Guards of Two Realms

* HeatherR wanders into the bar.

* Gerald wanders in as well, in civvies for a change. Meaning in his case a button-down shirt and slacks. For him, he's practically a bum.

* Ali is right there with her, continuing a conversation. "And that's when he tried to shoot me."

* HeatherR nods. "And what did -you- do?" She nods to Gerald. "Evening."

* Gerald looks up absently, as he heads for the replicator. "Hm?" He inclines his head to the two ladies.

{Gerald} Good evening. What did she do?

{Ali} Hey there! I caught the bullet and threw it back to him. Not as hard as he sent it to me, of course, but I don't think he appreciated the broken knee instead of the knee with a hole through it.

* HeatherR nods. "Good for you. I owe you a shake. And that's what she did, sir."

{Ali} Mmmm... strawberry?

* HeatherR nods. "Sir?"

{Gerald} Ah....I suppose vanilla.

* Gerald seems to still be on Severe Pause over the throwing bullets bit.

* Ali grins to Gerald, used to that reaction.

* HeatherR nods and steps to the replicator. "Heather, by the way."

{Gerald} Gerald Naismith. A pleasure, Heather. Who's the woman who apparently has a knack for bullet throwing?

* Gerald arches an eyebrow at Ali.

{HeatherR} This is Ali, my fast friend.

{Ali} Hey, *anyone* can throw a bullet. *grin*

{Gerald} And catch it first? {faint smile} And hello, Ali.

* HeatherR hands over two shakes. "Fortunately, it's easy to hide behind her."

{Ali} Now that, I'll admit, is a rare skill. *grin*

* Ali accepts the shake gratefully.

* Gerald accepts his and takes it with a slightly ambivalent expression. "Why is it?"

{Ali} Well, it helps to have greater than normal reflexes.

{Gerald} I meant hiding behind. {slight smile}

{Ali} Oh, okay!

* HeatherR smiles a touch to both. "So who did we walk in on?"

{Gerald} Me?

* HeatherR nods.

{Gerald} Ah, well, I'm a security guard, actually. On a space station that seems to be connected to this place and the vast majority of which is unaware of it. I hope.

{Ali} Yeah, I can think of the headaches you'd have if the place was generally known about by a crew of people stuck in cramped quarters. On the other hand, no fair you taking advantage of it when you won't let them. *grin*

{Gerald} Ah, well, I'm merely reconning the place. Really. {bow, slight smirk}

{Ali} Oh, of course.

{HeatherR} How long has this gone on?

{Gerald} I have no idea. Far too long. I've only recently come to check the area out.

{HeatherR} So this is now a fun little secret?

{Gerald} Somewhat a fun little secret. {sobers} If it wasn't a secret, it wouldn't be nearly so fun. For many parties.

{HeatherR} Especially for us. *slight smile*

{Gerald} Indeed. {wry smile}

{Ali} Yeah. The place works best as a secret, I think. Otherwise you'd never have any elbow room near the replicator.

* Ali winks.

{Gerald} All the cheap food, yes. It'd be too much.

{Ali} Exactly. And that replicator is the only reason my food budget is reasonable.

{HeatherR} It's true. You should see her paycheque.

{Gerald} How bad is it? Mine's not wonderful. Did I mention we have to either grow it on station or ship it a few AUs over to Saturn?

{Ali} You didn't. Ouch. Mine's high because I have a high metabolism.

{Gerald} ...That would do it. Downside of having the speed?

* Ali blurs, replicates a cookie, and hands it to Gerald.

* Gerald takes it and politely eats it. . o O (This place is doing horrible things to my mind. I'm talking with someone about speed and accelerated metabolism like it's doing the laundry.)

{Ali} This is just a guess. Not normal where you're from? *grin*

{Gerald} A little bit. I'm surprised I'm taking it this well.

{HeatherR} As if it's normal wherever anyone's from.

{Gerald} I think this place is affecting my oddness tolerances. This is only my second visit as were.

{Ali} It has that effect! Just wait until you meet some of the really weird people.

{Gerald} Hmm. Hmmm. Dare I ask?

{HeatherR} No, of course not.

{Ali} I dare you to ask.

{Gerald} Okay, really weird people?

{Ali} Have you met the barstool yet?

{Gerald} ....

* Gerald looks suspiciously at the stool he's sitting on.

* It does not look back at him.

{Ali} Not that one. Over at the end. *grin*

* Gerald relaxes. "Oh, good." {tries looking for it}

* Pigeon rattles, really bad at hide and seek.

{Gerald} ...

{Gerald} All right. Bar stools.

{HeatherR} I'm glad you accepted that so easily. She's trying to break you, you realise.

{Ali} No, if I were trying to break him, I'd explain about the barstool and the coat-rack.

{HeatherR} Oh come *on*. You know that now you've said that he'll have to ask.

{Ali} I don't know... he might be afraid to, now.

{Gerald} I may as well forge into the dark maw of impossibility. {pause} What is it about the furniture?

{HeatherR} He might well, but you have this way of tempting people. *she smiles a little* And I'm sorry, I did promise Lisa I'd check in on the Cowper situation... would you both 'scuse me?

{Gerald} Right. Good night, and a pleasure to meet you, Heather. I'm not long here, myself.

{Ali} The rumor is they were involved for awhile. Want a back-checker, Heather?

{HeatherR} Only if you're done breaking Gerald here. And you too, Gerald. *little grin* Take care.

* Ali gets up. "I can always break him later. Night, Gerald!"

{Gerald} Good night. {smile}

* Gerald bows a bit and heads out.

* HeatherR waves. "Well, we're off."

* Ali heads out with Heather, possibly to break other heads.

In Nomine 2070