Sword and Flower

* Thursday, July 16th, 2071. And the staff and crew of Citidas Station are still trying to make sense of the devestation of the prior night and effect repairs.

* Gerald gets off shift, rubbing his eyes wearily. Granted, he doesn't need to sleep, but the prior hours were still mentally exhausting, in a sense. But he has work to do.

* Gerald tries to remember what Kyoko's usual rotation amongst the Groves is.

## Gerald rolled 3d6 = 13 (4 3 6).

* Gerald can recall at this point in time, Kyoko is usually having dinner delivered to her in Beta Grove, since it's nice and close to the Eastside Cafe'.

* Gerald nods a bit, and starts to head in that direction.

* The way is not difficult for somebody who has been on the station for a little while, and soon Gerald's riding the elevator up and into Beta Grove. The trip is breif, fortunately, so he doesn't have to listen to the psuedo-samba music for long.

{Gerald} . o O (...don't they *ever* change genres on this Infernal Muzak?)

* The elevator opens on the greenery of Beta Grove. It looks a lot more naturalized than the groves did before, thanks to certain influences, and for a moment one can believe that no accident has happened on the station, and that there is peace in this little microcosm of human activity amongst the planets...

{Gerald} . o O (Well, *someone's* obviously been busy.) {he smiles a bit and sees if he can see any attractive Japanese ladies or their assistants in the area.}

## Gerald rolled 3d6 = 7 (3 2 2).

* There's a head of black hair that could just be her, over in the corner near a small bower that's been assembled...

* Gerald heads over in that way.

* Indeed, Ms. Nakamura is sitting there, eating a ham sandwich, seated on the grass, clad in gardener's coveralls. She looks up at Gerald's approach, and smiles slightly, sliding to her feet in a single graceful move. "Ah. Evening, Officer Naismith. How may I be of assistance?"

* Gerald smiles slightly and bows to her, Japanese-style. "Ohayo gozimasu, Nakumura-san. I was hoping you would have a few moments to spare?"

* Kyoko bows back in the same style, as equals. "But of course, Gerald. What is it that you'd like to talk about?"

* Kyoko pulls over a pair of small stools that she uses for gardening.

* Gerald sits down. "Hmm. I've spent some time in Nihon...would your native tongue be easier to use?" {flicks a significant glance in her direction}

* Kyoko smiles, and replies in Japanese. *j* "Whichever you perfer, Gerald-san. I can assure you we will be free from observation here."

* Gerald nods and grins a hair back, replying in flawless, if likely obviously to her ears, rather archaic Japanese. {j} "I believe you. I came here to see you regarding the events of last night and some of the fallout of same, which I believe is of vital importance to both you and the Host."

* Kyoko quirks one elegant eyebrow, and nods. *q* "Of course, Gerald. What things have you learned since our meeting in the cafe' last night?"

* Gerald leans a bit back and sober. {q, j} "Mr. Scheurs and I had the, shall we say, pleasure of interrogating Mr. Nelson earlier today."

* There isn't much space for Gerald to lean back before he'd fall off the small stool, but he's got enough agility to keep himself from doing so.

{Kyoko} *q,j* Ah, fortunate that the two of you were the ones to do so. What have you learned?

{Gerald} {q, j} I was able to increase my hook within him to a week's worth, and with the help of my Commander's attunement and a great deal of effort, extract the *true* circumstances and reasons of what he and the others were doing. They are rather dire."

* Kyoko purses her lips slightly. It doesn't reduce her attractiveness any. *q,j* "To what degree?"

* Gerald is preoccupied, but does notice. {q, j} "We have as of yet no proof positive, but given his overweening arrogance, I am nigh positive he is a Serpent. As for what he and Rawlins and the deceased were doing....they were participating in dimensional manipulation with that equipment. Attempting to bridge space and time, and create a wormhole. Given their affiliation..."

## Kyoko rolled 3d6 = 13 (4 3 6).

{Gerald} {q, j} And they were using the gravity generator technology that Mr. Scheurs is nearly positive was stolen. Moreover, we now know *whom* he got it from. One Edward Diego, the Vice President of Marketing, on this station."

{Kyoko} *q,j* ... using it as the basis for dimensional gate technology. The Lord of Lightning has banned such experimentation from the mortal planes... *she then nods* ... he is very high up, and not exactly the most upstanding of gentlemen, yes.

{Gerald} {vq, j} Whom? Diego? And yes, I would presume so.

{Gerald} {q, J} The concept of the Infernals with the ability to bend reality is not one I care to contemplate.

* Kyoko nods to both statements. *q,j* "Indeed. It is fortunate that their attempt here failed, though unfortuante that humans have paid the price for their actions in doing so." She looks... rather 'miffed' at this fact, but hides it well. *q,j* "We will need to take action, quickly, to deal with the rest and protect the humans here."

{Gerald} {q, J} What do you suggest? And as soon as I can get an opportunity, I am reporting this to both my immediate superior and the Host Commander, for starters."

## Kyoko rolled 3d6 = 16 (5 6 5).

{Kyoko} *q,J* As I stated last night, the detonation and the fallout from it will cause a reordering of the infernal ranks on the station, especially if Mr. Nelson and his associate are removed permenantly. There will also be cover-ups by them to prevent their own operations from being deteced, in the off chance that there were angelics on the station. *she quirks a slight smile* If we are capable of directing implications towards their operations being related to Nelson's illegal experiments, either directly or indirectly as black projects, then public opinion aboard the station towards them should be able to help force the tide against them and any human associates they might have. A task your sister and her associates should be ideal for...

* Gerald mms, nodding and considering this. {q.J} "This seems doable. How would we engage in this particular little smear campaign? {wry} As for the permanently removed, given Brian's feelings on the subject I may need to put a rein on him."

{Kyoko} *q,j* Information insertion, examination of scientific records, and the like. Bringing it to the attention to the powers that be, and making sure that said officials are not already under the sway of the Diabolicals. And it is an understandable impulse on Brian's part, though. *she looks wry as well* I feel it too, you understand, but I needs must consider my charges, my oaths, and my Lady's wishes as well. *she quirks an eyebrow* What would you judge Nelson's chances are at redemption? Or his associate?

* Gerald nods, smiling wryly. {j} "I ultimately serve one, and understand all too well."

* Gerald sobers. {q, J} "From what I've seen and known on both counts....very, very low. If Tina is correct, Rawlins completely unapologetically betrayed her to the Game."

{Gerald} {q, J} As for Nelson...he has the stereotypical Balseraph vainglory in full, and threw away lives for his project. I think as little of his chances.

* Kyoko sighs, quietly. *v,q* "Her current status and intentions will need to be evaluated, then, to see if her attitudes and beliefs have changed. If so, we will do what we can. If not..."

* Kyoko turns slightly in her seat, and casually clips off a dead branch from the nearest shrub. You're not exactly sure WHERE she got the clippers from, but the soft *click* of the blades cutting the wood of the branch almost resounds in the area.

{Kyoko} *v,q* Then we both know what will need to be done.

{Gerald} {vq, J} Aye. Pruning.

{Gerald} {vq} If Jean doesn't give his Servitor instructions to the same, first.

{Kyoko} *q,J* Of course. *she considers* To the best of my understanding, humans who have commited crimes of a sufficently serious nature are shipped back to Rhadymanthis on the next fully available transport, correct?

* Gerald thinks, and nods. {J} "To my understanding, yes."

{Kyoko} *q,J* Then, if it could be arranged such that your younger associate could be flying the transport, and that yourself and or Brian could be 'escorting' Mr. Nelson, even if Ms. Rawlins did not accompany him....

{Gerald} {q, J} Yeeeesss..... something indeed could be arranged, then.

{Kyoko} *q,J* ... I'm sure proper documentation and such could be arranged on the other end at Jupiter, as he got swallowed up by the 'system'.

{Kyoko} *q,J* Since, after all, everything must be documented, yes?

{Gerald} {q, J} Of course...

* Kyoko nods, and then considers. *q,J* "Anything else you wished to discuss, Gerald?"

* Gerald ponders. {J} "Nothing vital as of this moment." {small smile} "I should probably head off to 'sleep', shortly, as is."

* Kyoko smiles. *j* "A worthwhile task. I will likely be doing the same, once I check in with my associate, who has been assisting Ms. Anderson in her duties during thos trying time."

{Gerald} {J} "True. How is she managing?"

{Kyoko} *J* She is... enduring. My compatriot is helping to smooth over the roughest of her moments. It will take some time. However, in its way, the recent accident has allowed her to perform her duties admirably, which will help reinforce her self-image that she is doing better than she thought.

* Gerald nods. {J} "Which provides hope for her. Excellent as far as that goes."

{Kyoko} *j* Which is the first step in bringing her fully back to the light, yes. *she smiles slightly*

{Gerald} {J} Yes, exactly. {small, wry, private smile}

* Kyoko chuckles a bit, and then stands up, bowing to Gerald. "And thank you for taking the time to speak with me, Officer Naismith. It's so refreshing to hear someone speaking the mother tounge again."

{Gerald} And for me to exercise what I know, Nakamura-san. {small smile, return bow}

* Kyoko nods to Gerald as she stands. "Go in Peace then, Gerald, and may your duties be light if possible."

* Gerald nods. "Go honorably, Nakamura-san, and may you be able to maintain your cultivations. Even should they need pruning."

* Kyoko smiles. "Thank you, Gerald." She then turns, and returns to her aborted meal, sitting among the small bowe in a fluid motion.

{Gerald} You're welcome. {gets up and heads out, back for Security level. Seems to be a bit pink for some reason}

* And so the scene fades, for now.

In Nomine 2070