at the Reiss Saga books?"

{Brian} Can't say that I have. Good stuff?

{Carl} Well, if you're into worlds-spanning alternate-reality things, sure. But I like 'em. *he shrugs, grinning*

{R-Type} [Brian hehs. "I know some people who are into that stuff. I'll have to have a look." *g, finishes the thing of clothes-changing*

* Carl nods. "I'll leave one of the first books in your mail-drop when I get off-shift and can get back to my cabin, that cool?" He finishes as well.

{Brian} Sounds good.

* Carl waves. "Cool. Later, Brian." He heads out of the wardroom.

{Brian} "Later Carl." *hehs a bit, straightening jacket and making sure his off-duty sidearm is secured in shoulder holster, then heads for the exit*

* The exit is easily reached. An elevator awaits, showing the way out and down to the floor of the Security Level, overlooking the central core.

* Brian heads toward the elevator, glancing around a bit just to see if everything is still working right.

## INServ2 rolled 3d6 = 16 (6 6 4).

* Everything -looks- okay...

* Brian hrms and keeps walking, checking his watch. He scans for unusual sounds or smells too... hard to let his guard down sometimes...

## INServ2 rolled 3d6 = 13 (5 6 2).

* Still nadah. The elevator awaits!

* Brian shrugs inwardly, and goes for the elevator.

* The elevator descends, taking Brian down to the bottom floor of the Security Level. You've just -gotta- wonder who it was who designed this place... security's all well and good, but did they have to put the offices that high up?

* Brian ponders that, and ponders what the Sword's tactical assessment of the place would be, as he waits for the elevator to get where it's going.

* Ping! The elevator reaches the bottom. Now it's just a short walk to the outer-wall of the core to take the elevator down to Engineering and Exec levels.

* Brian makes that short walk to that elevator.

* The elevator awaits! As does its pseudo-samba music...

* Brian enters, doing his best to tune out the Pseudo-Samba(tm) as he taps the button for Executive.

* *ping!* The elevator descends to Executive.

* Brian waits...

* *ping!* The door opens, as Brian's reached the Executive level. Various folks go about their business, as they're starting to go off-shift.

* Brian moves through the crowd without difficulty, keeping a leisurely pace and appearance, heading in the general direction of Delta Quadrant.

## INServ2 rolled 3d6 = 9 (1 2 6).

* Executive Delta Quadrant is easily reached, Brian's natural beefcakeness causing others to give him a naturally wide berth.

* Brian continues walking, making his way toward the chapel.

* The chapel is reached... and naturally, given it's not a sunday, it's empty. But Brian knows that the pastor's office is just -that- way...

* Brian heads for that office, then.

* The office awaits, marked with a simple doorplate and a cross: "Father B. Deitricht"

* Brian holds a breath for a moment, lets it out, and knocks.

* An elder man's voice replies. "Enter in the Grace of God!"

* Brian opens the door and steps through.

* The office is sparsely decorated, though with several religeous icons along one shelf set appropriately, a burning candle, and some potted plants. A terminal sits on a side-desk, and ajoining it is a larger desk with nearly arranged papers. Behind said desk is a middle-aged man wearing glasses, moustache, and goatee, his hair slightly greying. He arches one eybrow as Brian enters. "Ah, Brian..." He smiles. "Good to see you again, as always."

* Brian smiles. "Likewise, Father. How has your day been so far?"

* Fr. Deitricht gestures to a chair opposite himself. "Oh, quite well all told... perfect for meditaion." He smiles slightly, regarding Brian.

## INServ2 rolled 3d6 = 13 (3 5 5).

* Brian sits in the offered chair. "That's always a good thing."

* Fr. Deitricht nods. "Indeed. And how are -you- doing, Brian?"

{Brian} I think things are starting to take a better turn. The last shuttle brought some very special friends aboard. *small smile*

* Fr. Deitricht quirks his other eyebrow. "And how might that be?"

{Brian} Well... my significant other, for one. *faint blush* And a lady named Valerie that I've worked alongside before; she's one of the most truthful people I've ever known.

{Fr. Deitricht} It sounds like you hold both of them in high regard... *he looks curious at the blush* ... and is this something that should be continued further in confessional?

{Brian} Mm... that might be wise, actually. *wl*

* Fr. Deitricht nods, and stands up from his desk. "Very well then. Follow me."

* Brian gets up and follows.

* Fr. Deitricht exits his office, and leads the way into the spare chapel. There's a pair of doors off the main nondenominational rows of seats, and he walks for the second door, entering it and closing it behind him. A little green light appears above his door.

* Brian steps through the other doorway, similarly closing it behind him.

* The interior of the confessional is -very- small, with a single grille-window between the two men. There's the sound of Fr. Deitricht setting himself, and making the sign of the cross.

* Brian settles in and crosses himself also.

* There a soft murmur from Fr. Deitricht. *q* "My friend, God is loving and merciful. Let us ask the Lord to forgive our failings and to grant us healing:" He then quietly recites the Rite of Contrition with Brian.

* Brian recites with.

* Fr. Deitricht finishes. *q* "Now. What troubles you, my son?"

{Brian} *q* Many things have happened in the last 24 hours, Father. Many friends arrived on the last shuttle, my beloved Tina among them. We were so happy to see each other after 8 months apart that we spent a long time... expressing our love for each other. We lost track of time as a result; she may have been late for her first day of work because of that, which I feel badly about.]

* Fr. Deitricht mmms, and nods. *q* "While it is right for beings such as us to express our love for one another, Brian, one must take care to what degree it impacts in our duties and our Roles in life, and not allow them to overwhelm us, leading us down the path to unthinking Lust. You acknowledge your culpability, and I beleive your sincerity in this matter, which is good, however I would like you to say 10 Hail Marys once this session is complete, to do penance for your soul." He straightens a bit behind the grill, his bearing shifting slightly, as if removing a heavy cloak from his shoulders. *q* "Now then. Update me on the other arrivals, and of Tina."

{Brian} "As you say, Father." *notes the motion, and his own bearing changes, vq* "The new arrivals that I've confirmed are my comrades from Lightning -- Tiphareth, Bright Daughter... Valanna, Most Holy... and the Dominations Tau and Muon. Tiphareth strongly suspects at least one Servitor of Flowers was also aboard the shuttle they arrived on, though I was unable to confirm this myself."

* Fr. Deitricht nods, making an mmming sound. *vq* "I have recieved word from my superior, Vericola, Most Holy, that two more of our number from the Sword shall be arriving in three days. Giri, Bright Daughter and Ripley, Wheel. I find it intriguing that Kafziel, Most Holy of Saturn, chose those two for this mission."

{Brian} How so?

* Fr. Deitricht tilts his head. *q* "Just that Giri, from reports, is one of our Lord Laurence's more valued servitors. And I am not sure how Ripley will adapt to the station, given its confined nature and his prior role as a bicycle courier."

{Brian} *q* Hm. Indeed. I've spoken with Giri previously -- who prefers the term 'Bright Son', I feel compelled to mention. Ripley I know nothing of. Hm... if Lord Laurence -has- dispatched valued assets, perhaps the situation here is more significant than I first thought.

* Fr. Deitricht ahs, and nods. *q* "Given the location, there is certainly strategic value to our position. Our patience in awaiting support is being rewarded."

{R-Type} [Brian nods. *q* "It would certainly be advantageous to make contact with any Servitors of Flowers who have arrived, both to determine their involvement, and hopefully to resolve the situation with Irpeel in a favorable fashion.

{Fr. Deitricht} *q* It is probable that they have been dispatched here to deal with her situation as their primary mission. Hopefully, they will be able to assist us with determining solidly the presence of diabolicals on this station as well. "A wide net catches many fish."

{Brian} *nod, q* The more we know, the more effective our actions can be. With any luck Tiphareth and Valanna have already uncovered useful information.

{Fr. Deitricht} *q* I know it has been hard for you, Ian, as it has been for myself.. but we must have the most information possible to reliably deal with any demonic threats without alerting the humans or jeapordizing our Roles. Lord Willing, with the additional information vectors, this will now be able to be accomplished.

{Brian} *vq* Yes. I would like nothing more than to clear their influence from this place, Besodeiah. I hope that we will be able to do so now, and I remain grateful for your support and your objectivity during these harsh times.

{Fr. Deitricht} *vq* And I for your support as well, for providing focus and for helping me maintain my objectivity, Ian.

{Brian} *nods* Hm... I believe the dinner hour is close at hand. This might well be a good time to seek out Lady Novalis's servitors, in the groves.

* Fr. Deitricht nods, and his body languages changes back to that of the good old Catholic Priest. *q* "Of course, Brian... but penance first."

* There's a slight smile on his lips, though.

* Brian hehs a bit, switching back to slightly sheepish security guard. "Of course." *small smile, crosses himself*

* Fr. Deitricht crosses himself as well, murmuring "May almighty God bless you, the Faterh, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen. The Lord has freed you from your sins. Go in the peace of Christ."

{Brian} "Amen." *rises up, starting in on his Hail Marys as he leaves*

* Fr. Deitricht stays in his own little booth for the moment, though the light above his door changes from red to green as he waits for Brian to complete his penance.

* It takes a bit, but Brian dutifully goes through all ten Hail Marys.

* And with that complete, Brian's got -just- four Groves to check...

* Brian takes a deep breath, feeling much relieved after all that, and heads for the closest Grove...

* And as he starts his search... we Fade.

In Nomine 2070