Things That Go BOOM In the Night


* Wednesday, July 15, 2071. Citidas Station, the extremely late shift. How late? Well, a good four-fifths of the crew are asleep in their cabins. The rest are performing maintenance, running security patrols, or burning the midnight lumens with projects and experiments. It is somewhere a little past 2300 hours on the station, and all is quiet and serene.

{Ripley} Mmm... y'know? Hash tastes better when it's spent time vacuum dried.

* A food services employee in the Beta-Quadrant "Eastside Cafe'" chuckles and nods. "Hey, that way we get to store more of it, Officer Ripley." He resumes cleaning glasses for the morning shift.

{Ripley} Mmm -- I can believe that much. More coffee?

* The employee nods. "Sure thing, Ripley." He goes and refills the mug. Outside through the viewports, the stars slowly turn in time to the station's gradual rotation.

* Gerald Naismith, at this time is in the small chapel, kneeling in the pew and half meditating, half looking thoughtful at the altar, his grey eyes faintly wry at something for a moment.

* Not far away, Valerie Ellison is doing a similar half-meditation.

* The single, unadorned, NonDenominationalCross hangs at the end of the chapel, illuminated by a single pin light. The last either of them check, Fr. Deitricht had retired to his adjacent office/cabin to do much the same, or work on reports. His door is closed, either way.

{Gerald} {q} Penny for thoughts?

* Meanwhile, Brian Scheur's cabin is locked, with a Do Not Disturb indicator on it. Make your own judgements.

* Scheurs's, even. I used to know grammar.

{Val} *q* Mm... I keep remembering the day I hurt myself.

{Gerald} {q} Yes? {looks a bit curious}

* Ripley drinks his coffee, shifting in his seat.

* Meanwhile, in Tina Manoa-Perez's room, two hamsters act utterly bored, and have gotten to the stage of mumbling vaguely lewd-sounding hardware assembly instructions to each other in Rodent.

{Val} *q* I had choice of staying true to myself, and going against my Boss's Word, or violating the former and staying true to the latter. Not a good position to be in.

* Gerald pauses, thinking. {q} "That an utterly hideous position to be in. {vq} It is. I've been in similar."

{Gerald} {vq} And you chose the former. He can't fault you for that.

* Nice night for Ripley... at the moment, nobody's requesting things to be shipped, his technical guard shift is over, and he isn't even due to to fly a shuttle until friday. *pause* Correction, for an Ofanite, this is absolute and utter BOREDOM.

* A couple maint-bots roll in from the hallway to the cafe', and start doing their assigned repair sequences.

{Val} *nod, vq* He didn't. But I was both dissonant and traumatized nonetheless. It... *hugs herself a bit*

* Gerald is some distance away, so cannot reach out a hand. But he does give her an understanding glance. {q} "It tore out chunks of your Self, yes. I know."

{Ripley} Mmm. Well, time to start a circuit. Catch you later, Tom!

* Val does notice this, yes, and decides to shift a bit closer.

* Tom nods. "Take care, Ripley...."

* Tom waves, and continues cleaning dishes, whistling a bit and taking pride in his job.

* Gerald smiles a bit. {q} "I did something a bit similar, though...shall we say, more based on morality than dissonance."

{Val} *q* Mm?

{Ripley} You two, Tom. {he grins, stepping into the hall and looking to see just how empty it might be...}

{Gerald} {q} I had to make the choice of honor. Whether to remain true to myself, or to obey, when I could no longer truly sanction what I had to do inside.

* All continues to be quiet on the station... various small droids continue to go about their business... no humans about....

* Ripley grins a bit more, and reaches into his service pack, drawing out his collapsed bike....

{Gerald} {q} To compromise my sense of right and wrong, or to compromise my sense of duty. Either way, something would suffer.

*Sabre* "Inconspicuous is just a word in a dictionary to you, isn't it, Ripley?" "Yup!"

* The station abruply SHAKES. Droids get knocked off their path. There's a yelp from back in the Cafe', and there was enough of a vibration that you can sweear something large must have exploded, even from the opposite end of the station. But that is nothing compared to the absolute SCREAM that is the Symphony howling out damage... destruction... death...

* Gerald is suddenly ROLLING from his place at the pew, rising up, his eyes wide in horror.

* Val nods quietly, looking faintly wry. *q* "The temptation to keep denying was strong--" *BLINK* "-What the?!"

* Val is on her feet in an instant as well.

* Immediately, alarm klaxons start howling, joining their cacaphony to the sounds heard by those whose perception are better than human...

{Gerald} {vq} *massive* disturbance... {tries to get a fix} Get Father Deitricht.

{Val} *q, all business now* Indeed. *heads for the office*

* Giri and Ripley can hear it, feel it in the heart of their souls.... damage down below, in the vicinity of Science Beta Quadrant... Extreme property damage... and human injuries, human death....

* Gerald closes his eyes, shuddering a moment, feeling in his soul and the Symphony the tally...

* Val does her best to keep herself upright and dignified as she knocks on Father D's office door.

* Tau suddenly sits up in the cage in mid-entendre, giving a choked rodent scream of surprise, fright, and pain. Muon glances at him, eyes wide. {q} "S-sempai?"]

* Muon jerked at the same time, frightened as well, and hearing, though he doesn't get a fix...

{Tau} ...disturbance....from Science Beta Quadrant...huge...

* It's as if somebody did the metaphysical equivelent of detonating a 10 Kilo bomb.... property down there has been -destroyed-, and at least 3 human deaths, if not more. The rest is muddled just due to the sheer noise.

* Immediately, Shodan's voice announces on all speakers. "Please remain in your cabins. There has been an accident in Science Beta Quadrant. Trouble teams are mobilizing. Please wait for further instructions."

* Gerald tries to remember where the Hell Ripley is at this point, or might be, but waits for Val and the Padre...

* Ripley grabs and snaps out his bike and *RIDES* for the source of the disturbance, letting his Resonance guide his path....

## Sabre rolled 3d6 = 12 (3 5 4).

## Sabre rolled 3d6 = 13 (6 2 5).

* Those folks who are security types soon -get- said instructions. "All security teams, activate immediately," orders the voice of David Honig.

* Fr. Detricht sticks his head out of the office. "Yes, Gerald? What -was- that?"

-} *Sabre* Hm. Resonance and Area Knowledge?

* Gerald nods to himself, and with two strides of his long legs heads for the Elohite. {q} "Massive disturbance. Enormous property destruction, at least three deaths... And I have to get moving."

{Val} *q* I expect we'll all be needed in some capacity.

* Ripley keeps riding, grabbing his security radio. "Officer 2-116t, active." He keeps riding, hoping that the jumble of officers reporting in will keep him from being summoned other than the direction he's already going, building up speed....

{Gerald} {q} Right. {grabs his radio, noting his hearing Honig}

* Fr. Deitricht nods. "Indeed. If you need me to perform last rites or... other services, you know where to page me."

* The door to Brian's place flies open, and a sweatsuited Philipina-Hawaiian falls through, her hair a mess and a weilder in her hand.

* Gerald nods, flicking off the radio. "I know. Thank you, Father. I think we may need them very shortly."

{Gerald} {q} Val, get your group together. I'll try and rendezvous with Ripley and Brian.

*Sabre* Yes!

{Tina} {q} ....shit....

* Val nods, and heads for where Brian and Tina are known to be.

* The Symphony does not fail Ripley, even with the Disturbance jangling at his nerves, ringing about the station. In the heart of his soul he KNOWS how to get to Science Beta quadrant... one just has to take that access hallway -there-, and down a flight of service stairs, and along that maintenence route.... forget Elevators, bud.

* Brian, meanwhile, is hastily getting his sidearm and other security gear together, ID'ing himself with his own radio. "1-348s active!"

* Gerald glances over to Deitricht and hums a moment. {pidgin Cel} "Meet soon, Power." He then walks out of the chapel, then bursts into a full run for Science Beta.

* Tina glances over to Brian. {q} "I need to get back to my cabin, hon. Take care."

* The alarm klaxons continue to howl, the lights in the hallways lurid red. It's fortunate that the lights have not been shifted to -full- power, and the alarms a different sound... for that would represent a catastrophic hull breach.

{Brian} *rushed* Go ahead, I'm gonna be busy for god knows how long.

* There's bleeped acknowledgements to the guards by Shodan, as it's assumed that the actual bosses are rather -busy- right at the moment....

* Ripley does said route, possibly panicking a poor scared mundane on the stairs as he careens down on his bike.

* Tina nods, businesslike. "Love you, take care for godsake." {momentary reach in his direction, then blisters for her cabin}

* Brian doesn't have time to reach back. All he has time to do now is make a beeline for the trouble area.

* Gerald puts all his considerable agility and length of legs into doing a truly heroic dash for Science Quad.

* Science Beta is four decks below the executive level, and Ripley is on his way in the lead... the elevators have gone to emergency mode, non-active save for those with security keys, just in case of fire. Gerald and Ian will have to use the foot express to get down there.

* Gerald uses the foot express, he does.

* Ripley skids around the corner, driving with all speed he can muster along where his senses tell him he *must* go...

* Brian has a security key, of course, and uses it.

* Down that ramp, across that service brige, around that corner, down those stairs, a quick slew -under- a lowering pressure door on Storage level that gets him close to his destination....

* The elevator yields to Brian, and yes. Even in this time of crisis, the psuedo-samba music plays.

* Though with the security key, Brian's able to override any stops along the way, unless they're triggered by fire-supression personell.

* Brian ignores the strong urge to shoot out the audio speakers, merely keys in a standard override to get him to Science ASAP.

* The elevator descends, rapidly.

* Back on Executive, Val continues making for the crew quarters with all speed, looking for her teammates.

* Ripley leans/slides under that door, not stopping, not *stopping...*

* Val hears running footsteps coming her direction...

* Gerald uses the nearest available elevator, putting his own security key to use.

* Val slows a bit, looking toward the sound.

* Over the station's speakers, Shodan calmly speaks in her female, processed voice, that fire supression, medical, and security teams have already been summoned and are on their way. It must be so nice to be a calm, rational, computer. But then again, they have no sense of urgency save what is programmed...

* An elevator yields to Gerald, and the doors open, and the psuedo-samba music plaaaaayyyys....

{Gerald} . o O (I have to kill that music. It's in the name of Honor.)

* Tina caroms around the corner, in sweats and her hair a tangle, still, yes, holding that weilder. Her eyes go very, very grateful at Val's appearance. "Val! What the heck happened?"

* The slide takes Ripley down into one of the storage bays where there's an access hatch which he can take down further, cutting through the Maintenance level proper, and shooting Ripley out into the Science Level... the air is starting to thicken with smoke along the ceiling where he is, but it's not paralyzing, and already the station's vent systems are starting to draw it out. There's yells and cries from the direction of all the quadrants -save- Beta, but several large 'bots with fire-supression equipment are headed that way....

* Ripley looks around, feeling for where the disturbance leads.

{Val} A great deal of damage, many deaths... where's Brian?

{Tina} On his way down. They activated the security.

* Tina is jogging in direction of her room. Presumably Val follows with.

* It's on the Science Level. It's in Beta Quadrant. It's where what -used- to be the level's library, according to Ripley's studies of the station. Offices and the robot maintenance ward for that level. But what could have caused such an explosion?

* Val mms and nods. Gerald is on his way down there. Likely Ripley as well. I suggest we go make sure the pets are safe.

{Tina} I agree with this.

* Ripley rides in that direction, looking around either way.

## Sabre rolled 3d6 = 13 (4 4 5).

* The 'bots, and some human firefighters, are already now at the scene, laying down supressant foam. The damage here is nigh-catastrophic... clearely, the Library will be needed to written off as a total loss. Trauma teams are already getting the ones out near the edge of the explosion trundled off towards the levators to medical... at this point, it's impossible to bike, the damage is too great.

* Ripley folds the bike as he leaps off, keeping moving forward, covering his mouth....

* Ripley blinks at the stretcher he's walking by, dropping to a crouch next to it. "Carl? Carl Robinson?"

* The 'bots drone out "}}please stay clear of the fire{{" repeatedly as they continue doing their work.

* The man on the stretcher coughs, looking up at Ripley. He manages to choke out "....John? ---ghghk--- Ripley? -- th' hell doing down here?"

* The elevators for our other security members, Brian and Gerald, get down to the science level. The doors sweep open.

{Ripley} Secalert. I made it first. What *happened,* man? {he rests a hand on Carl's shoulder}

* Gerald makes for Beta, posthaste.

* Brian charges out, not certain what to expect but ready for anything as he makes for Beta as well.

* Carl winces, even as the doctors are trying to pull him away. His shoulder, and half his side is pretty badly burned and torn up "...on my shift... headed to libr--*hack*--- r'trn a book... 'n then it damn -'xploded!-.

* An orderly motions Ripley. "I'm sorry, officer, but we need to get him to medical -now-." Her look brooks NO argument.

* Ripley ignores the orderly. "What exploded, Carl? *What?*"

* Carl winces again. "I. Don't. Damn. KNOW! Feels like the --hhhghk--- damn -quad- was at ground zero!"

* Ripley nods. "Bless you, Carl. Get well. We'll find out what happened."

* Brian and Gerald are more than capable of following the disturbance to its source... encountering Ripley along the way... Medical, Fire-suppresion, and security teams are converging.

* Carl nods half-heartedly, and the medical team wheels him off at near-ofanite speeds.

* Ripley rises, and moves into the library.

{Brian} Somebody give me a sitrep!

* The library... isn't. It's effectively gone, the 'bots blocking most of the entrance as they spray the thick foam into a large opening which -used- to be a wall of bookshelves. At least one 'bot steps back, as it's run out of suppression foam, which also allows our security cadre and medical folks to get in, including other human guards who have joined them.

{Lonni Stevens} Double that sitrep req, NOW!

* Including the station's second-in-command of security.

* Ripley tries to see around them, moving in and peering around, not touching but trying to see any clues....

* Brian also tries to get a look. "The hell -happened- here?"

{Gerald} {q} God... I don't know, but it was enormous. We are *very* lucky that we didn't get a breach.

{Ripley} {q} It just exploded. It all just exploded. That's what Carl said...

* The place is covered with foam. The medical teams are extracting those who are partially covered with it... there's -completely- damaged machinery within the opening.... *pause* Wait, wasn't this supposed to just be aux storage and maint access areas?

{Stevens} Somebody get us some LIGHTS in here! On the double!

{Brian} {q} But what would explode in a -library--- wait a minute, what's that?

{Gerald} {q} Mm? {glances around}

* Some of the fire-control team members orders their 'bots to switch on their high beams.

{Ripley} Mm?

{Brian} *vq* waiiiit a minute... *takes a closer look*

* Ripley looks where Brian's looking. {pause} Duh.

{INServ} [The room is thrown into stark releif, the foam covering the floor, and at least three or five bodies. There's tangles of machinery, veritably slagged to useless hunks, all over the place.

* Ripley looks for machinery that doesn't look like it fits in a library.

* Oh, just about... all of it.

* Gerald figures all of it probably doesn'--...darn narrator....but tries to figure out what was doing what there.

{Brian} *vq* This is very not good. *moves a little farther in, taking a much closer look*

{Ripley} {vq} What *is* it?

* Stevens starts waving any rubberneckers out of the way, stepping through the foam, waving the remaining fumes away. "You say something, Schuers? God, what a -mess-...."

* *cough*

{Gerald} {vq} Not a clue. I'd like to know myself.

## Gerald rolled 3d6 = 17 (5 6 6).

{Brian} Mm? Yeah, I was just saying what a mess this was... and I'd like to know -what- it was, for that matter.

* *cough* *hack*

* Ripley looks for the cougher.

{Brian} *louder* We got a live one??

* Stevens nods, frowing. "Damn straight... I'd swear some of this stuff should be down in the reactor level, if I didn't know better..."

* Gerald does as well, moving into the room carefully.

* *hack* *cough* *hack!*

* A hand sticks itself out of the foam.

* Stevens turns towards the accidental entrance. "Medical team, we've got a live one, get in here!

* Gerald mms, and starts to clear away foam, carefully. "I think we have a conscious person here."

{Brian} Yeah... I'd swear some of this stuff -does- belong in the reactor... but it's weird.

* Ripley moves to the foam, careful to help, letting his grace assist him in balance and in not hurting the injured person.

## Sabre rolled 3d6 = 8 (3 3 2).

{Gerald} {to Brian} Let's just hope it's not 'hot', or it's decontamination showers for us all.

{Brian} Oh, great, that'd just make -my- day. Anybody got a Geiger counter?

{Ripley} Not me... {he continues rather dexterous extraction procedures}

* Gerald helps with the extraction, clearing away foam carefully.

* Ripley, indeed reaches's the man's hand, and starts carefully extracting him from the foam.

* Ripley looks to see who it might be as he does so.

{Stevens} Damn, hope not. *She activates her radio* Shodan? Page Ghiran immediately, we've got a possible radioactive incedent, we'll need radsuits and a decon team.

{SHODAN} Affirmative, Officer Stevens.

* Gerald is doing so as well, checking for faces, particularly of any that might be conscious.

{Ripley} {muttered} Boy, I hope I'm not sterile.

* Gerald fights down a noise that somehow manages to get retconned into a cough.

* It's a man... clearly. You'll need to wipe away the foam to see -who-, though. "...thank god you came!"

* Gerald wipes away, he does. "Don't worry, we're going to help you out, sir. Just keep still until the medical personnel get here..."

* Ripley wipes at his face, carefully. "Shhh... shh... s'gonna be okay..."

* The man would be pretty attractive and well-coiiffed if he didn't have burns over 3/4th's of his body... he coughs out foam, and looks up at the two men, blinking at them with his one good eye. "...of course, of -course- it will, why -wouldn't- it be?"

* Gerald resonates. Heck, go with what you know.

## Gerald rolled 3d6 = 5 (3 1 1).

* The man clearly needs to reassure himself that it'll be okay.

* Brian gets a little closer and tries for a resonation as well.

## R-Type rolled 3d6 = 15 (5 4 6).

{Ripley} Absolutely... absolutely. What happened here? Tell me what you can, friend. You're going to be fine...

* Brian can tell zip-nada about this man's honor... though, now that he thinks about it... isn't this the Artifical Gravity researcher, Mr. Nelson?

{Brian} Hey... isn't this Mr. Nelson?

{Gerald} You'll be fine, sir. It'll be all right... Believe me on this...

* Gerald says this very soothingly.

* Gerald takes note of Brian's comment, but is meanwhile doing his best to soothe the man.

## INServ rolled 3d6 = 12 (3 5 4).

* Nelson nods, clearing his throat, coughing more foam and some blood out. "You're right. Of -course- it will be fine. There's -no- trouble at all."

-} *Sabre* Will roll!

-} *GC2* Will Roll!

-} *R-Type* Will Roll!

##} R-Type rolled 3d6 = 9 (2 2 5).

{Ripley} Shh... relax. Don't struggle. What happened?

* Gerald nods, smiling. Never mind the very momentary glint of his eyes.

## Gerald rolled 3d6 = 14 (6 6 2).

*GC2* Shit.

##} Sabre rolled 3d6 = 6 (1 2 3).

*Sabre* I have will!

## INServ rolled 3d6 = 12 (5 4 3).

* Brian doesn't seem satisfied with that remark on Nelson's part. "We'll let the rad team decide on that one."

* Gerald blinks, relaxing.

## Tina rolled 3d6 = 10 (4 1 5).

* Nelson nods, and struggles to get up... his legs aren't quite working. "We were staying up late, working on some new equipment for the Engineering team... you sure? Everything according to company spec...."

{Gerald} Right...I hear that. Midnight hours and all that...

* There is a whimper from somewhere else in the foam.

* Stevens nods. "Of course, sir. But you obviously didn't take enough safety precautions...We'll need to get you to medical, sir, immediately...

{Brian} We got another one!

* Gerald nods. "I'll get them..."

* Gerald heads over to another lump of the foam, starting to clear it away.

* There is coughing and weak protesting from in the mess. " me..."

{Gerald} On our way, just keep still...

* Nelson nods, staying still and waiting for the medical team to get in there and transfer him to a stretcher...

* Brian watches Gerald handle the extraction, keeping one eye on Nelson, looking rather peeved, probably about the possible radiation hazard.

* Gerald clears away the rest of the foam.

* A blond, labcoated figure lies there, whimpering, arm twisted under her in an unnatural manner, her hair from its styling in a tangled, matted mess... " glasses....wher'z my glasses?"

* A medical team gets nearby now, and starts carefully lifting Nelson onto the stretcher. Another group is clearing foam away from a second, twisted body... clearly dead.

* Brian looks to see if he can recognize that corpse at all.

{Gerald} {gently} I'm not sure. Keep still.

* Nobody he recognizes right at the moment. Even with the lights.

* The figure whimpers, thrashing a bit, then screams in pain as the arm is jogged. "...hurts...need my glasses..."

{Gerald} Hold *still*....

* The figure's eyes open, the face now vaguely familiar as one Sandra Rawlins, her face white with pain.

* Brian shrugs at that, and moves over to see if Gerald needs help restraining Rawlins.

* Ripley looks around for said glasses...

* Sandra whimpers a bit more but subsides, shivering.

{Gerald} It'll be just fine.

* Sandra nods, her eyes sliding over to meet his. She does a brave smile. "thank you, officer...."

* Gerald resonates again...

## Gerald rolled 3d6 = 9 (2 2 5).

* Sandra Needs a painkiller, her arm splinted, a way to cover up the mess, reassurance nobody caught on on the explosion's nature, her GLASSES...

{Brian} Need any help over here, Ger?

{Gerald} Yeah, please. I think her arm's broken, need some neomorphine stat.

* Ripley starts combing the foam for either more bodies, victims, clues, glasses....

* Ripley can, near the wall, manage to barely make out under the foam a pair of wire-framed glasses...

{Brian} Right. *louder* Medic! We need neomorphine over here!!

* A couple of medtechs hurry over to help Sandra and Gerald.

* Gerald nods, then gets a strange expression flitting across his face a moment, his eyes sharpening a bit.

* Ripley leans down, slipping them up, peering at them as he cleans foam off...

* And he suddenly realizes as well, that he's holding a relic in his hands. [Sandra]

* Brian notes this. "Rip? You got anything over there?"

* Ripley blinks, slipping the glasses up his sleeve. "Mm? Just foam and metal."

* For that matter... it's not just a relic. It's the kind of relic issued... to Vapulan Impudites. And Sandra was the last one who used 'em.

* Sandra whimpers, looking even more pained, shivering. [Sandra]

* Ripley notes that, and moves over to Brian or Gerald -- whoever's closer.

* Brian is closest at the moment.

* Gerald looks over at Ripley, an odd expression in his eyes. "What is it?"

{Ripley} This is just... my first bomb site...

* The other two dead bodies have been cleared out of the area by the medical team... and by now the medical team has whisked Neslon away as well.

{Brian} First time for everything. Let's just hope it isn't hot, or somebody's gonna get it.

* Ripley nods, leaning close enough to murmur. {vq} "Techtaker."

* Brian nods, slowly. "Then again, somebody might get it regardless. Life's like that."

* Gerald looks up, shaking off the last bits of what seem to be disorientation, a glint in his eyes.

* Stevens mutters as she looks over the place, shaking her head and pinching her nose. Repair teams can be seen lurking outside, and the remaining medteam is hovering by Sandra.

* Sandra, unless there was any change in procedure, probably got morphined and so on, though she still doesn't seem like a very happy camper. [Sandra]

{Brian} You okay, Ger?

{Gerald} I think I am now...must be the foam fumes. {the glint is even more pronounced now. Ripley might see it for what it is.}

* One of the medtechs murmurs soothing words to Sandra that she's going to be all right, they'll get her down to medical.

{Brian} Hope so. *louder* Where's that rad team??

* Sandra slumps into unconsciousness, slowly, with much protest, not doing much besides whimper a bit in response to the tech. [Sandra]

* One of the repairmen, radsuited, waves to the group, heading in. "Here sir, Ma'm...."

* Stevens nods, and sighs. "Right. Start checking all this shit out, make sure it's clean... Scheurs, Ripley, Naismith, pull back and let the nice men do their work... I'll call for a security detail...."

{Ripley} Aye, ma'am.

{Brian} Yes ma'am. *quieter, to Stevens* I don't like this, ma'am; I think we need to grill everyone about what the hell was going on in here.

* Gerald salutes. "Aye, ma'am."

* Stevens nods, slightly. "... yeah. I don't -care- if this was supposed to be above-board.... Honig's going to have a FIT when he hears about this. If he hasn't already."

* Stevens then salutes back to the three men. "I'm going to let him know and coordinate the second security detail..."

{Ripley} C'n I stand you two to a cup of coffee?

* Ripley after Stevens moves on, of course.

* Gerald smiles, a bit wearily. "I wouldn't mind, Ripley. You, Scheurs?"

{Brian} heh. Sounds good. I say we head for decontam too, just to be safe. Things're liable to get real complicated soon.

* Stevens has moved on, yes. She's already talking into her radio.

{Ripley} Agreed there.

{Gerald} Right...

{Ripley} Should we call the bridge club?

{Gerald} Oh, no. I don't play cards.

* Brian hehs.

* More radsuited engineering types are moving into the area, making sure other people are out of there, directing bots to help clean up and affect repairs.

{Gerald} {q} Where's the decontam showers?

{Sabre} {q} Follow me.

* Gerald nods.

* Brian follows.

* Dodging various workers and medical types, the trio manage to make it across Science Level, into the edges of Gamma Quadrant, which was spared the brunt of the damage from Delta Quadrant. This is the realm of the High-energy physics labs, and handy-dandy decomtamination wards.

* Ripley decontaminates! He keeps the glasses with him.

* Brian does likewise, making sure none of his gear gets left out either.

* Decontamination is done! *pause* Though, surprisingly, there's relatively little to -be- cleaned off, according to the computer screen's readout. Good thing this station's automated.

* Gerald does that decontaminating thing, and notes this.

* Brian notes this too. Best not to take any chances, regardless.

* *ping!* Clean receipts to be submitted to the nice doctors are printed. Of course, the computer automatically submits said receipts as well to the medical level, but it's nice to have documentation.

* Mmm, tickertapetickertape...

* Ripley takes his, absently.

* Brian takes his receipt also and makes sure it's in a safe place.

* Gerald stows his.

{Brian} Right. Nothing much to report, but better safe than sorry.

{Gerald} Hmm. Yes. Better than the other way around.

{Brian} That taken care of, should we go keep an eye on the, ah, injured?

{Gerald} {q} Maybe collaborate on ah, findings first...

{Brian} *q* Good idea.

{Gerald} {q} So! Coffee? {wry, arch look}

{Brian} *q* Yeah, I think I could use some. *wl*

{Ripley} {q} Same here. Mmm... should we gather some folks? I feel social.

{Brian} *q* Yeah, I think we should.

{Gerald} {q} Social's always good after a disaster. Plus the priest might need to know about the deaths for extreme unction.

{Ripley} Exactly.

*Sabre* [Ripley] We *will* get the PCs together, damn it!

* Brian nods.

*Sabre* Does Frob have a PC on station? Or Narn?

{Gerald} {q} Well, to the chapel then...

{Ripley} {q} And from there, to coffee.

{Gerald} {q} A lot of it.

* Ripley nods, following as they go and do this thing.

-} *Sabre* Not on the Good Guys side.

-} *Sabre* He's got a Bad Guy tho... I leased out a char.

* Brian heads chapelward.

*Sabre* Ahhhh...

* After a suitable amount of time, the three are back up on the Executive level, and heading for Delta Quadrant, where the Chapel is. They've encountered more than one person who was woken up by the explosion, wanting to know what has happened.

* At least the red-alert lights and alarms have finally shut off.

* Gerald does a bit of explaining of the basic details as he passes by, reassures that nothing or nobody else seems to be in immediate danger...

* Brian lets Gerald do the talking since he's explaining it quite well and all.

* Ripley is too busy walking.

-} *Sabre* Luxastra and Kidumiel and Ayrie and fun folks might arrive later, but that depends on finishing/resolving their plot-thread... ;)

*Sabre* Yay!

*Sabre* And, er, right!

* The Chapel is reached. There's several people praying in the pews, quietly, out of concern. (Hey, something went boom. It's REALLY easy to regain faith if something like that happens.) Over by the corner, Father Deitricht is praying as well at his usual seat, and available should anybody want to talk to him.

* Gerald glances at the other two celestials, in unspoken question if they should bother the padre.

* Ripley nods slightly.

* Brian nods, after checking to make sure no one else requires the padre's attention.

* Gerald nods and heads over to Father Deitricht. {q} "Hello again, Father..."

* Deitricht looks up, and murmurs quietly. *q* "Ah, Gerald. I take it the crisis below has been resolved?"

{Gerald} {q} Yes. To some extent. Three dead, many more injured. {his eyes narrow at the last} The library's destroyed. The integrity of the station remains intact though.

{Gerald} {q} They may need your services for extreme unction for the dead though, soon.

* Deitricht winces, and nods. *q* "A tragedy that this has happened. Do they have the names of the deceased, yet?"

{Gerald} {q} Not that I know of. None of the bodies seemed familiar to me. {glances over at the other two, questioning}

{Ripley} {q} Not yet. But... if... we could see you for coffee for a few minutes....

* Brian says nothing, merely nods agreement with what Gerald and Ripley have said.

* Deitricht considers this, pursing his lips. *q* "It has been a stressful night. I can indeed take a moment or two for coffee, with the understanding I may be paged at any moment to minister to the injured and troubled."

{Brian} *q* Of course.

* Gerald nods. "Indeed."

{Ripley} {q} Yes, Father.

* Deitricht nods, and gets up from his seat. Fortuantely, the majority of people are still performing their devotions, and dont' really notice. They're lucky. They -still- don't notice the ringing in the symphony from the destruction ocurring earlier that night. He picks up a small folded piece of card, listing his paging number and his intent to return within 10-15 minutes.

{Deitricht} *q* I am ready.

* Gerald nods. {q} "Where to?"

-} *Sabre* Well, there -is- that Cafe' that Ripley was in a little while ago...

{Ripley} {vq} Eastside cafe? Joe's usually in the back most of the time this time of night. It's private. And... should you call your friend, Brian?

*Sabre* That was my thinking. {g}

{Brian} *q* Yeah... better call my girlfriend too. *wl*

{Gerald} {q} Right.

*R-Type* Hm. This best done as a quick cellphone call or some other method?

{Gerald} {q} Right.

* Ripley flushes a bit at 'girlfriend,' but says nothing.

-} *R-Type* You can use the radio to dial her number, yeah. They're adaptable that way.

*R-Type* Righto.

* Brian doesn't notice that bit, busy as he is using the dialer mode on his radio to make a call.

{Ripley} What about the... other?

{Gerald} Hmm?

{Ripley} The... {he grows far quieter} Florist?

{Gerald} {q} Oh, yes. It may be schedules don't coincide, though.

{Gerald} {q} Failing all else we need to find ways for contact. I can manage.

* Ripley nods.

* Gerald glances over to Brian. "Did you get them?"

* Brian gets off the radio. "Yeah, they'll be there."

{Gerald} Good. We'd better be going before Father Deitricht needs to be back.

* Brian nods. "After you."

* Gerald nods, heading out.

* Brian follows, naturally.

* Deitricht nods, and follows. *q* "Fortunately, it is still late at 'night', according to the station clocks." He sighs. "Though I doubt many will be getting a restful sleep."

{Brian} *q* Not that we could blame them. *swl*

* Gerald shakes his head slightly. {q} "Not tonight, no." {he rubs his temples}

{Ripley} {q} The breath is spirit. The spirit is life. You never forget that, out here.

* Deitricht nods quietly. They soon reach the Eastside cafe', where various maintbots are cleaning up the damage from the earlier disturbance... mostly broken plates and glasses that were out when things went boom. A couple are righting some chairs and tables. Fortunately, the booths are still intact.

* Gerald shakes his head. "No. You don't."

* Ripley makes a beeline, picking up his radio/etc. "What's the florist's name again? I'll call and invite..."

{Gerald} Kyoko Nakamura.

* One of the workers cleaning up glances over and waves at the crew.

* Brian's attention is elsewhere as Val arrives on the scene, with Tina not far behind.

* Ripley nods, punching that in.

* Tina wavies a bit, smiling wearily, still in sweats. Her pockets seem to be moving a bit. "Hey there."

* There's a moment's pause, and then a reply, of a Japanese voice. "Ah, yes?"

{Brian} Hey hon. Val.

{Val} Hello again Brian.

{Ripley} Ms. Nakamura?

{Kyoko} Yes? Who is this?

{Ripley} Security Officer John David Ripley. A friend of a friend's. Could you come up to the Eastside Cafe? Some of us are here, talking about the explosion...."

{Kyoko} Indeed. I will be there within five minutes, Officer Ripley. You're very prompt.

{Ripley} I try to be, Nakamura-san.

* There is a soft chuckle. "Very well. I will meet you and any of your associates in your cafe' soon. Godspeed."

* Tina has meanwhile drifted over to Brian...not lovedovey clinging, but definitely seeming to be in his near orbit out of comfort.

{Ripley} Godspeed. {he hangs up} she's on her way.

* Brian notices this and smiles wanly at her. Val has gotten closer to the group as well.

{Gerald} Good, then.

* Gerald notices *this* and reaches out to squeeze Brian's hand gently, smiling a little back.

* Tina did. Gerald'd die before doing that. THANK YOU.

* And enjoy the crackers.

* Brian returns Tina's handsqueeze, smiling.

* Fr. Deitricht nods to those who arrive, and quirks a single eyebrow at Brian and Tina. He goes and sits at the nearest booth that affords a good view of the entrance and the rest of the Cafe', while also being inconspicuous.

* Tina glances over at the padre, then looking embarassed.

* Brian flushes a bit too, but does give Tina another handsqueeze.

* Tina seems comforted by this.

* Gerald looks faintly wry at the scene, then heads over to the priest.

* Deitricht nods, and moves over for Gerald to sit down.

* Gerald sits as well, rubbing temples.

* Deitricht then glances in the direction of the entrance. Kyoko Nakamura enters, clad in casual, functional clothes. Her every motion is measured and graceful, yet not obvious. She heads over to the group. "Evening. Is there a seat free here?"

* Gerald smiles, rising from seat to give her a respectful bow, Japanese-style. "Indeed, Nakamura-san. A pleasure you could join us."

* Tina smiles, waving hi a bit. Both of the nearest workers blinkie curiously at the incoming Kyoko, blinking at Tina and Val a bit in question.

* Kyoko bows back. "Unfortunate that it is not under better circumstances." She slides into the seat opposite Deitricht. "Now, what was incedent down in the Science division?" She pitches her voice so that it isn't easily heard by any nearby listening devices.

* Gerald sobers, looking at the others, then back to Kyoko. {q} "There was a massive explosion down there. The library essentially *isn't* anymore. We...meaning my comrades in security and I {nods to Brian and Ripley} found machinery melted down, three people dead, many more injured. And the nature of the accident itself is *highly* suspicious." {there is an edge to his voice on that last}

{Brian} *nod, q* Given what we found down there, it's more than simply suspicious as far as I'm concerned.

* Sabre nods formally to the newcomer. {q} "Shall I show what I found, Gerry?"

* Ripley does, rather.

{Gerald} {q} Yes. Our Mr. Nelson, I suspect, is a Lying Bastard. {a rather especial emphasis on the Lying} And....what did you find? {looks over to Ripley, curious enough he ignores the 'Gerry' for once}

* Kyoko nods back to Ripley, glancing at him. *q* "Three people dead are three too many. And hm?"

## Kyoko rolled 3d6 = 12 (6 5 1).

* Ripley slips out the glasses. {q} "Mister Nelson's female aid was terrified about losing these. They are... invested. To sense. You all know the type, I'm sure.

* Tina's eyes *widen*.

* Kyoko glances down at the glasses, and touches them.

## Kyoko rolled 3d6 = 8 (1 6 1).

* Gerald looks at the glasses, touching as well.

## Gerald rolled 3d6 = 15 (6 3 6).

* Kyoko purses her lips. *q* "Indeed." She glances at the rest. "Which would mean, if I take your meaning, that their owner is now feeling their loss."

* Tina glances to Kyoko, and nods wordlessly.

* Brian's eyes narrow; he doesn't touch, just looks Malakite-annoyed.

{Gerald} {vq} Oh, *excellently* done, Ripley.

* Kyoko glances over at Brian with a knowing look... even though she doesn't -show- that annoyance, there is an exchange of understanding between them.

{Ripley} She winced, hard, when I slipped them into my sleeve... Virtue.

* Ripley blinks, and *beams* for a second, looking young. {q} "Thank you, sir."

{Gerald} {q} And yes. And deprived of her usual crutch. {looks between the two Malakim with a certain wryness} {smiles over at Ripley} It was an inspired move, for certain.

{Brian} *q* I think we need to hunt for snakes sometime in the near future.

{Ripley} {q} It seemed appropriate.

{Kyoko} *q* That would confirm it, then. *she smiles slightly* Well done, Ripley. *she then glances at Gerald and Brian* What are your estimates for Mr. Nelson being put under arrest for his participation in the explosion?

{Ripley} {q} Snakes, Brian? Or Snake Oil Saleswomen? Or both?

{Gerald} {q} It was. And it deprived them of a major way to ah...find out about us. And....yes. I think....he...convinced me, briefly.

{Gerald} {q} Likely, I think, Nakamura-san. And I also... {crooked his finger in a distinct hook} Minorly, but there.

* Kyoko nods at Brian. *q* "Indeed. From behavioural observation, there is at least one other in the Executive division of the station."

{Brian} *q* Both, though he seems to be a sales-man- at the moment. *glances to Gerald* And this is a very good thing.

* Gerald nods. {q} "Not much more than an hour worth, but I'm sure we can put that to use, Brian."

* Gerald glances up, sharply. {q} "Indeed?"

* Brian hms, arching an eyebrow at Kyoko.

{Ripley} {q} Oh -- and Lady Virtue... there is a suspected stalker working as a menial on the flight deck. Well, I suspect her, at least.

{Gerald} {q} I concur.

* Kyoko glances at Brian and Gerald. *q* "Indeed. The behavior of one Rosamond Cosby is suspect, as is her association with one of the station's Psychologists, Alex Lane. My companion and I have had to smooth over several incedents that were sparked after personell went to him for counselling." She nods at Ripley. *q* "Has she been agressively pursuing anybody in the time that you have been here?"

* Tina keeps listening, silently, with Val, wincing a bit at the mention of a second possible Bal.

{Ripley} {q} No, ma'am. Though... {he looks down, blushing} She contrived to touch me.

* Val says nothing, aside from her hands tightening a bit on the chair she's leaning on.

* Tina reaches out to pat Val's hand. Meanwhile, the workers keep clearing off schtuff in the immediate area.

* Val smiles wanly at Tina, then notes the other workers. *vq, to Tina* "hm... perhaps someone should steer them away?"

{Tina} {vq} De nada, Val. They're people we know. {small smile, pats her pockets}

* Kyoko nods slightly. *q* "Your duties and hers, I suspect, will cross often, Ripley, so if there is anything suspect you will likely be the first to notice it." She looks slightly wry. *q* "We are rather certain that one of the Storage Level workers is a stalker as well...however, the news there is somewhat lighter. It would appear that he has an extreme interest in obsessively tending his collection of plants in his cabin when not on duty. With suitable, patient work, it should be possible to guide him on the path to a better life."

* Val mms and nods again.

* Ripley bites his lip.

* Tina smiles a little bit. "Better than the alternative?"

* Gerald nods, taking note of Kyoko's comment. "No idea about 'our' stalker, but perhaps we can find out about her...well, openness to the idea."

{Ripley} {q} She doesn't like to talk.

{Gerald} {q} Typical behavior. But more perhaps in her actions.

* Kyoko looks at Ripley. *q* "There are ways other than talking, Ripley." She smiles slightly. "Actions, in the case of stalkers, tend to work better than words. It will need to be carefully done, however. *she purses her lips* The resent... upset... will likely have disrupted many clandestine plans on the station. There will be a power vaccum, should Nelson and his associate be removed.

* Tina parses this. {m} "Lovely. Status games?"

{Ripley} {q} Vaccum... {he looks distant for a moment} Bodies moving, converging... voids being filled...

{Gerald} {q} Yes. In this case in the search for power.

* Kyoko nods. *q* "Questions of status and worthiness, yes. Which could work in our favor, provided it does not impact the civilians on the sation."

{Ripley} {q} And perhaps... flush them out....

{Deitricht} *q* Indeed. Which would be optimal, if the station personell was turned against them.

{Gerald} {q} Aye. I wonder if there would be a way to...inconvenience our friend Mr. Nelson further.

{Ripley} {q} Mm. I dunno...

{Val} *q* Or better yet, catch him in the act of deceiving.

* Kyoko glances at the three security folks. *q* "Were you able to determine what he was working on?"

{Ripley} {q} It went boom.

{Gerald} {q} Not a bit. It was mostly esoteric machinery. Most of it completely melted down.

* Kyoko purses her lips again. *q* "Hm. It will be easy to convince others that it was dangerous, but at the same time, with its nature unknown, it will be easy for him to convince others it was an accident."

{Brian} *q* Although I did recognize some parts of it. Gravity generator technology from the look of it, but... not in any recognizable use of the material.

{Kyoko} *q* That is a foothold, then.

{Ripley} Gra... {his eyes grow wide} But... but she's *Technology.* I'm *sure* of it...

{Gerald} What?

{Ripley} {vq} Sir... consider. We were sent here because of concern over the Void establishing a true foothold, yes? Well... I've been studying space, since I fly through it now... and gravity... and gravity can warp, into holes... holes perhaps into the void itself...

{Brian} *vvq* And perhaps... just perhaps... reach other dimensions......

{Kyoko} *q* A collusion between Void and Technology? That is an unsettling notion, but at the same time, plausable.

{Ripley} {vvq} Or at the least, produce voidlike conditions. Could Technology be trying to reinforce the Void, here/

* Gerald pauses. {wryly} {vq} "Well. On the bright side, if a Tether to the Void was trying to be established, this Disturbance would have probably obliterated it. idea."

* One of the workers gets this really strange expression on his face.

* Val arches an eyebrow in that general direction.

* Worker glances away hurriedly. {m, familiar speech patterns to her} "Sorry. I had some scary scary images there all of a sudden..."

* Gerald pauses, noting Ripley's comment. {q} "That's...a truly frightening proposition, Ripley."

{Gerald} {q} I certainly don't like the idea of them trying to tip the odds in their favor, that way.

{Deitricht} *q* It would be a distinct tactical imbalance, to be certain.

{Brian} *q* Perhaps we should take more steps to even the odds, then?

{Gerald} {q} I would be in favor of it.

* Kyoko nods. *q* "Indeed. The next few weeks will be critical in shifting the balance back to our favor."

{Gerald} {q} Yes. Any thoughts on how to do so?

{Brian} *q* We can certainly start by getting after Nelson and his associate.

* Tina nods, shortly.

{Kyoko} *q* That is a start, yes. My associates and I will be working on quelling any fears among the station's personell, and helping them not longer be dependant on any harmful "helpful" assistance.

* Ripley nods. {q} "I'll... hm. Wait...."

* Gerald nods, listening, his fingers steepled. {q} "As we probably will be, in our own way. Yes, Ripley?"

{Ripley} {q} We get a certain amount of flyby latitude, and I have good senses of odd motion. I could try to find any anomolies in gravity around the station when I next have freeform flight time...

{Gerald} {q} Good idea. You're the one amongst us that likely has that sense for it.

{Ripley} If it does any good...

{Brian} *q* It certainly couldn't hurt. *wl*

{Gerald} It's more than what I could do in that situation. {nods to Brian}

{Deitricht} *q* Any information to add to our reference base will be, objectively, "good", Ripley.

{Gerald} {q} Yes. Speaking of which, do you or your companions have any idea of any other...suspect types on board, Kyoko?

* Kyoko consides, and counts along her graceful fingers. *q* "One liar involved in the accident, one suspect in the executive ranks. A punisher as a psycologist. A stalker in Storage, and the one you observed on the flight deck. The take also involved with the accident. There is also likely at least one or two somehow involved with the medical division who has been affecting our other associate that has yet to be resolved." She glances at the rest of the group. "Am I missing any others?"

{Tina} {q} One suspected destroyer in security. I checked on his record. Way too many repair requests to his room for comfort.

* Tina narrows her eyes at the mention of potential Habbalah.

* Ripley shivers. {vq} "We should get rid of the destroyer. Too dangerous on a station..."

* Tina nods to Ripley, then to Brian. {vq} "Yeah. I think he already nearly killed at least one worker. {to Brian} Unless I'm wrong?"

{Brian} *nod, q* Probably -would- have died had I not happened to be there.

* Tina nods, her eyes narrowing rather coldly. {q} "Thank Himself for that, then."

{Brian} *vq* Not to mention the doctor.

{Tina} {q} Yes. Is she... {looks over at Kyoko, question unspoken in her eyes}

* Kyoko looks at Tina, levelly. *q* "We are... still having discussions, Tina. However, I am optimistic as to their eventual outcome. The work is delicate."

{Brian} *q* I hope for success there, then. No doubt the Diabolicals here have made life very difficult for her.

* Tina nods, relaxing a bit. {q} "Good."

* Gerald nods, in agreement with Brian.

{Tina} {q} And...confirmed corruptor making the rounds.

* Tina tenses quite noticably at this.

* Gerald blinks, looking over to Tina, stiffening himself a bit, unconsciously. {q} "Oh?"

* Kyoko purses her lips. *q* "Is there a lead on who it tends to visit?"

{Tina} {q} Tech. Artifact laptop. I think I know some of his usual rides. His 'usual' is some guy who calls himself lAz3rboi.

{Brian} *muttered* A name no doubt -enhanced- by that bastard.

* Tina hehs a little bit, patting Brian's hand and nodding.

* One of the workers tosses some glass into the waste receptacle, a bit too vehemently.

* Kyoko nods slightly. *q* "This will have to be ... dealt with, effectively, without harming those whom it has inhabited further." She glances over at one of the workers.

## Kyoko rolled 3d6 = 12 (4 3 5).

-} *Tina* Gimme his greatest virtue and worse sin, for the guy riding inside! ;)

{Val} *q* -Someone- is certainly displeased with the concept. *swl*

*Tina* To the chaaaaaannel? :) ;)

-} *Tina* Sure! ;)

{Tina} {q} Betcher bippy I am, ma'am.

{Ripley} Bippy?

{Tina} {q} Weird little term.

*Tina* Wait, I'll give it to you, and let *her* react? ;)

* Brian hehs a bit.

-} *Tina* Sure, I can work with that. ;) The html log will show, the spammed won't.

*Tina* Worst sin: Ending up getting a score of people mutilated or killed as part of an especially elaborate, cruel Prank. Greatest Virtue: To be utterly repentant of his past atrocities, and to be Redeemed from Shedite of Dark Humor to Kyriotate by Jean.

* And that bippy line was actually by Ta--er, The Kyriotate known as Worker #1 in this little scene!

* Kyoko quirks an eyebrow at the worker, and then smiles at Tina. *q* "Interesting company you keep, Tina. I approve."

{Tina} {q} Hmmm? {small smile} He's a fruitcake. But a fun one.

* There is a muffled, mortified cough from one pocket.

* Ripley flushes a bit.

* Kyoko nods. *q* "Be that as it may... I beleive this takes care of our assesment for the moment?"

* Tina blinkies over at Ripley.

{Gerald} {q} I think it would, yes.

* Ripley nods.

* Detricht nods. *q* "I needs must return to duties in the chapel."

* Gerald nods. {q} "Take care, Father."

* Detricht nods, and stands up. He needs to move past Gerald to get out, but since everybody's about to go their seperate ways, -anyway-... *q* "And you as well, Gerald, John, Brian, the rest..." He smiles slightly.

{Brian} See you, Father. *ss*

* Gerald stands up and aside to help Deitricht out.

* Ripley rises and bows formally to the Padre.

* Detricht nods to those there. *q* "His blessing upon us all." And then makes his way out of the cafe.

{Gerald} {q} Thank you, Father.

* Kyoko slips her way out of chair. *q* "Thank you, Father." She smiles slightly. "And I must takes my leave as well. May your efforts find harmony in the days ahead."

{Gerald} {q} And in honor, Nakamura-san. {small smile}

* Tina nodnods, smiling a bit, to Kyoko.

{Brian} *q* Walk in Illumination.

{Tina} {q} What he said.

* Kyoko nods to those there, and slips out, still graceful and almost utterly silent.

{Worker #1} Uh....yeah. {seems very flustered, flushing as she brushes by him}

{Ripley} {q} Good b... ye. Mm.

{Gerald} Hm?

{Ripley} {q} Nothing, nothing. She just... nothing. I think I need a walk, though.

{Gerald} {q} Right... We need a way of securing your ah...find, though, Ripley.

{Ripley} {q} Oh -- of course. {he offers it to Gerald}

* Gerald nods, accepting the relic-glasses. {q} "I'll put these somewhere safe.....once again, thank you for your quick thinking."

{Ripley} {q} Just seemed right, Sir.

{Gerald} {q} It was a good idea. {smile}

* Fork! Or fade. Whichever works.

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