The Bright Sword Scouts

* Sally opens the Haven Door and wanders out, into the bar.

* North Corridor Door opens.

* Sally glances Northernly.

* Or Knightishly, whatever.

* One of those Door things.

* A pale blonde head emerges into the Bar, followed by a lean six-foot body in a security coverall after a second of asessement. The name badge reads 'G. Naismith.'

* Sally stares a moment, curious.

* The man looks at the Bar a moment, looks at her with arched eyebrows, and then sketches a small bow. "Good evening. This is Taervac's Bar, I assume, miss?"

{Sally} It should be...

{Man} Oh, good. I didn't go the wrong way, then. Gerald Naismith, and a pleasure to meet you.

{Sally} Sally, sir...

{Gerald} A pleasure, Sally. {slight smile}

{Sally} Did you need something here...?

{Gerald} Not much other than indulging my curiosity. {small smile} I heard from a co-worker or two that there was a closet that led where it shouldn't on station.

* Sally gives a little smile, there. "Oh, good then... station?"

{Gerald} Citidas Station. A rather large hunk of metal orbiting Saturn.

{Sally} Oh... *pause* Saturn?

* Gerald arches eyebrows at that, then ponders. "Sixth planet out from the sun in my solar system. Rather noted for its rings."

{Sally} Rings? Are they pretty?

* Gerald smiles, moving over to the replicator and pondering it. "Beautiful. And very large. Then again, so is Saturn."

{Sally} I like seeing beautiful things. *little smile*

{Gerald} I'd show it to you, but there'd be some comment if I brought you on station. {small wry smile at her over his shoulder}

{Sally} Oh really? I'd be a scandal?

* The lights in the room dim. Little pinpricks of light appear all about them, twinkling like starlight.

{Gerald} You'd be proof other universes exist. Which given some of the individuals on board, would be *extremely* bad. Hm. All right, I suppose this is either when we have type starting to scroll up the screen into the distance or a reindition of the "Universe Song".

* One of the points of light begins to expand, as though growing closer, until it seems to fill one side of the bar, looking remarkably like a ringed planet.

{Sally} Oh...

{Gerald} That, I'd say, is a representation of Saturn. Thank you, whoever's providing the special effects/

{Sally} Oh...

{Voiceover} You're welcome!

* The planet shifts into a young woman, who starts twirling the rings like a hula-hoop.

* Sam grins. "Evening."

{Sally} Hi?

{Sam} Not very, don't want to hit the ceiling.

{Gerald} Ahem. "Miss, you're not on the ground." Thank you, I had to state the obvious.

* Sally stares at Gerald.

{Sam} You do it well, sir. *she grins* Hi, Sam.

* Gerald arches aristocratic eyebrows at Sally, maybe just a *trace* innocently. "And hello, Sam, Gerald. Nice bar you have here."

{Sam} I can't take *any* of the credit.

{Gerald} Well, no, it was general.

{Sam} I'll admit, I like it. Been coming here since before I was on solid foods.

{Sally} I can. *grin* Thank you. My bar is wonderful.

* Sally moves behind said bar, looking as though she owns the place.

{Sam} Oh... well, it's nice to finally meet you, Taervac! You're smaller than I was told.

* Gerald looks amused.

{Gerald} All right, let's see if this....nnh. {tries to order up tempura shrimp and ends up with three pounds of raw beef liver} .....well, that was unplanned.

{Sally} I went away and got a nice, magical facelift. I think it makes me look much more elfin.

{Sam} And less blue!

{Sally} I like it. *grin* But look, people are still going to that thing instead of me.

{Gerald} I didn't know about the blue. {looks at the beef liver} Perhaps anybody wants a bunch of liverwurst waiting to happen?

{Sam} Well, you've been gone for so long, habits have become ingrained....

{Sally} Well things have to change! Or there'll be trouble.

{Sam} Right here in River City?

{Sally} This is River City?

{Sam} I'm quoting something.

{Gerald} It is? {makes a face and shooooves the liver off to the side, trying again}

* Sam grins and puts the liver in the recycler.

{Gerald} ...well, this is different. I got....shrimp flavored gelatin. Ugh. At least I seem to be getting better.

{Sam} Would you like some help? *grin*

{Gerald} It would be appreciated, yes.

{Sam} What are you trying to get?

* Sally hmphs, propping chin on the bar and glaring at them.

* Sam winks at Sally.

{Gerald} Do you wish to try? {small smile}

{Sally} Me?

{Gerald} Well, unless you *enjoy* shrimp gelatin...

* Sally grins. "I thought you'd never ask."

* Gerald looks somewhat martyred.

* Sally steps out from behind the bar, walking proudly for the replicator.

* Sam grins and drifts up, perching on the bar out of the way.

* Sally turns to look at them with a grin, then turns and stabs several buttons, producing the food requested. "Ahem. Dinner is served. With a smile and attitude."

* Gerald stands out of the way. "Thank you. How much do I owe you?"

{Sally} Two cents. Plus the elf tax.

{Sam} What's the elf tax?

{Sally} Admiration!

{Sam} Aha!

{Gerald} ...That's rather low. {pays up with some change} And you're very admirable for doing it.

* Sally accepts it. "Thank you... that's a good down payment."

{Gerald} I'm quite glad for that. {smiles and takes his meal}

* Sally returns to the bar. As she polishes it, flowers appear.

* Sam grins. "Could I get some hot apple cider?"

{Sally} You may. *grins and walks over* Two cents plus tax, please.

* Sam grins and hands over two pennies. "Thank you very very very very much."

* Sally grins and bows, then bounds back behind the bar.

{Gerald} Hm. The shrimp isn't bad.

{Sally} Isn't... bad?

{Sam} The cider's great.

{Gerald} Well, I meant, for being magically produced out of a machine, Sally.

* Sally gives him a suspicious look, then grins at Sam. She then looks a little contemplative. "So what is a station?"

* Sam grins back, and assumes the question is aimed at Gerald.

{Gerald} A space station. It's basically a means humans can survive and live in outer space, where there's a severe lack of air, heat, and other necessities like water and pressure.

{Sally} Is there a good reason to survive in outer space?

{Gerald} Well, nobody'd want to *die* in outer space, I'm sure...

{Sam} It beats not surviving?

{Sally} Oh yes, but then again it's possible to survive in the middle of a volcano too. I just don't know why you'd want to. *grin*

{Gerald} Research. People want to find more out of where they've never been, and of how the universe works.

{Sally} Oh. Well, it's all magic. And how it works depends on who's looking at it, how, so there's no one viewpoint that's right. Are you *sure* you still want to survive in space? *grin*

{Gerald} Quite. And you have an interestingly subjective view of reality. Where I come from, if someone says that the furnace is cold he'll *still* be ash if he walks in.

* Sally grins. "Buut what if someone convinces the furnace that *it's* cold?"

{Gerald} I have no idea how they'd do that. Talk therapy?

{Sally} Magic. *wink* Again.

* Sam hums "Do you believe in magic?"

{Gerald} They don't have that there. {small smile}

{Sally} Oooh, I bet they doooo. *grin*

{Gerald} What makes you think that?

{Sam} Can you prove that they don't? *grin*

* Sally grins. "It's something most people don't see! It doesn't mean it's not there."

{Gerald} In the meantime, people still can't find it and don't wish to walk into furnaces. {smile}

{Sam} I seem to recall a story about three men who were tossed into a furnace and didn't burn... do they not have that one where you're from? *grin*

{Sally} Not me!

{Gerald} It's still a safe general rule. You will note they didn't exactly want to go in.

{Sam} But they did, and weren't burned. *grin*

* Sally grins at him. "

{Gerald} That was a miracle, not magic. Exceptions are good, mind.

{Sally} Oh, all right. *smile* But it sounds like a good curiosity.

{Gerald} Well, yes. I wouldn't be out there if I didn't think it wasn't. Or here, for that matter.

{Sally} So what have you learned so far?

{Sam} Hmm. I'd ask what the difference was, but I think it's going to lead to a long, drawn-out philosophical discussion. Wait, we're in a bar, that's legal.

{Gerald} Shrimp Jell-O is utterly disgusting.

* Sally giggles softly. "I could have told you that and I wouldn't have had to go into space to do it."

{Gerald} Yes, but they generally don't have it at home, and I pray I don't see it again anytime soon.

{Sally} You went into space for *that*?

{Sam} Only you can prevent shrimp jello.

{Gerald} No, not shrimp jello. Security work.

{Sally} Mmhm? What do you do with that?

{Gerald} Make sure nobody's where they shouldn't be, keeping things from being stolen, and that nothing goes amiss onstation.

{Sally} Oh. *she grins* That's what I do, when I'm not running a bar.

{Sam} Enjoyable work?

{Gerald} It pays, and the people are interesting.

{Sally} You get paid? *smile*

* Sam grins.

{Gerald} I certainly hope so, yes.

{Gerald} Otherwise I'm going to wonder how I got my meals the past stretch of time.

{Sally} Well you just get them. *smile* Because it's your place.

{Gerald} Well, actually it's Tri-Optimum's. I'm just there for the wages.

{Sally} Tri-Optimum?

{Gerald} A scientific research corporation. They're the one that actually owns Citidas Station.

{Sally} And own you?

{Gerald} Oh, no, they just pay me to do my thing there.

* Sally grins. "What a confusing arrangement."

{Gerald} That's life for you.

{Sally} I don't know if it is.

{Sam} It's life for you, not her. *grin*

{Gerald} Well, yes.

* Sally smiles. "That's right. My life's far less confusing."

{Gerald} So what is that, then?

{Sally} Oh I guard. And then I play. *grin*

{Sam} Sounds like a good life. *smile*

{Sally} It is. *smile* It's... very comfortable, but it's *always* different.

{Gerald} I guard. {small smile} And protect.

{Sam} No play?

{Gerald} Not much time for it.

{Sally} That's sad!

{Gerald} It's what I do. {small smile}

{Sally} Don't you get bored?

{Gerald} No, because I think about other things.

{Sally} Like?

{Gerald} "I wonder where the venilation network goes."

{Sam} Have you checked it out? *grin*

{Gerald} It might destroy the mystery of it all.

{Sally} ...

* Sally stares at gerald.

{Sally} There's ductwork and you *haven't* crawled inside of it?

* Sam grins at Sally.

{Gerald} Rotating fans.

{Sally} Those stopped you?

{Gerald} Well, they'd chop bits of me off.

* Sally grins. "I'm very sad to hear it."

{Gerald} So would I. I'd prefer all of me to be where I left it.

{Sally} I mean that you let them stop you.

* Sam laughs.

{Gerald} I'm not overly fond of pain.

{Sally} Oh there's no pain if you're *clever*.

* Sam looks at Gerald thoughtfully.

{Gerald} Hai?

{Sam} So the question on the table is, are you clever? *grin*

* Sally grins.

{Gerald} Oh, utter dullard.

{Sam} Oh, well, then nevermind!

* Sally sighs. "I'm really very disappointed."

{Gerald} I know, I cause that feeling in a lot of peopl.

{Gerald} s/+e

{Sally} Well what kind of thing do you guard?

{Gerald} Equipment. Peoples's things. The integrity of the station. If there's a problem with a hull breach, we have to get people somewhere safe.

{Sam} Is there somewhere?

{Gerald} Somewhere preferably behind bulkheads where there *isn't* the breach, yes. There's procedures for this kind of thing.

{Sally} Proceedures?

{Gerald} Orders of operating under a situation. In this case, to make everything run smoothly and avoid a panic, which would make things worse.

* Sam nods. "Backed up with the occasional drill, just in case?"

{Gerald} Exactly.

* Sally grins. "Do they let you have any latitude?"

{Gerald} Some. After all, you have to be flexible for different situations.\

* Sally smiles. "So what do you do in an emergency?"

{Gerald} What kind do you have in mind?

{Sally} Well... hm, let's say there's a fire. *grin*

{Gerald} Hm. Get civilians out of the way, seal off the area, and if the robotic fire controls can't take care of it or are damaged, we go in and extinguish it. There's method for doing that ranging from extinguishers to chemicals to if we're really desperate, getting out and exposing the place to hard vaccuum.

{Sally} *teasing* And what if it was a magic fire?

{Gerald} Magic fire extinguishers!

{Gerald} . o O (This is a very odd conversation.)

{Sally} Do you have any?

{Gerald} Not at all.

{Sam} That could be a problem.

{Gerald} Oh, we have a procedure for that, too.

{Sally} What's that?

{Gerald} Ahem. Bend over and kiss our asses goodbye.

* Gerald's grey eyes twinkle, just a small bit.

{Sally} Oh you give up then?

{Gerald} Sometimes, things are just out of one person's control.

* Sally grins. "I'd never let myself hit that, I think."

{Gerald} I admire your confidence.

{Sally} I'm very full of confidence. And probably of something else too. *grin*

{Gerald} I won't be the first to suggest. {smile}

{Sally} You *would*.

{Gerald} Why do you say so?

{Sam} No, you suggested it yourself....

* Sally grins. "I said maybe."

{Sam} That's a suggestion! *grin*

{Sally} No, it was indefinite!

{Gerald} Alll right.

{Gerald} And I should probably head back before my absence is *too* noted.

{Sally} I should too. *grin* Will you get in trouble?

{Sam} Night, then! Pleasant dreams!

{Gerald} Hopefully not, no. I'm good at what I *do* do. {smile} And good night, both. A pleasure meeting you.

* Gerald heads on out.

{Sally} thanks! And oh well. Some trouble would be good for him.

* Sam chuckles. "Maybe. He seems happy enough."

* Sally grins. "I like pushing. Night!" She walks out.

* Sam waves as Sally leaves.

* Tyche comes in, now more dressed down, like her usual.

* Sam waves as Tyche enters. "Evening! Or morning, as the case may be by now."

{Tyche} Well howdy then. How you?

{Sam} PDG, thanks, you?

{Tyche} Well, it's been a weird day.

{Sam} There's another kind?

{Tyche} There's also coolass days.

{Sam} Oh, okay. *grin* So what made the day wierd?

{Tyche} Well, I've been thinking about this goddess who got torn out of Asgard. Plus my Mocha Latte tasted like it had caramel in it.

* Sam wrinkles her nose a bit. "That's awful!"

{Tyche} I *know.* I don't care for caramel.

{Sam} It just doesn't mix with coffee.

{Tyche} Well, that's what I said.

{Sam} Did it get fixed?

{Tyche} No! I got blown off!

In Nomine 2070