Situation Discussions

* And so the five angels reach the nice, high-security briefing room in the Halls of Progress, enter, and lock the door behind them. Of course, this being a high-level briefing room, it's got ALL the nice Lightning amenities.

{Muon} Oooooooooo........ Must....not....mess with Stuff.......

{Tau} Down, boy. Good Kyriotate. Food good.

{Ian} Yeah. Food, and java. Big time. *wl*

* Muon salutes! "Taking orders!"

{Tiphareth} Ho, drudge boy, get us....biscotti! And Java! And TEA! And.....what else am I missing...

{Tiphareth} Anyone? Bueller, bueller?

* Ian hrms. "Anything Italian is good in my mind." *g*

* Tau fights a smirk in multiple areas.

{Val} I believe anything that is not station-processed will be acceptable at this point. *swl*

{Tiphareth} ...Yes. Please God.

{Tiphareth} Spaghetti. Lots of bell peppers. And garlic. And garlic bread, and....I'll shut up now. Anyway, have fun.

* Muon griiins, saluting again a few times. "I'll put it on Lightning's tab. That all?"

{Ian} I'm good.

{Muon} Right! Courier service awaaayyy! {he whisks out the door}

* Tiphareth watches him go, grinning wryly.

{Val} He is... energetic. *wl*

{Tau} {m} Tell me about it.

{Tiphareth} Funny, that's what you used to tell me. That and "Why do I put up with you?"

{Tau} "Boss said so."

{Tiphareth} 'Xactly. Anyway. Powwow.

* Tiphareth gets on any recording for purposes of logging for (classified) perpetuity. She then plops down in anything that resembles a seat or for preference, the floor. "Okay..... {deep breath} Can...well, someone, anyone, please give something approaching a cogent discription of what just happened?"

{Ian} Right... well... don't know how cogent this is, but in what can only be described as incredible luck, our little Liar friend's experiment in dimensions not only created a stable rift, but one that leads to a place that Boss knows about.

{Tiphareth} Okay....I think I got that, but I needed it translated from Bossese. mean....there's *another* *freaking* *universe* out there?

* Tau rolls a nod, but lets Ian carry it unless he wants help.

* Tiphareth's wings ruffle a tad.

{Ian} Not just one; the place -is- a nexus, which in theory means it links to several universes. I'm speculating, of course... *shrug*

{Tiphareth} ...Okay. Pardon my while my entire world view is suddenly and messily upended? {tiny grin}

{Tiphareth} . o O (Need.....I Something.)

{Ian} Don't feel too bad; you're not the first one to go through this little upheaval. *vswl*

{Tiphareth} Ohhhhhh?

* Tau seems to be flushing more bluely

{Tau} {cough} Well....uh..... {raises a hand} Once upon a time, there was this babe from outside the world who dropped in that was supposed to be some kind of half-demon with the body of a Lustie and she blew up things like a Calabite but wasn't one of Them....

{Tiphareth} . o O ("My brain's going to Disneyland!")

* Tau gives an embarassed look over at Ian with a few eyes.

{Ian} Let me translate that. *vswl*

{Tiphareth} Please do. He's going all incoherent. More so than usual.

* Tau gives the Bright Lilim a multiple biiidaaaah.

{Tiphareth} Love you too, sempai.

{Ian} *sigh* Okay, up until a couple hours ago, we knew a few things that were so classified even we weren't sure they were for real. What our multitasking friend is referring to is, around the year 1996 we had a, uh, visitor from another reality.

* Tiphareth slowly nods. "Given I wasn't even a twinkle in Mom's Geas set then...."

{Tau} Visitor. More like translated as "one-person demolition crew."

{Ian} True. She had all the moves you'd find in a Destroyer. Of course she put those moves to use taking a couple Destroyers -out-.

{Tiphareth} .....ooookay. So she....well....Tau is babbling something about a 'half-demon?' And she's not on Hell's side?

* Tiphareth gives Valanna "Are you getting this either?" looks.

* Val isn't saying anything, merely watching Ian quite intently.

{Ian} Not on -our- Hell's side. I'm a little gray on this part but I believe she's the child of a human and a very powerful being from her Hell.

{Tiphareth} Uh. Okay. {practices her Manuver One}

{Ian} Anyway, the upshot of this whole tangent is that, the universe -- or at least the Hell -- that this woman comes from was connected to a place called the 'Complex of Realms'. And now, apparently, by incredible coincidence/luck, -our- corporeal plane has a connection to the same place. For the moment, anyway.

{Tiphareth} {by rote} There Is No Coincidence.

{Ian} No kidding. *wl*

{Tiphareth} So in other words...if the demons realize this..... {trails off, paling a bit}

{Val} *q* This is all highly... fantastic... but it's not a falsehood either.

{Tiphareth} ...Let's just say the idea of Fate or the Game finding other places isn't a fun idea. {nods blankly at Val} They're believing what they're saying? Uh, yeah, I know it means it sounds like I don't trust my boyfriend's and sempai's grasp of Truth but...

{Ian} Yeah... -that- could be a problem. There have -been- problems in the past... or so I've heard from Ayrie.

{Val} Ayrie is involved with this whole thing somehow?

{Tiphareth} ...What kind?

{Ian} She's... a little closer to it than I am, anyway. Well... here's an example of the trouble we could run into:

{Tiphareth} Okay. Examples, oh beloved Virtue?

{Ian} This half-demon-- Arisa was her name, I remember now-- has had more than one nasty run-in with Diabolicals here. In one instance, a Balseraph Knight of Lust tried to... compel her, and very nearly succeeded. She shook off his influence, and, well... Ayrie showed me what was left.

* Tiphareth stiffens, her eyes narrowing in mixed disgust and revulsion. {q} "What was?"

{Ian} I made a briefcase out of it. *wl*

{Tau} Was a pretty nice briefcase too. Pity you didn't save any bits of Nelson.

{Tiphareth} ....Okay. So it's safe to say she's uh, nominally on our side?

{Ian} Yeah, well, we were in the middle of nowhere at the time. *wl* And yes, nominally. Still, I'm given to understand that that particular incident very nearly touched off a war.

* Tiphareth freezes. "How?"

{Tau} {m} You want this bit or should I?

{Ian} Go ahead, you may know something I don't. *wl*

{Tau} Apparently....unless I'm high and you probably want to second this....her mom didn't take what happened there very kindly.

{Tau} Something about a profound urge to smear Andrealphus off the face of the Symphony. Now while, mind, I'd love the idea...

{Ian} Nice thought... but the resultant invasion would have been rather destructive for all three planes.

{Tau} As in, "premature Armageddon" destructive, right?

{Ian} Bingo.

* Tau rolls a nod. "Thought so."

* There is a whang at the door.

* Tiphareth jumps several feet in the celestial air, her wings quivering. "Gah!"

{Muon} {muffled} Pizza delivery!

* Val doesn't jump but she does go to get that door.

* Muon looks grateful as she gets it open, having some dozen canisters, cartons, and buckets in as many hands as he manages to squeeze his amphorus self inside. "Food!"

{Val} Marvelous. *wl*

* Muon bounces around, setting things down. "I thought so! I used Lightning credit, they understood." {multiple grins}

* Tiphareth heaves up. "Food. Food good. Food cure most ills...."

{Ian} *wryly* "Yeah. Food helps one wrap their mind around weird things."

* Tiphareth hehs, nodding and getting some serious java and biscotti, offering him a cup. "Yeah. I'll gibber later, hon. {looks over to him and Val} The practical stuff, is this going to impact our duties on Citidas? And what do we need to do, other than treat this Door like the Lost Ark of the Covenant?"

{Ian} Well, first and foremost we need to make sure that no one -else- finds it, especially not the Diabolicals on-station. Known diplomatic problems aside, who knows what -else- is beyond that doorway?

{Val} Rolewise I cannot see our duties changing all that much, unless some other development further disrupts operations on the station.

{Tiphareth} In other words....soul-death before divulging. {small strained smile}

{Ian} Yeah, pretty much. *q* I won't let it come to that. *rests a hand on her shoulder*

{Tau} And Boss said investigation was all right, as long as we cover our asses and don't make a notable pattern of disappearing? {looks wry over at the Lilim}

* Tiphareth nods quietly, giving Ian a tiny smile before reaching up to squeeze his hand back.

{Ian} Right. Between us we have enough hacking skills to coordinate and cover our tracks, but too many hacks would eventually stand out.

{Ian} In an ideal world I would just go and erase every single demon on that station, but security guards don't do that. *vswl*

{Tau} Given the presence of Technologists.... And yeah. Another big question. How are we going to deal with our opposite numbers and the Voidies? I don't fancy the idea of that damn Shedite hanging around. Or the Lilim. {pause} *Especially* the Lilim, given this.

{Tiphareth} {m} You'd get hurt. Yeah, yeah, job hazard but stilll.

{Ian} We'll have to touch base with Sword and Flowers before we can really put together a plan on that, but in the meantime I suggest we stick together, and if we can arrange 'accidents', well, let's do so.

{Tiphareth} Yeah. {tiny smile} Penelope is going to be a big problem. If she gets a good enough resonation on any of us, it'll blow things sky high.

{Tiphareth} There's a *reason* why Lilim have a certain cachet in Diabolical operations. {wanner grin}

{Val} Then it will be to our advantage to remain as quiet as possible about the existence of this portal. And avoid the known members of the Horde and keep to ourselves where practical.

{Ian} In other words, act natural when we get back. *wl*

{Val} ...yes. *wl*

* Tiphareth snrks a tiny amount.

{Tiphareth} And even the suspected. Speaking of people we need to do something about, Harlan-boy is another.

{Ian} Yes, there's an accident needing prevention.

* Tiphareth nods, rubbing her temples, looking overwhelmed and vaguely frustrated. "I hope the General and Novalis have klatches with their guys *soon*. We need to get a strategy going."

{Ian} I'd be very surprised if they didn't. But yeah, we'll need to arrange a big meeting... ideally up here again so there's no mistakes.

* Tiphareth nods, frowning and munching on a cookie ferociously.

* Tau gives her a pat and asks Val, "You got any joy on all this or ideas on what should be done, Most Holy?"

* Val hms. "I was about to ask Ian what sort of things we should be mindful of should any of us go through that portal."

{Ian} Well, for starters, if you see a door with an 'X' on it, you probably shouldn't open it. *wl*

{Tiphareth} No X's. Kapish.

* Muon is meanwhile parsing all this, multiple eyes wide. "I uh, take that talking hamsters are a no-go?"

{Ian} Actually, I saw talking animals while I was in the Bar area, so it's probably not an issue there.

{Muon} M' still playing it safe, though.

{Ian} Hm... now that I think of it, there is one other symbol that everybody should keep an eye out for.

* Tiphareth looks up. "Hmmm?"

* Ian grabs a notepad and pen, and makes a drawing of what appears to be a stylized pitchfork.

* Tiphareth blinks, and makes a note. "Whassat?"

{Ian} If you see this anywhere, be advised that whatever it's on belongs to, or leads to, that other Hell I was referring to.

{Tiphareth} ....Ah. Pardon for seeming paranoid, but is it even *moderately* safe to ask them for help?

{Ian} I honestly don't know. It'd be nice if we could talk to Ayrie; she knows more about them than I do. Which might not be saying a whole lot, but... *shrug*

* Tiphareth nods, chewing her lip. Yet again.

{Tiphareth} I guess....all we can do is try to find for ourselves?

{Ian} That, I think, is about the best we can do right now.

* Tiphareth nods, and hands out a few plates of spaghetti.

* Ian hehs, and accepts.

* Tau pats and accepts with another hand.

{Val} *accepting a plate* It would be prudent to consult with Ayrie if permissible; any information we can gather at this point would be very useful.

{Tiphareth} Right. Did Boss say it was kosher to? We probably need her input ASAP.

* Muon noshes.

{Ian} If she's on the list of authorized parties, then yes. It would be efficient if she was, for the reason you just put forth. *wg*

{Tiphareth} We need the list, then.

{Val} And as soon as practical.

{Tiphareth} Yeah.... Is it going to be brought to us, or do we need to get it?

{Ian} Boss will be sending it to us eventually, yeah.

{Tiphareth} Okay...good...

{Ian} Anything else I can attempt to explain? *wl*

{Tiphareth} Not at the moment, or my brain will break into teeny pieces. I think. {small smile}

{Val} So perhaps it would be best to simply absorb what we've been bombarded with, for the moment. *wl*

{Tiphareth} ...Very, very slowly in my case. Believe me, Ian, I'm going to be squeezing your brain in the near future. {small wry grin}

{Ian} Understandable. *vswl*

{Tiphareth} I'll make it worth your while though. {small, jesting wink}

* Ian mrfs.

* Tiphareth grins a bit wider, obviously distracting herself. Tau fights an urge to make kissy noises.

{Val} My suggestion would be to save that for your own quarters. *was that a wry look? you can't tell*

* Tiphareth coughs, goes red, and faceplants on the table.

* Ian coughs.

* Muon giggles a whole lot.

* Val remains expressionless. Really.

{Tiphareth} ....thank you Valanna, I'll remember that....

{Ian} *ehrm* right... anyway... anything else we need to go over right now?

{Tiphareth} Not that I know of.

{Ian} I guess the next thing to do then is wait for the next round of information from Boss.

{Tiphareth} Yup. I'd like to know who he's sending.

{Ian} So would I.

{Tiphareth} So...who wants to venture down there into {reverb} ANOTHER UNIVERSE {/reverb} first?

{Val} Ian is the most likely candidate for that in our current configuration. *wl*

{Tiphareth} Whee. Right. {nods} And perhaps eventually me, as I'm the closet thing to a Mercurian we have around. {wry smile}

{Ian} People skills would be -real- handy in there. *swl*

{Tiphareth} Heh, no kidding. Pity we don't have the genuine article with us, but... To take fuzzballs with, or not...

{Ian} Good question. Could be useful, but the laws of physics could also be a little different over there, if you know what I mean.

{Tiphareth} I do. Hmm....did your resonance work there or did you try, Ian?

{Ian} Didn't try it; it's a big question mark to me right now.

{Tiphareth} Worth a shot, but yeah, those of us with actual vessels probably should go first. And I could cover for Val if she needs to go there.

{Val} This would be helpful, yes. I need to have some sort of cover, no matter where I am. *swl*

{Tiphareth} I understand, your Most Holiness. {small wink} Once the rest are clued in, that should widen the pool of people that can go with you, too.

* Val looks wry, and nods.

* Tiphareth smiles a bit and digs in with more intent.

{Ian} Right, well... if that's everything for the moment, I propose we finish up all the food, and get ready to head back. *wg*

{Tiphareth} Right. {small wry smile} I agree. We've got a big pile on our plate.

{Val} In the literal as well as the metaphorical sense. *wl*

{Tau} I'm a pig, sue me. Metaphorically.

{Ian} oink.

* Muon makes snorting noises at Tau. Tau baps him.

{Ian} In that case, I guess we're adjourned. Let's eat some more. *wg*

{Tiphareth} Right!

* And as the Lightning servitors continue with the thing of post-meeting noshing, we fade.

In Nomine 2070