Urgent Reports

*R-Type* back and ready. *wl* {INServ} [[Righto. So the sitch as it is -- Brian/Ian is heading back to the Door,a nd from there, he gets to edit logs and stuff to pretend that he really DID climb into the maint/air ducts and stuff. And from there he gets to figure out what to do next, which would be most likely convincing folks to go to the marches without saying one work about where he REALLY was in case of ANY evesdroppers on any side. *wg* ]]

{INServ} [[Oh, and this'll be logged, FYI.]]

{Tina} [[Right!]]

{R-Type} [[whee!]]

{Tina} [[Tina] Oh, drag me off and say we're spending cough private time. {pause} God, I'm easy.]]

{R-Type} [[Kal giggles.]

{INServ} [[And so... we Begin.]]

* Brian makes his way back toward the door he first came through.

* The Door with his scribbled-on TriOp logo is stil there, and when he gets there and opens it he can see that it indeed leads back to the supply closet he had ducked into. Thank Heavens for small favors.

* This is a very good thing, yes. But Brian has no time to relax. Keeping his sidearm at the ready, just in case, he opens the closet's 'front' door.

* The metal door slides open, and there are... no robots to be seen.

* Brian sighs, relieved. That having been taken care of, he looks for the quickest path -out- of this entire area.

## INServ rolled 3d6 = 15 (6 4 5).

* There's an elevator you can take to the upper levels just down the way.

* Brian heads for said elevator with all speed.

* He reaches it safely. The golden hexagonal doors open, he enters, the doors close, and the Psuedo-Samba music starts to play. So, which floor, Sahib?

{Brian} . o O (-feh-... okay, next order of business: tweak the logs so I really -was- crawling around in the air ducts... and hope Val doesn't twitch too much.) Brian hits the button for the floor that will get him to a place where log-tweaking can be done safely.]

* Ian ends up heading for the Science Level... one flight down and at this time of night should be pretty isolated.

* This is a good thing, yes. Brian looks for a nice isolated terminal to play with.

* There's a general access terminal room in Alpha Quadrant of Science Level, and since everybody's off-shift, nobody's there.

* This is, once again, a good thing. Brian therefore sits at said terminal and does the thing of logging in, and accessing log files.

## INServ rolled 3d6 = 12 (2 4 6).

* Ian's In Like Flynn. With his security clearence and Lightning Expertese, he can access the maintenance level sensor logs easily and edit them so that he can be seen to be sneaking into the maintenence ducts above that closet...

* .. of course, one might wonder WHY he would be sneaking up into the maintenance ducts, as the logs for the level don't report any weird Sec-Bot actions there.

* Brian realizes this fact as he's modifying the logs, and so makes sure to insert SecBot activity as best he can recall.

* SecBot activity is inserted. Clearly Tina's lessons have been paying off; he's a regular hacking machine.

{Brian} . o O (There... that should get -someone's- attention.) *he cleans up any traces of his own presence and disconnects*

* Ian logs out. Nobody witnesses a thing.

{Brian} . o O (Note to self: thank Tina repeatedly for hacking lessons. Speaking of which... time to organize the troops.) *he gets up and heads for the crew level*

* Ian ascends! Well, at least to the Executive level and the crew quarters, which is also on the off-shift, nice and dimmed along most hallways.

* First things first, Ian (who -has- pretty much dropped the Brian schtick at this point) heads in the direction of Val's quarters.

* Val's quarters are reached. He only needs to detour around a couple Serv-Bots along the way.

* Ian so detours, giving each one a careful glance as he passes. Call it paranoia. At any rate, he reaches the door and knocks, and a moment later the door opens:

* Val stands there and looks at him with a questioning eyebrow. Ian angles his head in the general direction of Tina's cabin.

{Val} *q* I'll be there momentarily. *she retreats back into her cabin and the door closes; Ian now heads for Tina's place*

* Muon perks up a furry little snout from on the desk and wiggles whiskers at Val.

* Muon looks very inquiring.

* Val notes this, yes. *q* "I'm not certain, but I believe we all need to meet right away."

* Muon nodnods, not responding verbally, but calming down some.

* So saying, Val scoops up the KyrioHamster and makes her way over to Tina's place. Ian meanwhile is already there and knocking.

* The door opens, revealing a faint scent of ozone and char, and one young woman with a glazed look to her eyes and a mess to her hair, in sweat cutoffs. "Hi, sweetie! How's....work...." {trails off seeing his expression}

* Muon pokes his head out of wherever Val's stowed him, snout wiggling.

* He's being carried in a front jacket pocket at the moment. Ian meanwhile doesn't say anything, just points into Tina's room as if to say 'we all need to talk right now' as Val arrives behind him.

* Tina nods, abruptly, her expression flipping over to serious, and stands aside to let them in. Judging from the smell, she was working on a circuit board, and there seems to be a black and white fuzzball next to it, looking up with little beady eyes.

* Ian and Val enter. Ian glances at Val, who nods, locks the door behind her, and sets Muon down next to Tau.

* Pleep. For some reason all electronics no longer register anything in the room, or can enter or exit. Funny, that.

{Val} I believe we are secure now, Ian.

{Tau} Better be or I'd be losing my touch. What's up?

* Tina picks Tau up, idly scritching him behind the ears, soft brown eyes now gone all measuring.

{Ian} *q* Let's just say we may have a very very large problem. I need to go topside, and you all better come with me. I have a feeling the Boss may want to talk to all of us.

* Tina just nods. {q} "Got you. Should Val and Mu go back to her room? It may look suspicious if we all crash here."

{Ian} *nod, q* Good idea. This could take a while.

* Val nods also. *q* "Very well. We will see you at the Tower."

* Tina nods. {m} "So much for late night geekhood. Let's go...see you all up top."

* Tina heads for the bed and flops down, with care for Tau, without further ado.

* Ian lies down next to Tina. Val meanwhile takes Muon and heads back to her own cabin, to do essentially the same thing.

* Tina mrfs and snuggles in a tadge, but is already working hard on going to sleep, with Tau curled up on her upper chest.

-} *R-Type* Will rolls for Ian and Valanna to go marches.

*R-Type* roight.

## R-Type rolled 3d6 = 14 (6 4 4).

-} *Tina* Will rolls for Tina, Tau, and Muon to go marches.

## R-Type rolled 3d6 = 12 (4 2 6).

## Tina rolled 3d6 = 14 (6 4 4).

## Tina rolled 3d6 = 6 (3 1 2).

## Tina rolled 3d6 = 10 (6 2 2).

*Tina* Heh. The Kyrios make it, Tina fails.

* Valanna finds herself in the Marches immediate, easily heading to sleep. Ian... is a bit too worked up over this to go immediately to 'sleep'

* Which is okay, as neither is Tina. The hamsters manage to make it to the Marches.

* Tina fights a grumble. Sleeep....go to sleeeeep......

* Ian mutters, and tries to will himself to relax more because dammit this is -important-...

* Meanwhile in the Marches, Valanna takes stock of her surroundings.

* Two clouds of blue and rosegold start sidling over to her.

* Lots and lots of dreamscape bubbles drift about on Blandine's side of the Vale. They're a bit far from Blandine's side of the Tower, however... but not so far as to be bordering the range into Nightmares.

* Meanwhile, Tina seethes somewhat, trying to get to sleep and taking some comfort from the fact Ian's having trouble too.

{Val} I suggest we head for the Tower.

* The fractal blue cloud pokes a few eyestalks out. "Yep. No Tippy or Ian yet. And let's go."

* Ian can sense Tina's upset, and snuggles a little closer to her.

{Val} *already moving* I suspect he is under a great deal of stress, which would not help matters.

* Tina snuggles back, trying not to wake Tauhamster.

* Ian gently kisses Tina, and tries once more to make the transition...

{Tau} Yeah. I'd commit vandalism to find out what, but we don't know yet.

* Tina mms, nuzzles back, and tries as well.

## R-Type rolled 3d6 = 13 (2 6 5).

## Tina rolled 3d6 = 6 (2 1 3).

{Val} Whatever it is, it must be incredibly important. To him, at least.

* And now, finally, Ian and Tiphareth drift to 'sleep'... finding themselves in the marches as well... nearer to the border of Dreams and Nightmares than Val, Tau, and Muon ended up.

* Tina mrfs, sighing in relief as her vesselimage appears next to Ian.

* Muon rolls a nod. "Wouldn't do it without reason."

* Ian looks similarly relieved about reaching the Marches... although the location isn't exactly favorable. "nngh... let's get out of here."

{Tina} Hell yes. This is too close to the other side for comfort. {starts slogging in, grimly, graduating to a jog through the grey sand towards the white tower}

* Val continues a steady pace toward Blandine's. Ian slogs along with Tina, all business and all Virtue now.

* The Kyrios roll along with Val. Tina, conversely, is unrecognizable as her usual self in attitude.

* They make their way across the sands and the dreamscapes, pretty unhindered, through a flight of Dream Malakim, accompanied by some Elohim and a Cherub presumably tracking a dream soar off in the general direction they left from.

* Ian pays no heed to any of those goings-on, his focus solely on the most efficient pathway to the Tower.

* Tina is pretty much straightlining too, not asking questions yet.

* They soon reach it. Two Lion Cherubim wait at the gates, doing their impression of the New York Public Library statues.

{Tina} TipharethBrightDaughterofLightningneedtoseeBossbadcanwegothroughnow?

* The two cherubim blink at that, look at each other, and then look at Ian.

* Val starts to say something but instead looks wryly at Tina.

{Lion Cherub #1} Ah... care to translate that, Virtue?

* Tina facepalms, muttering about having done this song and dance way too many times for counting.

{Ian} *looks wry* We must speak with our Bright Lord with all haste, Guardian. I can say nothing more until my report is heard.

* The cherubim look at the twosome, and the others behind them, and then move away from the open doors. "Then proceed in haste so that your duties and dreams can be fulfilled", the second states.

{Val} We thank you, noble Guardians. Walk in illumination.

{Tina} Thanks muchly, walk in illumination you both. {nods at them and heads on inside with no further prompt}

{Tau} Seeeya!

* Ian simply nods, and goes through with the others.

* Muon boogies on in.

* The main hall of Blandine's tower is as wide and as populated as it normally is, the wide tether-portal at the far end invitingly open.

* Tina heads on through, not stopping for anyone.

* Ian also heads straight through, with all efficiency, with Val close behind.

* Folks may comment at their brusqueness, but the angels there can recognize Servitors On A Mission, and politely get out of their way.

* Ian isn't paying attention to comments. His focus remains entirely on reaching Heaven, and then reaching the Halls of Progress.

* Val also says nothing, merely follows Ian with suitably seraphic grace.

* They head through the tether-portal and into the full Light Of Heaven, refreshing in its brightness.

* Tina doesn't care about the whole refreshing bit, barely taking enough time to drop vessel image, her wings crackling out.

* The entirety of Heaven waits before them.

* Ian does let out a small sigh as he drops vessel, but in the next moment spreads his wings and takes to the air, heading straight for the Halls. Behind him, Val also drops vessel and also goes airborne.

* Tina does likewise, forming a rough V with them, the Kyrios lagging a bit but trying their best to keep up.

* Heaven blurs past beneath them, the seriousness of their duty precluding any lingering around. The Halls of Progress spread out before them, reassuring in its regularity and efficency.

* Ian flares his wings and settles back to the ground, still looking deadly serious, with Val not far behind.

*** Tina is now known as Tiphareth.

* The two lighting cherubum at the gates blink at the group's approach, recognize their seriousness, and step aside without a word as the doors slide open.

* Tiphareth looks rather serious as well, and heads to the doorway, the lightning in her wings alternately subdued and then arcing.

* Ian nods to the Guardians in acknowledgement, and enters.

* The hallways are as efficently laid out as ever. A group of yellow-furred pointy-black-tipped eared relievers with gossamer wings and black bent tails flit down one hallway carrying a piece of electronics equipment between them.

{Tiphareth} ....

{Tiphareth} ...not gonna ask. {keeps heading where they going} Report by email first?

{Ian} *nod* Preferably at a secure terminal.

{Tiphareth} Right. Let's find one.

## Tiphareth rolled 3d6 = 8 (5 1 2).

* With some doing, you find one.

* (must be a busy logging-in day.)

* Ian sets himself down at the terminal and does a secure login, as Val stands guard at a discreet distance.

* Tau keeps several eyes on Ian, several eyes on the rest of the place, and several eyes on his teammates, for the heck of it.

* Tiphareth also hangs around, glancing.

{INServ} To: jean@lightning.hvn Fr: ian@lightning.hvn Subject: [URGENT] New developments


{INServ} Bright Lord--

{INServ} Disturbing incidents have occurred which I felt should be brought to your attention immediately:

{INServ} While performing my Role duties aboard Citidas, I found myself being shadowed by security robots which became increasingly belligerent with the passage of time. Attempts to contact my Role's superiors should have been successful but were not, and the station's AI and security systems denied that the robots even existed at my location. As of this writing I lack hard evidence to explain the behavior of the robots, however given the recent activity of Technology I felt it should be reported right away.

{INServ} The second, and far more alarming, incident occurred as a consequence of the first. While evading my pursuers, I sought temporary cover inside a storage closet. Said closet had an entirely incongruous wooden door in its rear wall, and on testing said door, it opened out into a very large hallway which could not physically have been inside the station.

{INServ} Unable to return immediately due to the presence of the security robots outside the closet, I elected to explore this strange hallway, which was lined with many doors similar to the one I had come through. After some exploring, I found myself in what appeared to be a bar or meeting area, and was informed by the individuals I encountered there that I was in a place called the 'Complex of Infinite Worlds', a dimensional nexus

* The terminal screen immediately goes blank, mailer and all.

* Ian blinks.

* Plain block text appears on the screen, white on black:

* Ian. Report to my office with all members of your investigation team. Now. -- J.

{Tiphareth} ...

{Tiphareth} .....okay.

* The screen then blanks again, and the mailer returns. Interestingly, the text Ian entered is gone. It's as if he just logged in.

{Tau} .....yep. it's urgent. What the *hell* happened out there, Ian?

{Ian} *vq* Figured that might happen. And you'll find out. Let's head for the Boss's office. *logs out*

* Val doesn't say anything, merely heads for Jean's office with all efficiency.

* Tiphareth nods, waiting for him and the others, then moving out.

* They reach the office. The seraph secretary just looks somewhat flabbergastedly at you, and gestures wordlessly at the open doorway with one wing.

* Tiphareth swallows, reflexively, letting Ian take point, getting that funny little nausea feeling in what passes for the pit of her stomach in Heaven.

* Ian looks wryly at the secretary for a moment, then proceeds apace into the inner office with Val close behind.

* The Kyriotates take up the rear, both kind of contracted into little balls.

* Jean, Archangel of Lightning, waits inside, sitting behind his desk, stormcloud grey eyes clear and piercing. It watches as the five enters, then lifts one smooth hand towards the door. It slides shut, and then the -entire- door is sealed with quietly crackling lightning, not just the edges and corners.

{Tiphareth} .....

* Jean then looks at Ian. "Report."

* Ian nods, and begins repeating his email message verbatim, up to the point where he was cut off: "--a dimensional nexus of some sort which presumably connects to a large number of other universes. It is clear that the Balseraph's experiment has indeed succeeded in opening a rift beyond our own universe. It appears to be stable for the moment, as I was able to return without incident. No one beyond this room has been informed of the existence of this doorway, pending your input and direction in this matter, Bright Lord."

* Tiphareth just.....stares at Ian. So do the Kyriotates, only with far more eyes.

* Val ripple-blinks. More than once.

* Jean nod curtly at this. "What are your impressions of the nexus in question."

* Ian is paying attention only to Jean and so does not see anyone else's reactions. "The individuals there seemed friendly enough... if perhaps unusual by my own standards. At least some of the doors do lead to potentially hostile environments. I did not explore this extensively, as I felt an immediate status report was in order."

* Tiphareth gets a very funny look on her face. . o O (Considering me, they musta been weird.)

* Jean nods. "Which doors were observered, and where did you meet the individuals?"

{Ian} The doors observed were in the same hallway I arrived in. Some had been marked with various symbols; a large 'X' was used to indicate a hostile environment. And the individuals I spoke to were in the bar, or meeting room, which was called "Taervac's Bar and Grill".

* Jean nods at this again. He regards the angels there, equally. "This was not unexpected. The existance of such a trans-universal nexus was reported to us some time ago; however covert low-level investigations for potential connection loci were inconclusive in locating any. Given the reports compiled of the Balseraph's experiments on Citidas Station, it is clear that creating such a connection loci was not his intention. Analysis of the remaining machinery and plans indicate that there was a 23 percent chance of an unstable dimensional rip, a 2 percent chance of a semi-stable connection to an adjacent universe, and a 75 percent chance of the dimensional gate device going supercritical and utterly destroying the station and evrybody aboard."

* Ian does not react outwardly. . o O (Ooookay, I think I can objectively say that was a close call.)

* Tiphareth goes and pronounces elipses again. "...." She's good at it.

* Tau contracts in even more.

* Val ripple-blinks again, her feathers ruffling briefly.

* Jean continues. "The appearance of such a connection to the 'Complex of Worlds' at this point in time onboard Citidas Station is a dangerously unstable variable added to the already precarious situation between the angelic forces there and the diabolicals attempting to weild their influence over the humans. While the placement of the 'Door' on the station orbiting Saturn will necessesasily restrict access by the majority of the Host and Horde, the existance of diabolicals already there curtail in-depth analysis until the current situations there are resolved."

* Tiphareth nods a bit, listening.

-} *R-Type* and Ian and Val's current emotional states, why, and what Jean can do to help improve their efficency?

* Ian nods also, listening carefully.

-} *Tiphareth* and Tippy and Muon and Tau's current emotional states, why, and what Jean can do to help improve their efficency?

*Tiphareth* Tippy is kind of in shock at the moment from all the abrupt input of news, but has flipped over into professional Lightning Servitor of the moment, but might have a bit of a freak later. Tau *is* freaking, because he knows the implications of this. Muon is going "huh?" :)

*Tiphareth* Basically, Tippy, for one, needs a guideline on how to deal with this and the diabolicals onboard, and is mildly concerned about her physical fragility during this, as well as dear widdle Paran and Chesil.

*R-Type* OKay, let's see... Val was a bit shaken by the 75% chance of getting sent through Trauma again, because it's still fresh in her mind. Not sure what she could use for efficiency-improvement yet... }}}

*Tiphareth* Tau could use some guidelines as well...hmm...though he's leaving it up to Jean's discretion what, if any stuff should be given to help them.

*Tiphareth* It's mostly, 'WTF do I *DO* in this situation? Where's help when you need it aaaagh...'

*R-Type* }}} Ian is a less shaken up as getting killed would for him have just been very annoying due to Role loss. What bothers him is his seemingly unending bad luck with Songs and resonance rolls and suchlike without funneling wasteful and noisy amounts of Essence; that is incredibly inefficient in his own admittedly subjective view...

*Tiphareth* also generalized concerns on what or how do they tell the Flowerses and the Swordies.

{Jean} Covert investigation of the Complex of an occasional nature is approved if and only if suitable precautions are taken to prevent human and diabolic outside factors learning of its existance, in both role and celestial duties. A dedicated team for investgation will be selected from currently avaiable servitors and later sent en-route to Citidas once briefed. Your current duties in eliminating the diabolical presence onboard Citidas are not to be superceded -- remval of those factors will assist in making the area more secure, however the existance of such a location would naturally be enticing to those of your Roles if known, and can be explained as such if absolutely necessary, though it should be avoided.

*R-Type* (oh, and that whole business with the Void was making him feel inefficient too before he recognized it *wl* )

{Ian} Understood clearly, Bright Lord.

{Tiphareth} Right....

{Jean} The existance of this nexus is not to be spoken to other members of the Host unless approved. A list of approved servitors will be forwarded to you. The list will include the other angelic servitors onboard the station; however they will be briefed by their own Superiors and you are not to speak to them of this until they have done so. Communication by Etherial Tounges will be a viable means of relaying information, though meeting in a secure location within the Halls of Progress or the Cathedral of the Sword are preferred.

* Ian nods. Val nods.

* Tiphareth nods slightly too.

*R-Type* Hrm... having Ethereal Tongues would be helpful; neither Ian nor Val knows that Song.

{Jean} You are approved for selecting an appropriate staging area within the Halls of Progress for discussing further issues before returning to your vessels onboard the station, and to be used for further planning in the future. It will be kept under Lightning Priority seal in your absence, and any information discussed there or recorded will be Lightning Clearance Approval Only.

{Jean} A list of approved relics and reliquaries for use onboard the station will be provided for selection, upon secondary evaluation.

{Jean} Such devices selected should preferrably be ones that minimize disturbance and detectability.

{Muon} . o O (Aw. So the big guns are out.)

{Ian} *nods* Less disturbance would be far more efficient. . o O (Almighty knows I've made too much noise as it is. *sigh* )

* Tiphareth nods, just listening by this point and looking a tad overwhelmed under the competent demeanor.

{Jean} Ian, Valanna, step forward.

* Val ripple-blinks, and does so. Ian likewise steps forward.

* Jean lifts one pale, luminous hand. Lightning arcs from it to the two's celestial forms, entwining within them, becoming a part of them.

-} *R-Type* And Ian and Val get Eth tounges at Level 3... and Ian ALSO gets his perception boosted to 10 (though not a Force increase).

*R-Type* Whee!

* Ian lowers his hand. "Those should assist in your duties."

* Val arches a bit as she feels new patterns of the Symphony... a new Song... opening to her. Ian also feels that same pattern revealing itself to him... and indeed, his perception of everything grows much stronger, clearer.

* (er, Jean lowers its hand. Technical difficulties *THWAP* thank you)

{Val} I thank you, Bright Lord.

* Jean then regards the bright in his office. "Tiphareth, step forward."

{Ian} As do I.

* Tiphareth blinks, and then nods, doing so, calmly, at least outwardly.

* Jean raises its hand again, and lightning once again corsucates from its fingers to Tiphareth's celestial form.

* Tiphareth blinks, but lets it run its course, the arcs in her own aura strengthening.

-} *Tiphareth* And Tippy recieves Cel, Corp, and Eth sheilds at Level 3 across the board. And that'll work nicely what with the knowledge bonus too. :)

*Tiphareth* Ooo! Oooo! Didn't I already have Corpshields /3 though?

{Tiphareth} Thank you, sir...

-} *Tiphareth* Not according to this. Just Eth Tounges at 2, Claws at 2, and Corp Healing at 3.

*Tiphareth* No, she got corp shields 3 back after the Halloween thingie.

-} *Tiphareth* D'oh! You're right. Okay, you got Cel and Eth shields to 3... and your Eth tounges was raised by 1 and Claws raised by 1.

*Tiphareth* Yep. It's in the updates section of her webpage.

*Tiphareth* Yay!

* Tiphareth blinks, parsing the various changes made to her.

* Jean nods. "Are there any other concerns or questions that you feel should be addressed?"

*R-Type* Hm. -Are- there any other concerns that should be addressed? *wg*

* Tiphareth glances over to Ian. "Sir....what of the security robots that were acting abnormally?"

{Jean} That is to be adressed under the investigation of diabolical and corrupt human activities onboard the station. Ian is in an ideal position to investigate the abnormal functioning of the robots covertly in his Role as a security guard for Arasaka and TriOp corporations, calling on you for assistance when necessary. Orders are relayed through the networks, and the dominations can assist and if circumstances warrant, take control of one of them to determine which parties are issuing the abnormal orders.

* Tiphareth nods. "The whole uh....nexus bit aside, that's very worrisome."

{Jean} Be advised; with the death of Aram, it is highly likely that demonic security measures will increase, including the incorporation of Force Capturers in their devices.

* Tau....shudders. Muon's various eyes widen.

{Tiphareth} Understood. {tightens her mouth}

* Ian's eyes narrow. "I will be as vigilant as possible."

* Jean nods. "Indeed. This audience is concluded. A secure briefing room has been selected, and the secretary outside will inform you of its location. Walk in illumination."

{Tiphareth} Thank you, Boss....you too.

* Ian and Val both bow at the same time. "Walk in illumination, Bright Lord."

* The Kyrios roll bows as well.

* Jean gestures, and the sheet of lightning vanishes from the door and slides open.

* Tiphareth takes the cue and heads out.

* Val and Ian do pretty much the same.

* Ditto the Kyrios.

* The seraph secretary gives them a sheet of directions, still ripple-blinking at them getting such a room but not questioning their Bright Lord's instructions.

* Val accepts the directions from the secretary, handing them off to Ian.

* Tiphareth peers over various shoulders or analogues of, until she gets some.

* Ian reads carefully, noting location and suchlike.

* It's quickly found.

{Ian} Right, I suggest we go set up camp. Agreed?

{Val} It is the efficient thing to do.

{Tau} Somebody bring the java. We're going to need it.

{Tiphareth} And the biscotti. It gives me something to nosh on when I'm in shock. {wg}

* Ian hehs. "Maybe Magna Veritas does takeout." *wg*

* Muon raises a hand. "Or I could."

{Ian} That'd work too. *wg*

{Muon} I got to do *something* around here. {multiple wry grins}

* Ian hehs.

* and as they settle down to work in the nice secure area, we Fork.

In Nomine 2070