Report to a Sword

* The Eternal City, girded by walls of precious stones set in gold and marble spreads out in front of Giri as he flies towards it.

* Giri spares only an appreciative glance as he flies, wings slicing the air. He's got business on his plate, and the Sword never rests. So thus, he straightlines for the distant steeples of the Halls of Worship and the Cathedral of the Sword.

* The rising spires, gothic features of carved, pure granite and intricate stained-glass windows of the Halls of Worship and the Cathedral of the Sword reach for the heavenly sky, unbounded by terrestrial construction concerns, a tribute to human beliefs and to the Archangel of the Sword's devotion to his Word.

* Giri shifts his line of flight to the Cathedral of the Sword, ignoring the--to his eyes--Japanese Buddhist temple that the Halls of Worship currently is.

* The temple is soon passed, the Cathedral looming, two Seraphim of the Sword standing guard at the entrance.

* Giri drops altitude, slowing, and beginning to backwing in for a landing.

* The two Seraphim rise slightly as he approaches, their silvery wings backfanning and settling, watching him land.

* Giri breaks his landing, folding his wings neatly and precisely, and saluting. "Most Holys."

* The two Seraphim bring their swords up in salute. One of them looks at Giri, levellly, and sings, "And what is your purpose here, Bright of the Sword?"

{Giri} I seek Records, and a superior of the Sword, for information and to provide information, Most Holy.

* The other Seraph nods, curtly, singing, "Then enter and may you find what you seek, Bright."

{Giri} I thank you, Most Holy. {nods back}

* Giri passes through and enters the Cathedral.

* Inside, past the vestibule of the great Cathedral, the pews within stretch like ranked, attentive soldiers towards the altar at the far end, the bright cruciform Sword hanging above flaring like a lambient flame in the heavenly light that streams through the intricate stained glassed windows. Angels and blessed souls move quietly about their business around the expansive floor and to the side chapels, Organ Music and the scent of incense hanging softly in the air like a soothing balm. Presumably, Giri would know where to go to check in with his immediate superior or to access the Records of the Sword, given he is of the Sword himself.

* Giri does the latter, at least.

## Giri rolled 3d6 = 15 (6 4 5).

* Giri looks for a superior, not a Superior (tm) as Laurence himself definitely doesn't seem available at the moment.

* The Records of the Sword are down one hallway of the Cathedral, leading to a 'small' niche that is reminiscent of a monestary's library, leather-bound books and scrolls neatly organized. A Cherub, a large grizzly bear with grey ash wings, sits behind a desk that has a sign-in sheet on it. Several angels look throuhg the records within.

## Giri rolled 3d6 = 17 (6 6 5).

## Giri rolled 3d6 = 16 (6 4 6).

* The Cherub looks at Giri curiously. "Can I help you, Bright of our Lord Laurence?" Meanwhile, back in the shelves, Giri can see a Malakite consulting with the spinning rings of an Ofanite... both of which Giri recognizes.

* Giri glances over at both Virtue and Wheel a second. "I think, Guardian. I need to locate records of which of the Host are stationed where off-planet, particulary at a particular station orbiting Saturn. I would prefer in general, but those of the Sword would do."

## INServ1 rolled 3d6 = 9 (4 4 1).

* The Cherub mrrs a bit, rolling one shoulder. "Hadn't heard of a station orbiting Saturn, must be new... but if you want those of ours who are already stationed on the other facilities, look over towards the fifth aisle to the right."

* Coincidentally(tm), that's the same area the Malakite and Ofanite are talking.

* Giri inclines his head. "I didn't expect to be necessarily known, Guardian. {slight smile} Thank you for your time."

* Giri has noted this fact, yes.

* Giri starts to head over dat way.

* The Cherub nods back, politely, and goes back to dealing with other entrants to the library.

* Giri makes his way towards the indicated section; as described by the Cherub, it's got rolls of those of the Sword who have assignments among the various space stations and colonies. And yes, the two angels there are known to Giri... the Malakite is recognizeable as Chamael, the Angel of Mars; and the Ofanite is Gediel, Angel of the Altitudes, both rather high-up in Laurence's organization.

## INServ1 rolled 3d6 = 11 (2 6 3).

## INServ1 rolled 3d6 = 11 (3 5 3).

* Giri waits patiently to either get to specific bits of the rolls and/ or for the two to finish with their talk and notice him. He certainly isn't going to bother them.

* The rolls are listed in alphabetical order... but before he can get to the 'C's, the Malakite notices Giri, and arches one sculpted eyebrow. "A moment, Gediel... Giri of the Sword? What are you doing up here?" She smiles a slight smile, every inch of her a servitor of the Sword.

* Giri ignores the Malakite wings. Really, he does. He's busy. {salute} "Chamael... I come up here on a matter of part personal business, and part I think has an impact on the War. Actually, the former is associated with the latter."

* Chamael arches her other eyebrow, even as she returns the salute and then stands at 'rest', her hands behind her back. The Ofanite, curious, spins closer. "What sort of business, Bright of the Sword?" she murmurs, letting the personal name slide given rankings, since she's apparently in a good mood at the moment.

* Giri also stands at rest, inclining his head at Gediel. "Good day, Gediel. Essentially, Virtue, Wheel, I've just encountered a Virtue of Lightning who is stationed at a new station, Citidas, in the orbit of Saturn, who has reported Disturbances not of his doing during his time there. I offered to help him find a list of those of our side stationed there in order to help him in quantifying who is...or isn't...of our side there."

* Giri takes in a breath, and lets it out. "The wrinkle appears when he reports the 'feeling', if you will, of some of those Disturbances. Emptiness, fear...Nightmares is a possibility, but I have a very real worry that it could be the Void at work."

* Chamael nods, slightly. The Ofanite's wheels spin slightly faster, an acetisim in his tones though it hints of urgency and movement, not anger towards Giri. "Nightmares? The Void? If -any- diabolicals tried that far out..." the Ofanite sings, and there's a slight rattle of the sword in its sheath within one of its rings.

* Chamael frowns. "If so, it would be dire. We did well in securing Rhadamanthys for our Lord Laurence and the Host; if there are Diabolicals on this Citidas, it does not speak well for our measures on the research station..."

{Giri} That's my worry, Throne of Altitudes. If the Void is making a move that far out, and this Virtue is isolated, he may help soon.

{Gediel} ... Or of the depths of the Demon's roles, if so...

{Giri} From what I understand, King of Mars, Citidas is so new it may not yet be in the Sword's records, but it bears looking into, I believe.

* Chamael nods in agreement to Giri and Gediel's words. "Agreed. I will need to speak with Kafziel, Most Holy of Saturn, and submit an inquiry. Who controls Citidas Station?"

* Giri pauses, and colors slightly, obvious given his fair complexion. He looks rather angry with himself. "That....I don't know, and my fault for not asking. The Virtue of Lightning's name is Ian, however, if that helps referencing at all."

* Chamael nods, brusquely. "That it should, Bright. And Kafziel should know who owns the station itself."

* Giri inclines his head. "Understood, Virtue."

* Gediel whirls, regarding Giri. "We shall not rest until this is addressed, Bright of our Lord. That this information alone has reached us is of value."

{Giri} ...Thank you, Wheel. I find it...deeply troubling.

* Chamael 's eyes narrow. "As do I. Thank you for telling us, Giri. This will be be remembered."

* Giri nods again. "Welcome, and thank you, Virtue, Wheel, for taking the time to listen."

* Gediel dips his rings in an Ofanite bow. "It would have been to our detriment if we had not. Walk in Honor, Bright of the Sword."

{Giri} Walk in honor, Virtue and Wheel.

* Chamael nods. "And you. We shall leave word with your immediate superior as to who is stationed on Citidas, as well as to Ian of Lightning, once we know." She glances at Gediel, and then the two of them head out of the library, quickly.

* Giri nods, saluting as they go.

* Chamael and Gediel return the salute, breifly, before they duck out. The Cherub at the desk looks at Giri, curiously.

* Giri looks faintly wry at the Cherub. "Matter of the War, Guardian."

* The Cherub lets out a rumbling chuckle. "Aren't they all?"

{Giri} True. {slight smile}

* Giri ponders records.

* There are still records there!

* Giri looks for any stations classified under "Saturn" or failing that the outer planets.

* Again, as noted, Citidas doesn't appear to have been added yet. Howerver, there's a roster for Rhadamanthys in orbit around Europa (who orbits Jupiter), plus listings for the known servitors in the Asteroid Belt, and Mars.

* Giri sighs, looking slightly frustrated, but looks at the Rhamanthys and Asteroid Belt rosters, just in case.

* Rhadamanthys has a -lot- of Angelic servitors stationed on it, as it serves as a beachhead for the Host in general, and Lightning in particular. However, evne with that, the reported human population still outnumbers the Angelic by a sizeable margin. The Asteroid Belt rosters are more sporadic, given the diffusion of the actual belt and lack of sizeable asteroids, though Ceres has a few angels stations there permanently in good roles.

* Giri makes a note of those roles, in case it's necessary for Ian and any Roled angels to gain backup soon in case possible Void demons get uppity.

* Said notes are taken, but again as it is with Roles, if things are out of place, it can be hard to justify...

* Giri figures, can't hurt...

* And that's it for the notes! Anything more detailed, he might have to search elsewhere, and he -does- have his own jobs to be attending to.

* Giri grouches slightly, but acknowledges that fact like a good Servitor of the Sword.

* The book does not grouch back, being a book.

* Giri finally puts it away and settles himself before getting up. He has Marches duty very shortly, and he can't exactly let any of Beleth's side pollute the Bright side of the Marches...

* And with that duty awaiting Giri... we fade.

In Nomine 2070