On The Grilling Of Snakes

* Thursday, July 16th, 2071. Citidas Station Day Shift. And two security guards, who have managed to get some modicum of rest after the prior night's fiasco have just been summoned to David Honig's office.

* Gerald is silent as he walks for the office, finishing off the last of a cup of coffee as he goes.

* Brian is also silent and, interestingly enough, finishing off a cup of coffee as well.

* Honig's office door sits there, as it has for the past several months... waiting for them...

* Gerald looks at Brian, wryly, then buzzes thedoor.

* Brian offers a wry look in return and waits.

* There's a moment's pause, and then an answering "Come In."

* Gerald nods and does. "Sir."

* Brian follows. "Sir."

* Honig looks up from his desk as the twosome enter. His desk has at least double the amount of paperwork it usually has, and he doesn't look happy about it. "Scheurs. Naismith. Sit down."

* Brian sits, noting the paper mountain and looking wry.

* Gerald nods and does, looking at same mountain with a vaguely tired smile.

* Honig rubs his brow. "Right. Let's get down to the point. I've read all the reports from folks from last night. But I want to hear from the two of you, personally, what you saw, and what you think happened."

* Gerald glances over to Ian. "Well, I don't know of anyone who didn't feel the explosion. When I got there, there was a great deal of fire-retardant foam, several bodies, and some completely melted-down machinery, to start with. Nelson and Rawlins were amongst the injured."

{Gerald} And as you know, sir, at least three dead.

* Honig nods. "I've got their names and dossiers here. Lorie Altison, Chris Phipps, and Tyrone Lawson. They were assistant researchers down in Science Level."

* Gerald nods, slightly. "Do you have any idea what their connection to Nelson was?"

{Brian} I was in essentially the same place and saw pretty much the same things, except that I noticed that some of the machinery that was in that area looked like it came from the gravity generators, but it was too far gone to figure what exactly they were doing with it.

{Gerald} Yes. It was fairly utterly destroyed.

* Honig lookes at Gerald. "All three of them were longstanding TriOp employees... they'd met Nelson back on earth." His eyes then widen a bit at the mention of the gravity generators. Honig frowns, and pinches his nose. "Shit. This is just what we didn't need."

* Gerald's eyes flick over to Brian's during this, in an unspoken suspicion.

{Gerald} Sir?

* Brian glances briefly back at Gerald, then back to Honig questioningly.

* Honig glances at Brian, and then looks at Gerald. He takes a breath. "Naismith? Because you've got a good record, but because you're new here, I'm going to let you know something, all right? But I don't want it even going word one beyond this office."

{Gerald} Understood, sir. {resonates during this, for added info}

## Gerald rolled 3d6 = 8 (1 4 3).

* Gerald can see that Honig needs to know that he can trust Gerald to do the right thing, that he needs to get information out of Nelson, that he needs to figure out what's going on his station.

* Gerald is good with this, yes.

{Honig} All right. Over the past few months, there's been some pressure from above... they've got some suspicion that some of the tech developed for this station wasn't ours to begin with. One such rumor was that the grav-gen tech was stolen. We've already started some internal investigations, but if word of it gets out, it'd look -very- bad for the company.

* Honig 's facial expression appears to imply that he couldn't care much about the company itself, it's the thought of things having gotten this screwed up in the -first- place that more upsets him.

* Gerald nods, eyes widening a bit.

{Gerald} And you think this figures somehow into what happened last night?

{Honig} If Nelson was involved in their theft... it'd look very good and very bad for the company at the same time. Good because we'd finally have a damn lead, but bad because then everybody -else- would be looking at us. It'd be a disaster if InterSpace started poking around.

{Brian} Sounds as if we need to... discuss this with Nelson.

* Gerald nods. "Quite."

* Honig nods. "Indeed." He looks at the two security officers. "Do you think you two would be up to the task?"

* Gerald nods. "Yes."

{Brian} Certainly.

{Honig} Good. You've got fourty-five minutes to prepare, then... I need to make arrangements with medical to have him hauled up here.

{Gerald} Understood, sir.

{Brian} Understood, sir.

* Honig looks at the twosome again. "Right. Remember, we still need him intact... even if his equipment -was- on the up-and-up, his negligence killed people onthis station. It'd look -really- bad if something happened to him right now." He rubs his forehead again in frustration.

* Gerald looks sympathetic, in his own way. "Understood. Though I'm taking you'd rather wish you didn't have to, sir?"

* Honig hehs, slightly. "I'm just tired of corporations screwing over their employees and doing what they want in the name of the bottom line. And you can -quote- me on that."

* Gerald quirks a small smile. "I just might."

* Gerald's eyes twinkle a bit. "I'd ask first, though."

* Brian hehs.

* Honig chuckles softly, the fatigue evident on his features. "Thank you, Naismith. And the two of you are dismissed. Nelson'll be brought up to Interrogation Room two."

{Gerald} Understood, sir. Take care.

{Gerald} Any private area we could use to construct our strategy?

* Honig thinks. "There's a small breifing room you can use in Security Beta Quad that should be empty right now."

{Gerald} Thank you.

* Honig nods to the two of them.

{Brian} Thanks, sir. I'll try not to skin him alive and make a pair of boots for my girlfriend. *grins, and also resonates while he's at it*

## R-Type rolled 3d6 = 15 (6 5 4).

* Gerald rises. Then looks wryly at Brian.

* Honig snorts. "While you're at it, could you make me another jacket? It's too damn cold in here." He does smile a bit, thought.

* Brian gets zipnadah as to Honig's current noble/ignoble state.

{Gerald} We could try. {wry smile}

* Brian hehs. (and sighs inwardly at poor luck, oh well)

{Gerald} So, onward, Scheurs? {wry smile again, heads for door}

{Brian} Fine by me. *ws*

* Honig lets the twosome exit his office without further comment. Instead, he starts communicating with somebody in medical, trying to convince them to release a patient into their custody.

* Gerald waits until the door is closed. "Joy. Time to think strategy."

* The hallway is relatively empty, save for the 'bots moving about, etcetera, and the extra security guards ordered on-shift in the wake of the explosion...

* Gerald heads for Beta Quad.

{Brian} Yeah. Preferably something more detailed than skinning the bastard. *follows*

{Gerald} Yeah. Good cop, bad cop...

{Brian} I'll take the bad attitude. *wg*

{Gerald} Well, yes. You're larger, you're bulkier, you do a much better glower, and after last night he expects me to be nicer.

* Brian hehs.

* Gerald smiles a bit tightly.

* The specified breifing room in Beta Quad is indeed empty.

* Gerald heads in, checking for any observation equipment.

## Gerald rolled 3d6 = 10 (2 5 3).

* Brian goes with.

* Hm. Just a standard terminal and microphone setup that can be used to run the small side-mounted screen, and access the computers systems on the station.

* Gerald looks at this a bit askance.

* The computer is your friend. It does not look back.

{Gerald} {q} Think we can get that secured?

{Brian} Shouldn't be too hard.

{Gerald} Right...

* Brian goes about the business of setting the term up for private mode.

* Gerald watches, trusting the Lightning Servitor to know his work.

## INServ rolled 3d6 = 6 (1 3 2).

* It's private.

* Brian nods. "That should do it."

{Gerald} Right. Onto the hairy part.

{Brian} Yeah. Or the scaly part, as the case may be.

* Gerald nods, smiling rather thinly. "So, how are we going to coax information out of our 'dear' lying friend without him getting us in the process?"

{Brian} Hm. Well it would be nice if our secretarial friend in Science could be on hand, but obviously that's not an option.

{Gerald} No, sadly. {chews on his lip absently, in a gesture jarringly reminscent of Tina's usual lip massacree} What about your significant other's other friends?

{Brian} Hmm... well, we could certainly arrange for a security camera to be 'in use'.

* Gerald nods, looking thoughtful.

{Gerald} Any way of contacting?

{Brian} *scratches head* I can call Tina and explain the situation. In an ideal world we could just bring a hamster into the room, but that might look a bit odd. *wl*

{Gerald} We can likely manage the former. The latter would raise suspicion, and if there was ever a class of beings that could be called 'paranoid'...

{Brian} Exactly. We might need to simply give the location of the room, and hope that our friend can get there on his own.

* Gerald nods. {q} "Or perhaps have Tina get him in range."

{Brian} *nods* That's even better. Just need to think of a convenient way of doing this.

{Gerald} Can you call her? And if that fails, we also need to think of a strategy in ah, interrogating him.

{Brian} I can call, yeah. And yes, a strategy that doesn't involve Trauma, much as I'd like that.

{Gerald} {m} You're not alone.

{Gerald} {q} Well. I have, for the record, an hour's inroad on him. {hooks finger to make point} I'm pondering how we can parlay that into something more substantual.

* Brian hrms, pondering that as well.

{Brian} Well, let me hire the hamster and we can work on that some more. *wl*

*R-Type* Hm... I seem to recall there was a character in Baldur's Gate who was a little loopy, and was always seen talking to a hamster whom he considered a cosmic entity. ;)

-} *R-Type* *snrks*

*R-Type* And you could include the guy in your party and move the hamster wherever you wanted. ;)

{Gerald} Right. You know him. {small wry smile}

* Brian hehs and grabs his radio/phone, dialing Tina's number.

* There are a couple of rings, then someone picks it up. "Manoa-Perez Helpline, please hold, your call is important to us, so please listen to this annoying muzak while you wait the next hour."

{Brian} *eyeroll* Cute.

* The voice on the other end coughs, exuding mortification. "Er. Uh, sorry, sweetie. I didn't know it was you. What's up?

{Brian} That's okay, hon. Anyway, could you secure your end of the line real quick?

{Tina} Yup. {there are a few quick bleeps} We're good now. What's the scoop?

*R-Type* what was the room slated for snake-grilling again?

-} *R-Type* Interrogation 2.

{Brian} Right. Ger and I are on our way to have a little 'chat' with our buddy Nelson. We were thinking maybe the security camera in Interrogation 2 could use some hamster eyes.

{Tina} ....ahhah. {makes a noise that equates to a verbal nod} I think that's doable. You want the more experienced one?

{Brian} Yeah. Extra snake repellent and all that. Think maybe you could arrange for the hamster to pass through that area? *wg*

{Gerald} That I could do, yes indeedy.

{Tina} That I could do, yes indeedy.

{Brian} Marvelous. Just make sure snakeboy doesn't see him or anything; cuts down on the paranoia factor.

{Tina} Also doable. Nice how rodents are generally small, isn't it?

{Tina} Want furball nearby or actually in camera?

{Brian} *hehs* Very handy, yes. And in-camera would be best.

{Tina} Understood. When you want him by?

{Brian} Ger: How long do we have?

* Gerald hms and checks his watch.

## INServ rolled 3d6 = 7 (2 2 3).

* They've got about 25 minutes before Showtime.

{Gerald} Twenty-five minutes.

{Brian} The fun starts in about 25 minutes, so a little bit before that would be good.

{Tina} Doable, and gotcha. Take care. {small audible kiss}

* Brian kisses back audibly. "Thanks. Love you."

* Gerald looks faintly wry.

{Tina} Love you too. I'll have fuzzball by by then. Later.

* Tina hangs up.

* Brian disconnects. "Right, that should help with the surveillance."

* Gerald nods. "Doubly good. He might be able to pick up what we miss."

{Brian} And maybe help keep us from getting misled in the first place. *wl*

{Gerald} Oh yes. The bastard momentarily got me last night. I'd rather not repeat the experience.

* There is That Glint in Gerald's eye, that seems more at home in that of a Malakite. He evidently doesn't remember it fondly.

* Brian recognizes that glint, seeming to have some of it himself. "Yes, I'd rather avoid it myself. He has quite a bit to answer for right now."

{Gerald} {q} Indeed. I wouldn't mind making the Serpent squirm. We have twenty five minutes to figure out some ways how to.

{Brian} *nod, q* And that hook you mentioned ought to figure in somehow, yes.

{Gerald} {q} Mmhm. But it's only an hour-hook. Not enough to make him do anything he utterly doesn't want to. I need to get it larger.

{Brian} True. Perhaps some uncomfortable questions or exposing some lies would be a way for you to get some better hooks.

{Gerald} I continue playing the nice cop, 'rescuing' him from your Bad Cop role?

{Brian} Sounds good.

{Gerald} The usual offering glass of water or what have you trick might work as well. Though I don't know the extent of his injuries, other than there were some internal ones, so he may not be able to drink. {paces around a bit}

{Brian} We'll have to see if we can get that information before the show starts. Maybe you can find some more Needs once we get there too.

* Gerald nods, looking thoughtful. "We can't rely solely on the possibility of my being able to hook him though. Any other tacks to take?"

*R-Type* Hm. What else -could- they do while they're in there?

-} *R-Type* Threaten mortal exposure by the authorities, charges of gross negligence, and, well, he DID get 3 people killed. There's also the 'crooked cop' angle... promise he won't get taken into the cops...w hich is 100% TRUE... (he'd just get smited by angels. *wl* )

*R-Type* heheheh

{Brian} Right, well, I can certainly threaten him about mortal exposure and negligence, and the 3 deaths, I can hop on that one real good. Then we can see about getting something out of him in exchange for our keeping quiet with the authorities... the -mortal- authorities, anyway. *not-nice smile*

* Gerald echoes the not-nice smile. "Which would definitely give me leverage on the hook front."

{Brian} I thought it might. *grin; no, that one isn't nice either*

* Gerald nods, smiling a bit more not-nicely. "You know, I'm suddenly rather glad we're on the same side."

{Brian} It definitely has its advantages. *g*

* Gerald looks thoughtful. "And Honig mentioned something with the gravity generators...I think there's some eyes being turned on potential perps."

{Brian} Yeah, who knows -how- many eyes on this station might be interested in breathing down his neck right now...

{Gerald} TriOp and InterSpace I think are both....interested. {tries to remember} No, not Nelson.

{Gerald} Somebody else. I picked it up from a resonation at Rhad.

{Brian} Mm. InterSpace is the big one; they could really mess things up for everyone.

{Gerald} Yes. And Honig seems to be a good man; I don't fancy the idea of his life made any more miserable because of a few rotten apples.

## Gerald rolled 3d6 = 10 (2 6 2).

{Brian} He's a very honorable man, yes. He doesn't deserve any more trouble.

{Gerald} No, he doesn't. Damn. I can't remember who it was. It wasn't Nelson, though.

{Brian} I'm sure you'll remember it if we really need to know. *wl*

{Gerald} Right. Hopefully it'll come to me.

{Gerald} And.... {checks watch}

## INServ rolled 3d6 = 7 (1 3 3).

* 10 minutes!

{Gerald} Ten minutes. Should we start making way there, or are there any last minute concerns?

{Brian} None that I can think of. Let's get into character. *ss*

{Gerald} Right. {wry smile}

* Brian makes sure the room terminal gets properly reset and gets up.

* The terminal is reset.

{Brian} Shall we?

{Gerald} We shall, indeed.

* Brian heads out and toward I-2.

* Gerald follows, glancing around.

## INServ rolled 3d6 = 12 (6 2 4).

* Nothing particularly noticeable. If it wasn't for the explosion last night, you'd swear everything was still on the same shifts.

* Brian meanwhile adopts a general "don't mess with me" demeanor, striding purposefully toward their destination.

* Gerald lets the large, beefish Malakite set the tone and acts much the same in a more subdued manner, pulling on his best NROTC commander posture and expression as he walks with.

* Various of the guards whom the twosome know nod as they pass by, but otherwise don't comment. Soon, they're back in Delta Quadrant...

* Brian remains all business, still heading for I-2.

* Gerald nods back as he passes by, but continues making his way onward with Brian.

* Somewhere up ahead, a certain curvaceous Philipina approaches, in business suit and hauling along a lunch container.

* Brian's demeanor relaxes a bit as he sees her, and he deigns to smile slightly.

* Gerald looks over, blinks, and brightens. "Hi, honey. Good, I got you--I was going to get you lunch..." {colors a bit, her eyes sparkling} "And hello, you're?..." {to Gerald}

* Tina looks over, blinks, and brightens. "Hi, honey. Good, I got you--I was going to get you lunch..." {colors a bit, her eyes sparkling} "And hello, you're?..." {to Gerald}

* Gerald blinks a bit, then smiles a bit. "Gerald Naismith. "

{Brian} Heh. Thanks, that's real sweet. Prolly gonna be a long day for us. *ss*

{Tina} Oh, pleasure to meet you. Tina Manoa-Perez. Pleased to meet an associate of the BF. {passes over the lunch} And you're welcome, honey. {small smile} Kind of figured after last night. Y'take care?

* There is a soft double bleep from Brian's com.

{Brian} *accepts the box* Yeah. Thanks again--hm? *ping* Scheurs.

* Slightly masculine, and very familiar voice: "Hey, there. Just checking in on how you guys are doing. Things going okay?"

* Brian hehs. "So far so good. Should get more interesting before too long."

{Voice} "Right. Signing off until later."

* Tina looks a bit sheepish. "Oh, er....wait. I guess I'd better get going then. Hope to see you sometime today then, hon." {little smile}

{Brian} Definitely. *ss*

* Tina nodnods, hops up to peck him on the cheek, waves to Gerald, then scuttles back for more common levels of work.

{Brian} *sighs, slips back into business mode* Right, I think we're properly equipped for a long day now.

* Gerald looks bemused. "Right. Onward?"

{Brian} Onward.

* Gerald does this walking thing the rest of the way for the Tor-CHAR Room!

* Brian goes with.

* They reach the Tor-CHAR room... which currently has two guards in front of it. They nod as the twosome approach.

* Gerald nods back. Natch.

* Brian nods back as well. "How's the patient?"

{Guard#1} He's in there, Sheurs, and not about to go anywhere.

* Guard#2 nods. "Yeah... got him so wrapped up in bandages he can't move. The docs said serious burn damage, as well as internal stuff."

{Brian} Mm. Sounds as if we have a captive audience, Ger.

{Gerald} Ohoooo... {slightly nasty glint to his eyes}

* Guard#1 chuckles a bit. "Well, go easy on 'm, all right? The docs want him back intact."

{Gerald} . o O (Pity) Oh, all right.

{Brian} Yeah, yeah, he'll be physically... well, no worse than he is now. *glint*

* Guard#2 nods. "Riiight. Well, go on in... the cameras are on, and you know how to get out."

{Gerald} Understood.

* Guard#2 uses his keycard to swipe and unlock the door.

{Brian} Right. *waits for the door to open, then steps through*

* The door opens, and a figure in hospital greens and badage whites can be seen laying on the medbed inside...

{Brian} . o O (Oh look, a target.)

{Gerald} . o O (Oh, look. The snakey's immobile.)

* And as the twosome enter... we Fork.

* The door slides closed behind them. The room is empty, save for security camera, medbed, a table and two chairs, two security guards, and a bandaged researcher.

* Giri takes this in, yup.

* Brian sets the lunchbox down on the table in the meantime.

* The bandaged' researcher's eyes flicker over towards the lunchbox. Well, one of his eyes, anyway. The other is wrapped over with Gauze.

* Nelson 's lips quirk upwards... appearently his mouth hasn't needed to be bandaged, at least. "Ah, good afternoon, gentlemen. Lunchtime already?"

* Giri smiles a bit. "Long day." {tries to catch the eye}

## Giri rolled 3d6 = 9 (6 2 1).

* Nelson 's eye is easily caught. He has a need to make nice with the two gentlemen.

{Brian} Very long day. *leans against the table, incidentally between Nelson and the lunchbox*

{Giri} Yes. {small smile} It's been something of a mess.

{Nelson} A pity, that.

## Nelson rolled 3d6 = 12 (2 6 4).

{Nelson} You realise, of course, it -was- an accident... these sorts of things happen. I wasn't involved.

-} *Giri* Will Roll.

-} *R-Type* Will Roll.

## Giri rolled 3d6 = 7 (2 1 4).

*Giri* [Giri] Heh heh heh. Made it.

##} R-Type rolled 3d6 = 12 (2 4 6).

-} *Giri* You're safe for 4 hours.

-} *R-Type* You're safe for 6 hours... and he just took Dissonance. :)

* Nelson 's cheek twitches.

*R-Type* Aww, da poor widdle snakeypoo.

-} *Giri* and a roll for the hamster?

* Giri hits him again with le resonance.

## Giri rolled 3d6 = 12 (5 3 4).

{Giri} {compassionate} Of course. But there was something of a mess, and well, you know...we have to inquire. It's our job.

{Brian} *eyebrow* Ah. Well, then you won't mind explaining to us what -was- going on down there, since you were in the area and all.

## Giri rolled 3d6 = 9 (3 3 3).

*Giri* Tau got a 333. {pause} He invoked Ralph!

* Nelson needs to get some food, get healed (in more than one way), to be smooth, to get out of this predicament...

-} *Giri* What's Tau's will?

*Giri* Urf. Lemme see. I think it's typically Kyriotate-high, so...

*Giri* Will of 10.

-} *Giri* He's safe for 3 hours, then. Poooor lil' snakey.

*Giri* [Tau sniffles overdramatically.]

* Nelson replies, dryly, "Oh, of course. Heaven forfend that you be lax in your duties..."

{Giri} {arches an eyebrow, seeming amused} Well, yes. Otherwise we're no security guards.

{Nelson} Of course not. You'd be parking attendants.

{Giri} No parking in Saturnanian orbit, unfortunately. So. What was happening there, as far as you know?

* Brian meanwhile tries for a resonation of his own.

* Giri glances over at Ian for a moment, then flicks eyes to the lunchbag rapidly, putting on a show of annoyed bemusement before returning to the injured researcher.

## R-Type rolled 3d6 = 17 (6 5 6).

*R-Type* ...that was -too- close...

-} *R-Type* Nadah, and now your resonance has nicely gotten piffed for 2 hours.

*R-Type* well, fsck.

-} *R-Type* [Ayrie patpats Larry.]

*R-Type* s'okay, he'll manage. :P

{Nelson} Well, not much, as you well know. I -am- in charge of Gravity Research on this station, and we were engaged in perfectly legitimate research. A new method of increasing the range of the Generators.

* Brian doesn't react outwardly at hitting his own wall of incomprehension, merely leans back on the table for a moment, absently tapping the lunchbox and making sure it's open a bit.

* Nelson 's eye glances at lunchbox a bit, before looking winningly at Gerald again. Of course, the effect is somewhat ruined by all the bandages and whatnot. You can't even see his hair! (of course, that's cause it was effectively burned and then shaved off...)

* Giri smiles a bit. "Hungry, I take?"

* Brian listens to Nelson, but he just does -not- look convinced.

* Nelson looks up at Gerald. "Oh, me? Of course not. They keep me well-fed down in Medical."

* Giri nods.

*** Giri is now known as Gerald.

{Brian} I don't know, G... he looks hungry to me. What about you?

{Gerald} Given the way he keeps looking at the lunch...and given while the Stackhouses can heal a person, but the food down here leaves um, something to be desired...

* Nelson rolls his eye, trying to ignore the banter.

* Gerald resonates *again*, woo hoo! Fan dance! Er, wait...

## Gerald rolled 3d6 = 10 (1 4 5).

* Nelson wants that food. He wants out of this damn bed. He wants to tell them the Real Truth (tm) on what happened. He wants his standing to be maintaned. He wants to get out of this alive.

* Gerald doesn't indicate anything about *any* of this.

{Gerald} Suppose you could give us some more detail on what was going on, with you and your researchers? What, exactly, *did* trigger that explosion?

{Brian} Yes, we'd -really- like to know that, if you could tell us.

* Nelson relaxes a bit. "Oh is -that- all? It's quite simple, really. I and my assistants were doing some late night research with the generators, as I said. We'd isolated a set in our one particular laboratory, so as not to interfere with the remainder of the station's network. Lawson was monitoring the power feeds, Phipps was handling the graviton output flow, Altison was adjusting the extra buffers, and Rawlins was recompiling the code for the adjusted parameters.

* Gerald listens, nodding an unspoken 'go on.'

* Nelson then sighs. "Of course, unfortunately, there was a problem with the Graviton flow, triggered by a power spike that Lawson was -supposed- to catch before it would become a problem. This began a domino effect, a cascade failure, and no matter what we tried the situation escalated."

*R-Type* [["I never thought I'd -see- a resonance cascade, let alone -create- one..."]]

{Gerald} Into?

* Nelson looks Gerald, straight in the eye. "I would think it would be obvious, sir."

* Gerald looks back. Yes, resonating again like nobody's business. "A rather catastrophic mechanical failure, particularly for Lawson, Phipps, and Altison?"

## Gerald rolled 3d6 = 11 (4 2 5).

* Nelson raises his eyebrow. "... I was unaware that they had perished. This is -quite- the tragedy." He sighs, shaking his head. Well, trying to, anyway. "... they were all skilled researchers."

{Gerald} They are, yes. Three people are dead and quite a lot more could have died if the hull had been breached.

{Brian} Which would have been a problem.

* Nelson still needs food. He needs to convince the two security guards of the sincerity of his emotions. He needs to get healed. He needs to recover from this fiasco.

* Nelson also needs to 'be smooth'.

{Brian} Awfully disappointed about what happened to his colleagues, isn't he? *looking unimpressed*

* Nelson directs a pained look towards Brian. "I -do- have concern over the welfare of my associates, you know..."

{Gerald} {blandly} So it seems.

* Gerald fusses with the lunch a bit.

{Brian} *glaring* Doesn't seem that way to me.

{Gerald} I think maybe the reaction has had insufficient time to sink in?

* Nelson glances at the lunch again, and then up at the two guards. "Sirs, are you trying to bully me?"

{Gerald} rches his eyebrow. "It hasn't occurred to me, no. Though granted, Scheurs and I had a very late night and early morning due to this disaster, so I think my companion's temperament is...a bit frayed." {small, maybe wry smile}

* Brian makes a show of trying to calm down.

{Nelson} My apologies, then. My only wish is that all this could have been avoided.

{Gerald} As is ours. Was this experiment cleared with Science for use in that area?

{Nelson} But of course. All the documentation is on file in the computers. Check with SHODAN if you wish.

{Gerald} I see. {nods}

* Gerald scuffles around in the box, starting to munch on half a sandwich he extricates.

* Nelson looks... rather longingly at that sandwich. But he tries to hide it.

{Brian} I certainly hope so. I'd hate it if that turned out to be a lie.

{Brian} How's that taste, by the way?

{Gerald} Mmmf. Not bad, for vatgrown tunafish, actually.

{Brian} Heh. Yeah, every once in a while they get it -just- right. Save some for me, huh?

{Gerald} Sure. {small smile}

* Nelson looks at the twosome, levelly. "Are you two going to torment me with that sandwitch forever, gentlemen?"

* Gerald looks up. "Would you like some, then?"

{Brian} But he -said- he wasn't hungry.

{Gerald} Hmm.

{Nelson} *dryly* I changed my mind.

* Gerald nods. "Since you've been cooperative, I think we can manage something." {wry smile}

* Gerald starts to cut off a fairly good portion of the sandwich.

* Nelson whets his lips.

* Gerald passes it over, starting to carefully feed it to Nelson, given his lack of arm movement at the moment.

* Nelson accepts the feeding with dignity. Really.

* Brian does not smirk. Really.

* And as Nelson is fed (since of course, he can't eat the food himself), Gerald feels the familiar sensation of another Hook sinking in...

* Gerald doesn't indicate this, natch.

* Nelson chews and swallows, chews and swallows, chews and swallows....

* Gerald waits patiently.

* Brian does too.

* Nelson finally finishes. "Ah. Thank you. That was quite nourishing.

{Gerald} You're welcome. Take the hospital food isn't to your liking?

{Nelson} It is... palitable.

{Gerald} Which is broadly saying you can choke it down, I take.

* Nelson affects a put-upon expression. "Now, do -I- look like the kind of person who would desparage our quality food services on the station?"

* Brian rolls his eyes a bit.

* Gerald smiles very slightly. "I plead the Fifth."

* Nelson rolls his eyes again. "Will there be anything -else-, gentlemen?"

* Brian looks to Gerald.

* Gerald glances over to Brian. And makes a small sign with his fingers, out of Nelson's sight, extending three fingers, then flicking to the camera.

* Brian notes this little sign, yes, and puts on an annoyed look. "Don't worry, we'll think of something." *turns his attention away from them and, also out of Nelson's sight, makes a small slashing motion at the camera*

* The camera, without audible sign, starts to really Ignore the proceedings.

* Nelson does not manage to keep a sneer out of his voice, his eyes glancing back and forth at the two men. "Oh, really. Before the end of this decade, I hope?"

* Gerald nods slightly. {small smile} "Yes. We're just curious about a few more of the specifics of what you and the rest *had* been working on when things exploded. I think I could ensure if we know all the facts, that you'd get out out this fairly well. "

* Brian turns back around with a decidedly not nice look. "Oh don't worry, we think -fast- around here."

* Gerald readies, psychically.... "Easy, Mr. Scheurs. I think he's trying to be cooperative."

* Brian eyerolls and folds arms, looking impatient.

* Nelson snorts. "Sirs, as you are well aware, my records -are- all on file; though I doubt you have the security classifications to read them without the approval of the head of research and your own boss. I doubt you'd understand them anyway... but, if you insist..." He sounds smug.

* Gerald *yanks* on the hook he has in Nelson, with all his power. "*Please*. We rather do. Common courtesy between professionals, and all..."

{Gerald} . o O (Please, almighty Kamisama, let this be good..)

## Nelson rolled 3d6 = 8 (1 2 5).

* Brian looks like he's about ready to wipe that smug look off Nelson's face. Perferably with a chainsaw.

* Nelson sneers, his look getting rather gloating. "Well, it's -simple-, though I doubt your limited minds would comprehend it. Dimensional manipulation on an intermediate scale. After all, it is -more- than amply documented that a black hole will distort gravity and reality around it, yes? With some extra manipulation, it would be theoretically possible to open a Heisenberg-Rosenberg bridge through space and time -- what the commonplace press refers to as a 'Wormhole'."

* Gerald keeps the look of triumph out of his eyes. "Oh, truly?" {seems impressed} "Why, then? The thrill of accomplishment?"

* Nelson smirks. "But of -course-! Do you -realize- the leaps and bounds we could achieve if we could establish a stable Dimensional Gate?"

{Gerald} Well, no, to be honest. {small wry smile}

* Nelson snorts. "Of course not. You can have no -comprehension- of what we could accomplish. All of Reality at our command, to traverse the way humans cross a street. But getting it to work.... ah, THAT was the difficult part." He sounds smug again. "The gravity generator technology was a godsend. He didn't even know what he was delivering into our hands... we refined it, of course. Setting it up in the lab away from the rest of the developers so as to be uninterrupted... after all, this was a perfect staging place, far off the beaten path."

* Gerald blinks. "'He?'"

* Brian puts on his best confused look.

* Nelson looks at Gerald if he's got no clue. "My, you -are- a new one on the station, aren't you?" He laughs. "Edward Diego, 'Vice President Of Marketing'. He was the one who procured the technology, little understanding what it could -truly- be used for."

## Gerald rolled 3d6 = 9 (2 5 2).

* Meanwhile, a couple of pieces connect in Gerald's brain, or the celestial fascimile of...

{Gerald} Ohhh....I see. And well, yes, I'm new. {self-depreciating smile}

* Nelson chuckles, and shakes his head. "It figures."

* Well, he tries to shake his head, anyway.

{Gerald} Anything else important? Otherwise, I'm sure we can go in a few.

* Nelson smiles up at Gerald. "Oh, I sincerely doubt it. Nothing you'd be interested in, of course. And really? And after enjoying our time together..."

{Gerald} Oh, yes, sadly. Station sectors to patrol, residual explosion debris to clean up.... If you would be so kind...don't mention any of this to your compatriots? I'm sure it'd be bad for morale.

* Brian nods agreement.

* Nelson rolls his eyes. "Oh please. Do you really take myself for such a person? And it's not like I will be able to chat with my 'compatriots' for a while as it stands, anyway." He glances at his full bed setup, and looks up at Gerald again.

{Gerald} True. {small smile} But still.

{Brian} Just want to make sure the station is safe, that's all. *shrug offhandedly*

{Nelson} And I'm sure you do an -excellent- job at that, sir. *he doesn't sound condescending. Much.*

{Gerald} We do try. {makes a handmotion at Ian, out of Nelson's line of sight}

* Brian notes the hand motion, looks faintly exasperated as he shakes his head and, out of view, makes another hand signal at the camera.

* The camera is nicely edited, and on again! Somewhere, a Kyriotate thinks, "Whoa."

{Gerald} And....hm. I think that's all for now...

{Nelson} Thank you.

{Brian} Yes, and thank you for your cooperation, Mr. Nelson.

{Nelson} Of course.

{Gerald} We'll let you rest now...and yes, thank you. {smiles a bit and heads for the door}

* Brian follows Gerald.

* Gerald closes the door behind them, and keeps walking, until they get to an unmonitored area.

* Nelson stays where he is. 'cause there isn't really any place else he can go...

## INServ rolled 3d6 = 17 (6 6 5).

* It could take some walking.

* Brian keeps walking with Gerald, nice and expressionless.

* Gerald keeps walking.

## INServ rolled 3d6 = 15 (6 6 3).

* Really, you're going to have to leave the Security Level to get anywhere private.

* Gerald decides to do this, given his surveyal of things leave nothing for him to relate intelligence too.

*R-Type* ("Really, Philip, you need to stop with these near-Infernals." *swl*)

* Brian agrees with this assessment and continues following him.

* Finally, eventually, you manage to find a nice secluded spot in the Engineering level. Okay, so it's a storage closet.

* Gerald walks in, and closes the door behind him and Brian. Only then does his relaxed demeanor give way to closed eyes and adrenalic shivering.

{Brian} *half-growled* If I get half a chance...

{Gerald} {q} Yes. I managed to get a week hook in him, I think. That combined with my attunement from the Lord Commander....

{Gerald} {vq} And calm, Brian. The name Edward Diego....I've heard that before...

*R-Type* Diego is CEO, yes?

-} *R-Type* VP In Charge of Marketing. Not THE CEO, but a TriOp High-up.

-} *R-Type* There's more a board of directors, anyway.

*R-Type* ook, right

{Brian} *nods, q* Excellent work. And Diego is the Marketing VP of this company.

*R-Type* Too used to Shock2's Diego, who was In Charge. *swg*

-} *R-Type* Right. :) Well, it ain't true here. ;)

*R-Type* heh

{Gerald} {vq} Yes. I....first heard the name from a secretary...can't remember her name...she had a fairly sizeable Need to find out more about him. It was back at Rhadamandthys.

{Brian} {q} Mm. *nod* She's not the only one, I'd wager. He seems to have a large hand in the goings-on.

{Gerald} {q} Yes. Including the 'little problem' with the generators?

{Brian} *q* Precisely.

{Gerald} {q} We need to get this information to our Superiors. As soon as possible.

{Brian} *q* Agreed. I need specific orders on how to deal with that accursed snake.

{Gerald} {q} And the Lord Commander and Kafziel both need to know about this latest development. What the Vapulans are planning to do...

{Brian} *q* Would be a huge problem, to put it mildly.

{Gerald} {q} Enormous. The idea of Hell being able to fold time and space...that could be disaster for the Host.

{Brian} *q* Which makes it all the more important that we report this and get specific directives as quickly as possible.

{Gerald} {q} Indeed. And also...how are we going to get this to Honig without belying our roles or natures too much? Given that if your co-Servitor was doing his job, the actual confession has been edited?

* There is some rustling and a small snort from the lunchbag.

{Gerald} {q} Combined with the Void...

-} *R-Type* Of course, Ian would recall reporting about Dimensional Tech is a Big No No for Jeanites for a good while... *wg*

*R-Type* heh *wl*

* Brian hehs a bit at the lunchbag rattling. *q* "Well, my Superior has specifically ordered us -not- to speak of such technology, so anything we do report to Honig will have to be equally edited.

{Gerald} {q} Right. I just have a slight interest in seeing this Diego being 'put the screws to', given he is a likely culprit of your recent troubles. We do have to inquire into him...oh yes...

{Brian} *q* We do indeed. I suggest we make note of this in our respective reports.

* Gerald nods. {q} "Shall we go and do this then? And who relays this to Lady Kyoko?"

{Brian} *q* You let Kyoko know and I'll update everyone on my side.

{Gerald} {q} Understood. Onward?

{Brian} *nod, q* Onward ho. *ss*

* Gerald heads out again, pulling back on the relaxed cop attitude with some effort.

* Brian does the same, adopting the same facade with similar effort.

* A solitary maintbot trundles along down the hallway. There's nobody else around at the moment... and we Fade as the two security guards go about their multiple duties.

In Nomine 2070