Scouting In A Winter Wonderland

* o/~ ...Sleigh bells ring, are you listnin'? In the lane, snow is glist'nin... it's a beautiful sight, we're happy tonight, walking in a winter wonderland....

* Ayrie smiles, looking out the picture window of the apartment she shares with Philip, snow lightly drifting from the sky as carols play softly on the corner stereo. The scent of cooking meat drifts from further in. She's always liked this time of year... doubly so because she shares it with Philip.

* *clang!*

* Ayrie blinks, looking over her shoulder, and already moving for the kitchen proper. "You okay, Philip?"

* Philip's voice replies from the kitchen. "I'm fine, Aeri! The roast was just a bit stuck on the oven rack..."

* Ayrie relaxes, smiling. "Oh, good. I'm glad you weren't hurt..."

* Philip chuckles. "-You're- glad? I'm the one handling this thing..." There's more kitchen noises. "Any idea if any of your friends are gonna show, Aeri?"

* Ayrie hms, and moves over to the computer along the side wall. "Well, I left email with those I thought might be able to stop by... but a couple sent their condolences... Role duties and stuff." She sighs. "Ian, for one... for some reason, his email gave me an automessage that he's outbound to some station out past -Jupiter-, of all places."

{Philip's voice} -Jupiter-? But don't you folks have connections up there?

* Ayrie rolls her eyes. "Yes, we -do- have Tethers, but apparently his corporeal boss gave the order, and well, -you- know..."

{Philip's voice} Right, right... us guys on the ground haven't figured out the -cool- ways to travel yet. *there's a tone of wry humor in his voice.*

{Ayrie} Only a matter of time, though! *grin*

* Philip chuckles, and more sounds of violence against roast beef can be heard from the kitchen.

* Ayrie , meanwhile, straightens up the living room some more, in case some invitees -do- decide to show... in the corner adjacent to the stereo, a mighty spruce stands, decorated with christmas ornaments and tinsel (the latter being recycled).

* Ayrie is a cherub. Being tidy with your things is something of a given.

* There's a knocking at the door. Three measured raps.

* Ayrie perks up, her head lifting in something of an almost feline gesture, and she quickly moves towards the apartment door, checking the little inset security cam monitor next to the door. "Who is it?"

{Voice} Well visitors, of course.

* Ayrie arches an eyebrow, and checks to see if the visitors reported by the security camera are ones she recognizes. "Okay, that's a given, but what -kind- of visitors....oh!" She grins as she recognizes them, and unlocks the door and opens it. "Well, come on in!"

* Gillian walks in, carrying a neat package of wrapped gifts. She's wearing a tee reading 'Blank Space'. Her red hair's short and kept to a neat pile on her head. Behind her is...

* Ayrie grins, moving out of the way so Gillian and companion can enter.

* ....Kimberly, carrying a smaller bag--probably videodiscs and such if past years hold! She's dressed casually but neatly, in jeans and a tee, hair to her shoulders. "Hi guys!"

{Gillian} Heya.

{Ayrie} Hi Gillian! Hi, Kim! *she turns her head to call over her shoulder* Philip, Gillian and Kimberly are here!

{Philip's voice} I Heard! *chuckle* Be out in just a second....

{Gillian} Well he's right in there, so of course he will. How're you tonight?

* Ayrie closes the door behind the two. For reference, she's wearing a light-blue sweater and jeans, and her red hair's to mid-back length. "Oh, pretty decently, Gillian... we've managed to take care of most our christamas stuff, and our current contract is moving along smoothly, so I'm in a pretty darn decent mood." She smiles. "So how've you two been doing, huh?"

{Gillian} Damn well, really. To reverse it all.

* Kimberly nodnodnods.

* Ayrie grins. "Oh good. So hey, please, take a seat..."

{Gillian} Hey thanks. Always comfortable to visit...

* Philip steps out of the kitchen area, wiping his hands on a dishtowel. He looks to be about in his mid-60's, but carrying it well, and is still trim and fit, wireframe glasses perched over his nose, moustache and goatee trim. "Hey there, Gillian, Kimberly... is there anything I can get you to drink?"

{Gillian} Yeah. Coffee?

* The living room has a couch next to the christmas tree, opposite the other wall which has the stereo, viddisc player, TV screen, Playstation2 and a couple other console games hooked up.. there's a few other tables and chairs in that particular room.

{Kimberly} Coke please! And darn well here too....

* Philip nods. "Coming right up...."

* Gillian glances around. "Still stuck in the past?"

* Ayrie smiles, and takes a seat, tyding up a few items on one of the tables, and then raises an eyebrow. "Well, Philip's a packrat, as always... I wouldn't say 'stuck' as much as 'one foot on the accelerator, one foot in the Swing Age.'"

* Philip comes out, carrying a tray with two coffees, and two cokes. "That's 'both hands on the keyboard, one foot in the Swing age', Aeri..."

{Ayrie} ..Whaaaateeever.... *eyeroll*

{Gillian} Good. More people should ermember the past. *her eyes twnkle*

* Ayrie chuckles, and grins. "Indeed. Oh, thank you, Philip..." She smiles as Philip hands her a mug of quality Java, who then serves Gillian hers, and serves Kimberly her Coke and saves the last for himself before sitting down next to Aeri.

* Gillian takes hers, sipping. "And someone still remembers how to make a cup of coffee without searing the beans."

* Philip smiles. "Well, I -have- had a good reason to keep in practice..." He looks over at Ayrie, who chuckles, and sips her own Java.

* Gillian looks at Ayrie. "Good."

{Ayrie} Hey, I take my coffee seriously... *she smiles, and blushes a tad, as she drinks more* Who knows, perhaps one day Philip'll graduate to the good stuff... *grin*

* Philip mock-protests. "Hey! At least you've -got- me drinking it part of the time these days..." *wink* "Give me a little credit here..."

* Gillian takes a sip. "If he hadn't already, then he probably won't ever. Some people are just so stuck in their ways."

* Ayrie nodnods, then blinks, and then arches an eyebrow. "You looking for a transfer to the Wind, Gillian?" Her serious look is ruined by the wink that follows soon after.

* Kimberly pauses, realizing she's 2/3 finished her Coke, blushes slightly and starts drinking more slowly.

{Gillian} Hey, just because the Wind has some good ideas doesn't mean I have to jump ship, does it?

* Ayrie shakes her head. "No, no, of course not..." She grins. "We're all in this together, after all, and Lightning's Word and the Wind's have crossed in intent in the past and up to the present..." She smiles, wryly. "Right, point to you." She then sips more of her Java.

* Philip quirks an eyebrow at Kimberly, and leans over. *q* "want a refill?"

* Gillian nods. "We are. Now."

* Ayrie mmms, and nods. "True. And may it be that way for a good long time to come." She lifts her coffee mug in a salute.

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 14 (5 4 5).

* Kimberly raises hers.

* As does Philip. "Amen." He smiles slightly, before sipping his coke once more.

* Gillian nods to the gesture. "How's life been treating you?"

{Ayrie} Oh, pretty decently... got some challenging contracts helping out some control software modifications on Bernal Alpha... they needed an upgrade from their old system back when the station first went up... helped run con-ops for some local SciFi/Anime conventions back during the summer... so pretty decently...

{Gillian} Contracts? What sort?

* Ayrie thinks. "Lesse, one for updating the mirror control software, another for the communications network... it was matched up with hardware upgrades they were doing."

{Gillian} Any signs that the dark side has competing bids in?

* Ayrie thinks some more. "None that I could nose out -offhand-... the same folks that helped write the control software in the first place, Lockheed Martin Aerospace, were in charge of the upgrade, and Philip and I were part of the team that was in charge of the upgrade... and I made -sure- to pull a couple of extra All-nighters to double-check the code... so if they did, they didn't make it to the actual design reviews and coding stage."

{Gillian} A clean project. I should be amazed, I really should.

{Kimberly} Unless they're taking another direction.

{Ayrie} Could be... *nods slightly* Mind you, this project was for station ops, there's still the people living -inside-, and Bernal Alpha's become quite the transit point to get to Clarke and Asimov.

* Philip hrms. "Think we should send a note up to those folks who're working there to double-check the immigration facilities?"

{Gillian} Isn't it a good idea?

* Philip nods. "Right." He grabs a piece of paper that was on one of the endtables, and scribbles a quick note to himself.

{Gillian} There. You must feel so much better now.

{Philip} Well, yes --

* The phone rings.

* Ayrie and Philip blink, and get up, almost in unison, to get the phone.

{Gillian} *q/Kim* I don't think they were expecting the phone.

{Kimberly} {q/Gillian} Somehow, I suspect you're right.

* Ayrie meeps, Philip urks, and after about a few seconds of shuffling (and a few more phone rings), Ayrie gets the phone.

{Gillian} *q* That's why they call me the observant one.

* Ayrie smiles as she manages to get it. "Hiiiii, Moyer residence! Merry Christmas! How may I help you?"

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 12 (1 5 6).

* A dry, somewhat acerbic voice replies from the other end, "I believe you can help me by informing me how many of your angelic associates are currently at your residence, Ayrie of Creation."

* Ayrie makes a little *hrk*ing sound, and blinks rapidly, doing a fair imitation of a Seraph in vessel. "Ah, Kidumiel and Luxastra of Lightning, Seneschal!"

* Kimberly pauses, straightening and listening.

* Gillian leans back, unconcerned.

* The Seneschal clicks his tounge, and continues, still dry. "Well, if you would be so kind as to place this call on speakerphone, I can relay to your group instructions from our Lord."

* Ayrie nodnods, and presses the speakerphone button. "Of course, Most Holy..."

{Gillian} Dinner will not be served tonight, so we may bring you this special presentation.

* The voice from the speaker phone speaks, recognizable as that of the Seneschal of the major Lightning tether in the area, Ithuriel, Seraph of Jean. "Indeed, Luxastra, it is highly unlikely that your evening meal will be served by your hosts, tonight... 'eating-out' is more probable. I have a set of instructions, relayed to me to pass on to you and your associates by our Lord."

{Gillian} You know I live for these.

* Ithuriel clears his throat. "This is Truth." There's the sound of shuffling papers, and a few keystrokes. "You are to proceed to 5603 Lamar Road, in the vicinity of Glen Echo, Maryland, and ascertain the state of the family living within, one Mr. and Mrs. Tivoli, who have a rising probablity that they will be the target of Demonic Retaliation before the end of the year, and to take what measures are necessary to prevent this retaliation."

{Gillian} We might even have to use harsh language.

{Ithuriel} *dryly* Indeed.

* Ayrie raises an eyebrow. "Did the Lord of Lightning give any reasons -why- we were supposed to scout out this family? *pause* Not that we won't, but I wanted to get a bit of clarifcation on who we might be up against." Her mein gets a tad more businesslike as she talks.

{Ithuriel} According to our Lord, the family therein is related to a captured Hellsworn who has evinced guilt and remorse over his crimes, and is worried about possible Infernal retribution from his capture. It is beleived that protecting his family will allow those dealing more closely with the Hellsworn to leverage his breaking away with his Infernal masters.

{Gillian} So either we keep them safe, or there's Hell to pay.

{Kidumiel} Literally, sounds like.

* Ayrie nods, thoughtfully. Ithuriel replies, "Yes, that is in essence correct, Luxastra, Kidumiel."

* Gillian looks at Kiddy. "Like I ever talk another way?"

* Philip hrms. "Who was the Hellsworn working for before his capture, Seneschal?"

{Ithuriel} The hellsworn and his companions were in the service of Theft, Mr. Moyer.

* Gillian scratches the back of her neck. "I just don't have a response to that."

{Kidumiel} Are there any specific or likely threats, or are we just looking for anything?

{Ithuriel} I beleive you will survive, Luxastra, without replying with another 'quip'. Probabilities are high that another Theft-team will be dispatched to deal with the family; reports indicate that the Hellsworn's controllers were sent into Trauma by our lord. Trade and Judgement performed the trace that led to his family; apparently the wife has remarried in the Hellsworn's absence. Other factors cannot be ruled out; keep watch for anything suspicious.

* Ayrie scratches her chin, and looks at the others. "So, it boils down to scout out the family and where they're moving, and then wait for the other side to make a move..."

{Gillian} Question. How well do you suppose they know their targets?

{Ithuriel} From reports and information garnered by resonance, the Hellsworn entered service through coercion and the threat of retribution being held over his family.

{Kidumiel} In other words, enough to be a problem.

{Gillian} I don't suppose one of us could pulll a switch...

{Ayrie} Hmm... perhaps, but that'd require us infiltrating pretty deeply, I think. And I have no idea what this family looks like. I get the feeling we're the first ones who've gotten the chance to se ethe family face to face, Most Holy?

{Ithuriel} That is correct, Ayrie.

{Gillian} Got'cha.

* Ayrie nods. Ithuriel continues. "Is there anything else you wish to ask about this assignment, Ayrie, Luxastra, Kidumiel, Philip?"

* Gillian looks at the others, considering.

* Ayrie looks at the others, too, then hrms. "Is there any others who might be called in to help handle this?"

{Ithuriel} At the present time, no; our other local operatives are busy, and I have yet to liason with other Seneschals and their own agents. I cannot speak for the future tense in this case, however.

{Gillian} Well then, it's on our heads.

* Ayrie nods. "Indeed. Thank you, Most Holy."

{Gillian} Yeah. Thanks. We couldn't get anything done without you.

{Ithuriel} Indeed, Luxastra. Walk in Illumination, Ayrie, Luxastra, Kidumiel, Philip.

{Ayrie} Godspeed, Most Holy.

* Ithuriel hangs up the phone.

{Gillian} All right. I think research?

{Ayrie} I was thinking scouting, myself, but research is good, unless you want to count that under research...

* Kidumiel raises her hand. "Radical idea!"

{Gillian} Oh I want to hear *this*.

{Kidumiel} Research *and* scouting.

{Philip} Ooo. Sounds like a plan.

{Gillian} Oh wonderful.

{Ayrie} What things about them were you thinking to research, Gillian?

{Gillian} Research on the family... where they might have had the hellspawn inserted?

* Ayrie nods, and then blinks. "Huh... -that- would be nasty, if they did that." She shudders a bit. "Right. Better call the Seneschal and get the name of that Hellsworn, so we know what his wife's was before she remarried."

* Gillian nods to her.

* Ayrie reaches over, and dials up the Seneschal's number. After one ring, it gets picked up. "Ah, yes, this is Ayrie of Creation... I'd like to speak with the Seneschal for some clarifications... yes, I'll hold. " She waits a few seconds. "Ah, hello, Most Holy... we just came across another peice of data that we need... the name of the Hellsworn who was apprehended and prompted us to do this... oh, and the names of the family members, for that matter. ... ah, good, good... thank you, Most Holy." She writes down several names on a nearby sheet of paper. "Walk in Illumination, yes." *smile* "Thank you." She then hangs up.

{Kidumiel} Yay!

* Gillian glances at them.

* Ayrie grins a bit. "The Soldier of Theft's name is David Westminster... his wife, Lydia, is now married to Ambrose Tivoli. There's a daughter, Bianca. And those're the names the Seneschal could give me."

{Gillian} Whicih means there's at least one that we need to find for ourselves.

{Kidumiel} I'd suggest a background investigation on Tivoli, too. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but....

{Gillian} There's no such thing in love and hell.

{Ayrie} Hm? *she nods* That... would be -extremely- nasty, yes... but a darn good way for them to keep an eye on the family. *she ewws, a bit* And agreed. *slight smile*

* Gillian looks at Kid. "Want to play a duet on the computer?"

{Kidumiel} You take soprano, I'll harmonize.

* Gillian nods and moves to the nearest terminal.

* Kidumiel moves over with!

* Gillian gently cracks her knuckles. "Oh, mind if we use this, kids?"

* Ayrie smiles. "Go right ahead, Gillian.."

* Ayrie's computer setup is, as expected for someone who works with Lightning, impressive.

* Gillian looks calmly at the screen, beginning to work on the family records.

* Ayrie , meanwhile, starts hunting down her curren DC/suburb city maps.

* Gillian lets Kid take her side...

* *hackety hackety hackety hackety hackety* Basic birthdate, marraige, etc information are available, thanks to the interconnectedness of current-day records. David and Lydia got married about 15 years ago, and had a daughter, Bianca, 12 years ago. Lydia remarried and changed her last name to Tivoli 5 years ago, since her husband, David, apparently left her six years ago.

* Gillian looks for any suspicious transactions, 'walkins' to their lives...

* *hackety hackety hackety schmackety...* Financial records are harder to gain access to, though with some shared keyinfo from Trade, there were some suspicious transactions and debt rearrangement and payoff before David left the family, after which point things became normal family expenditures. There's also been a semi-regular payoff of modest funds -to- Lydia's accounts, quietly inserted. The rest are normal family transactions, cristmas presents, morgidge payments, car payments, dr. bills, etc. No bizzare 'walkins', unless you count Ambrose's and Lydia's marraige, which is on file... Ambrose has lived in the area a while before all this occured. He's even got a website.

* Gillian visits it...

* Welcome! To the Family Wellness Psychology Center! With your host and helper, Dr. Ambrose Tivoli!

* Gillian looks for links...

* Yup, there's plenty, for major psychological journals, the good Dr.s alma mater (Johns Hopkins U.), the various boards he's a part of. His credentials appear very, very legitimate, his patients' confidentiality and privacy is respected, though there's the option to waiver, as there -are- a few testimonials on the website stating just how good the good Dr. is. Some more links to related "family wellness" sites, etc... a decent, if semi-amiturely done, Professional website.

* (in fact, on one of the page blurps it says the Dr. put it up all by himself.)

{Gillian} *q* I wonder if he could stand to hire someone to design these for him.

{Kidumiel} {q} So a husband supposedly leaves her and a *family psychologist* marries her less than a year later? Something's rotten in Deeenmaaaark....

* Gillian raises an eyebrow.

* Ayrie peers over, where she and Philip have managed to pintpoint the family's house in Geln Echo. "Do they give an address for where his office is?"

* Gillian looks for just that.

* He's got an office in Bethesa, Maryland... pretty upscale area of town, and close to Glen Echo.

{Gillian} Yes. And doing well for himself.

{Kidumiel} Pull records on his patients. I wanna see how many actually do well.

* Records on his patients are harder to come by. Much harder (there -is- such a thing as dr-patient confidentiality... no idea on the number of other patients he has, unless you hack further). Those whom they -can- access do appear to be doing pretty well for thmselves, especially the public ones... he's got some pretty higher-level clients.

{Kidumiel} Okay, that's the big public ones. Can we pull any of his *typical* clients?

{Gillian} Maybe that's all he has.

* Pulling his clients will likely take a lot more work... and then referencing -their- lives even moreso. Of course, they've got time to do so. Really.

{Kidumiel} This could take a loooooooooooooong time....

* Gillian looks over. "Or we could just make a cursory search and not worry."

* Ayrie hrms, looking over Kidumel's and Gillian's shoulders as she passes by with another set of maps, and coincedentally refilling their drinks. "Or perhaps just grab names, and hand off to somebody else, say in Trade or Flowers?"

{Gillian} Oh they'll just love that. More people to put on their mailing lists.

* Ayrie chuckles a bit. "Eh, was just a thought." She goes and heads back into the kitchen/dining area with Philip.

{Gillian} It's a good one.

* Ayrie calls from that section, "Thank you!"

* Gillian culls up what names she can and forwards them to a friendly address.

{Kidumiel} Is that it from this direction?

* Gillian crosses her arms. "Barring a miracle."

* The percentage of addresses is a portion of the whole, but it's a good distributed cross-section. Some more recent patients, some from several years ago, some oldsters, some young couples. Or at least, so you think. To pry further may trigger security measures.

* Gillian also takes a sip from her coffee mug. "So what next?"

* Ayrie comes back out of the kitchen area again, clad in dark clothes, though her jacket's light, but reversable. "Well, we know where the Tivoli's live, as well as where is office is, and it's dark outside, so I was thinking scouting, now. At least in the driving-around sense. Getting to Glen Echo would take us through Bethesda, anyway."

{Gillian} Why not? Kim can see the sights.

* Philip nods, coming out as well, similarly clad for winter travel. "Yeah, the light displays are pretty impressive in the higher-rent areas this time of year."

{Gillian} Good, she'll be impressed. *she rises to grab a rough-worn coat*

* Ayrie polishes off the rest of her cup of coffee, and picks up a thermos of more fresh-brewed coffee. "This way to the Angelmobile...." She heads for the apartment door, holding it open for the rest.

* Gillian follows, stuffing her hands in her pocket.

* Ayrie switches off lights behind them, carrying the maps, and then closes the door, which locks behind them. They head out of the apartment, down stairs, and outside, where snow is once again lightly falling from the night sky. However, the roads are still sanded and salted from earlier, and the parking lot is mostly cleared. A light coating of snow covers the vehicles in the apartment complex parking lot in various thicknesses.

* Philip did, actually, but hey.

* Ayrie leads the way towards a moderate-sized van that's got a medium thickness of snow coating.

* Gillian climbs in, plopping into the middle seat.

* Kidumiel hops in with!

* Ayrie and Philip start clearing off the snow from the van windows... the van istself is a decent one, efficent gas mileage, well-used and cared for, and pretty much nothing to make it stick out from any other thousands of efficeny-vans in the DC area.

* Once that's done, Philip gets the driver's seat, and Ayrie takes shotgun. Doors are locked, and Ayrie makes sure everyone's buckled in before Philip starts driving.

* Gillian waits a proper three seconds. "*matter of factly* So who's going to start singing?"

* Philip coughs. Ayrie blushes, and looks back at Gillian and Kidumiel. "Well, I wasn't -planning- to... not unless a good song came on the radio..."

* Gillian nods. Is she satisfied? Is she smug? Is she just agreeing? Who knows?

* Kidumiel looks innocent (9).

* Philip coughs again, and starts driving out of the suburbs for the Beltway proper, still faintly embarrased.

* Ayrie still blushes a bit, but giggles softly, and hunts around for a decent radio station that hasn't been swamped with rabid Nybbasization.

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 11 (1 4 6).

* Ayrie somehow, miraculously, finds a -very- good station that presents a mix of modern and classic volcal music styles, with a minimum of commecialization.

{Kidumiel} What station's that?

* Ayrie peers. "Huh. 85.92 on FM. Wonder why we haven't noticed...."

{Philip} Perhaps because we hardly ever travel that far down the dial?

{Ayrie} Hm. Point.

* Gillian leans over, looking at the station a moment, then leans back. "Or maybe it's been hiding from you."

{Philip} Anything's possible... *slight smile as they get on the beltway heading west.*

{Gillian} Including a diabolical station hidden from the senses?

{Ayrie} Erm... hrm. *she peers at the radio station again*

{Gillian} Of course, it could just be a radio station.

{Philip} That it could be, too.

* Kidumiel starts humming along with the music.

* Gillian listens, leaning back.

* The drive is smooth, the van driving around the beltway, snow flying by the windows... before long, they reach the Rockville Pike exit, which they take.

* Gillian's eyes have closed...

* Philip looks a bit wistful, looking up Rockville pike towards the suburbs for a moment. Ayrie rests a hand on Philip's shoulder, he nods, and they take the turn south to head towards Bethesda.

* 'Don't go back to Rockviiiiile... and waste another year...'

* Kidumiel glances between the two, curiously, but doesn't ask, staying quiet.

* Ayrie pointedly ignores the radio's current song, as they drive further south, the terrain somewhat hilly, the snow still blowing. They pass by NIH and the Naval Medical Center, and head down Rockville Pike as it becomes Wisconsin Avenue as it enters Bethesda.

* Bethesda's... big. Bright. Upscale. Lots of medium-height skyscrapers, street-level expensive shops, lots of lights on the walls and buildings.

{Kid} {muttered} Enthusiasm, or Media. Media, or enthusiasm. You make the call.

* Gillian doesn't open her eyes. "*q* I don't have to."

* Well, at least the people walking around doing last minute shoppinbg-seem- happy, if albeit frazzled given the time of the year.

* The angelmobile stops at a stoplight, and customers cross in front of them. Ayrie consults the maps.

{Ayrie} Hmm.... Tivoli's offices should be around here somewhere.... oh, okay, the next block as we drive past.

* Philip nods, still keeping his eyes on the traffic.

{Gillian} Need another pair of eyes?

{Ayrie} It'd help, yes. Check on the left, it's 7600 Wisconsin Avenue, though his actual office is up in the building, I imagine.

* Gillian nods and nudges Kid. "Look out the window. You're closer."

* Kid looks out the window!

* Kid watches carefully, even.

* They start driving, and on the left, it can be seen another oen of those higher classes of buildings... which looks to have the first three floors being an upscale mall with attached parking garage. Above that are many many floors of what would be presumably residences and offices.

{Kid} {Vader voice} Impressive.

{Ayrie} ... whooo boy. It's really grown up around here.

* Philip makes an 'mm' sound.

{Gillian} *q* Hm?

* They continue driving, taking a right turn and heading off intp the higher-class suburbs that are between the potomac and Bethesda, away from the multitude of bright lights and stores. This part of town has light displays, true.. but the kind put op by families on their own homes, and quite tasteful and pretty what with the snow cover.

{Philip} *q* Just remember when it wasn't so built up, Gillian. Or flashy.

{Gillian} Did you come from around here?

{Kid} {vq} Now *this* is enthusiasm.

* Philip nods. "Grew up around here... little north of Bethesda, in Garrett Park." He jerks his head northward.

* Gillian nods, and opens her eyes to look out the window.

* They've gotten further into Glen Echo... upper-middle-class homes line the streets at distance that are pretty decent, and snow and lights abound. Also, notably, there appears to be groups of people... couples, families, walking around and looking at the various light displays.

{Gillian} the only thing missing's the carolers.

{Ayrie} They might come later. Or... *she hrms, looking speculatively at the people walking about* How close are we, Philip?

* Philip consults a street sign. "Well, we're on river road now... about to hit springfield drive... about a dozen blocks, I think..."

* Ayrie considers. "Hm. Well, the Idea I was starting to get was that we wander around the streets looking just like any other small grouping, and you could try resonating on any of the crowd moving past, Gillian... and then we got the the Tivoli's house, I could perhaps sneak around the back and try to get a good look at the exterior layout and property... but going around under cover as carolers could work, too..."

* Gillian nods. "Works."

* Ayrie nods. "Park the car .. there, Philip."

* Philip nods, and parks the car... There!

* Ayrie unbuckles once parked....

* Gillian climbs out, stretching.

* Ayrie gets out as well, and heads around to the back of the van, popping open the back. "Lemme see if we've got any hymnbooks back here..."

* Philip gets out and tab-locks doors, waiting for all to exit before doing so. He bundles himself up against the cold and snow, his glasses fogging slightly before they adjust to the temperature.

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 10 (1 6 3).

* Ayrie manages to find 3 hymbooks,a nd hads one each to Gillian and Kidumiel.

* Gillian takes it, looking down. "Oh great. Vatican 2. It's like New Coke, but it never died."

* Philip snrks, slightly, moving over to Ayrie's side, sharing a hymnal. "Well, it's got its charms... hmm, yeah, all the good carols are in here."

* Ayrie nodnods, turning the pages. "And I've got the route to the Tivoli's house memorized. So... start off with 'O Little Town Of Bethlehem'?"

{Gillian} Yes. It's too sweet and makes no sense.

{Ayrie} Well... that's one way to put it. *quirked smile* Anyway. *she clears her throat, and counts 4-time, and starts to sing...*

{Ayrie} "O little town of Bethlehem, How still we see the lie... Above they deep and dreamless sleep, the silent stars go by..."

* Philip joins in with Ayrie's singing, taking care of the bass/tenor line.

* Gillian sings in turn, mechanically good but not with much soul...

* Ayrie notes this, and helps support Gillian's singing, drawing it in slightly to make it a more functional part of the whole. She also does this while leading the foursome further into Glen Echo.

* Kidumiel joins in--very enthusiastically. Go figure.

* Gillian serves as the meter and rhythm...

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 16 (5 6 5).

* Together, the group manages to put together some -very- fine harmonies as they walk slowly through Glen Echo. Other people are also wandering about, pairs, singletons, family groups, watching the snow fall and make the light displays on the houses glitter and gleam with the millions of ice crystals that are covering the houses. This also means that there's a decent number of people for Gillian to resonate, should she be so enclined.

* Gillian does indeed, seeking out the emotional patterns which waft past her like circuits... each one forming a bond with the others, reinforcing or forming destructive circuits...

* A small family group walks past, oohing at the lights... for the man, you can tell he's pleased at the world, and happy. The woman is thoughtful, and there's a tinge of worry in the back of her mind, concern for her next door neighbor evident to Gillain's senses. Their daughter -- ancious, but happy.

* Another woman, who's walking along by herself, listening and tot he music and looking up at the lights, is in a cheerful state of mind... filled with good cheer due to the carols and christmas lights, and quiet affirmation that the nice Mr. Tivoli has offered to help her with her marital concerns.

* Gillian posits to the woman... 'what if she told Mr Tivoli no?'

* Or no she doesn't.

* Gillian instead positis what would happen if she tried to question the woman about her benefactor.

* The woman would go on about how Mr. Tivoli's just so -nice-, how he helps around the community and how she chatted about her worries about her husband to him at the local mailbox-shipping place.

* Gillian would wonder for her second, how she's react if asked about her husband...

* In the second case, the woman would be more reticent, but perhaps with a bit of chatting it would be revealed that she's concerned about his laxness while in bed.

{Gillian} *vq* Well, looks like our Mr T is going to be the Viagra man...

{Kidumiel} {vq} Oh?

{Gillian} *q* Yup... see that woman there? She's got connubial issues with her husband. And Tivoli is helping, somehow.

* Kidumiel looks at Gillian.

* Ayrie mmmms, quietly, nodding while she and Philip continue to sing, providing cover for Kiddy and Gill's convo.

{Gillian} *q* Don't tell me your Superior never had That Talk with you, Kid.

{Kidumiel} {q} Okay, this *should* be perfectly plausible. Perfectly innocent. Why do I still feel like right now would be a great time to add a nice minor-chord sting to the soundtrack, maybe even diminished?

{Gillian} *q* I don't know. I don't have your tastes in music.

* Ayrie manages to add a minor-chord 'sting' in the middle of "We Three Kings", without detracting from the music.

{Kidumiel} {q} It feels threatening. Somehow.

{Gillian} *q* I got that sense, but my rapier wit was once again missed.

* Kidumiel hangs head in shame.

{Gillian} *q* It seems reasonable that he's targeting people in emotional need.

* Ayrie takes a break from the singing. *q* "So, try to follow her, or continue on the route to the Tivoli's?"

* Philip segues into a tenor rendition of "The Holly And The Ivy", to handle covering of the convo.

{Gillian} *q* Continue. She's minor.

* Ayrie nods, and joins back in with Philip's singing, helping them suppor as they starts walking again, further into Glen Echo... some more people wanderign about, closer to their intended desitnation, the houses impressive but not too ostentatious, each one with a different light display...

* Gillian wanders behind...

* And once again, there's plently of peopel for Gillian to Resonate, if she's so inclined. One or two give the group appreciative glances as they walk along and sing.

* Gillian searches for those who might have it in them to be worried, concerned, yet optimistic..

* Kidumiel sings along, enthusiastically....

* Ayrie and Philip sing just as enthusiastically.. a couple of people do not yeild up their emotional state to Gillian's perceptions... but a grandmotherly-aged woman is feeling contemplative and wistful.. the caroling reminding her of her younger days... and a teenaged man who's feeling upbeat.

* Gillian hms, focusing on the grandmother.

* After a few false starts that don't tell Gillian what she didn't already know, Gillian nails it. The Grandmother is feeling contemplative and wistful... she's feeling good due to the caroling, reminding her of her youth when she did much the same... and concerned, as her body's been running down despite how well she's bene taking care of it.

{Gillian} *vq* Missed.

{Ayrie} *vq* hm?

{Gillian} *q* I don't thnik she's the one, but. *she wonders at the woman's reaction to being asked about Mr T*

{Kidumiel} {q} Nothing good?

* The grandmother would react very positively about Mr. Tivoli.. when they meet at the grocery store, he always helps with loading her car.

{Gillian} *q* Or no... wait. He helps her out.

{Kidumiel} {q} Is there anyone he *doesn't* help out?

{Gillian} *q* I don't know. *frowns*

* Ayrie mmmms, quietly. *vq* "I'm getting that sinking feeling... check a few more people? We're almost near his house."

{Kidumiel} {vq, brightly} Are you thinking what Iiiii'm thinking?

{Gillian} *q* I am...

{Kidumiel} {vq, brightly} And he's been doing these wonderful, kind, sweet little favors for this *whole* *effing* *suburb!*

* Ayrie nods. *vq* "If he's not an Impudite, I'll eat my hat."

{Kidumiel} {vq} Well, no. There's a very plausible theory B.

{Kidumiel} {vq} That I really really really really really really really really really really really hope's wrong.

* Philip looks over. *vq* "And that would be?"

{Kidumiel} {vq, brightly} That he's got half of this whole bleeping suburb Geased!

* Ayrie makes a little sound in the back of her throat, that would, if she was in Celestial form, translate as a very audible growl.

{Philip} *vq* Ah yes. On the whole, I think I'll be rooting for theory A, thank you much.

{Kidumiel} {vq} I really hope he's an Impudite.

* Kidumiel pauses.

* Kidumiel looks at Gillian.

{Kidumiel} {vq} I can't believe I just said that.

{Gillian} *q* I can. *eyeroll*

{Ayrie} *vq* Well we may, and I use the term loosely, get 'lucky'... his house is just around this turn. *she then clears her throat, and starts signing "I Saw Three Ships" as they walk. Philip joins in*

* Gillian looks around for neighbours...

* As they walk around the corner, they can see that the road loops around... there's houses on either side, as welll as across the street... each house well-seperated by trees, to afford privacy. The Address that's supposed to be the Tivoli's... appears to be a modern interpretation of a Victorian home, 3 floors and VERY well approtioned, crying out that its owner has the money to make things look GOOD. Its light display is clearly the 'best' of those on this block, there's a couple of people outside doing the walking-around thing admiring the lights, and the Tivoli's in particular. And yes, the lights are on in the Tivoli's windows.

* Ayrie sizes up the area as she sings, checking for driveways, telephone poles, tree-cover, and other routes of access that could be used for any sort of sneak attempt.

* Gillian wanders past a window, looking in.

* Rather difficult to do so without walking up the driveway and the front lawn from the sidewalk.. the house -is- set back a bit... -but- the windows are clear, and Gillian can see a christmas tree within, tasteful paintings and bricabracs on the walls and shelves... doesn't appear to be anybody on the first floor from what she can see, however.

{Gillian} *q* Of course.

{Philip} *q* Hm?

{Gillian} *q* Of course he'd avoid detection. It's what I'd do.

* Philip nods, slightly, while moving the singing to "Jingle Bells", to provide cover for resonating should Gillian desire to.

* Gillian does, searching...

* One woman in the middle of the admiring group remains inperturbable to Gillian's senses, but the other two are much more readable... The woman is feeing happy and content, glad that she's pregnant... while the man is feeling overall all-right, filled with love for his wife... but also mildly frustrated, as once again Tivoli's got the best lights display in town.

* Gillian wonders what he'd say about Tiv...

* The man would admit, grudgingly, that he's very darn helpful around the community, very nice and friendly, though how he manages to do all that stuff and still keep a steady job is beyond him.

{Gillian} *q* I think we've gathered all the circumstantial eveidence that we can stand.

* Ayrie nods, slightly. *q* "I think I could make a good approach on the house tonight or the next... I -might- have left some surveillance equipment in the van, but if not, we can pick some up from the Senseschal. And we -do- know where he works."

{Gillian} *q* Then let's.

* Ayrie nods, and starts leading the way back to the Angelmobile, still singing carols, as does Philip.

* Gillian plays rear-guard.

* There's a few more passers-by as they return to the van, now dusted with snow, but no Calabim leap out of the shadows.

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 7 (3 3 1).

* Ayrie pops open the back of the van, and puts the hymnals back. She then roots around the kipple, seeing if she left anything worthwhile in there...

* Ayrie fehs a bit, holding up a parabolic dish and microphone. "Got a whisper mic, but no wiretaps."

{Gillian} *q* We'll make do, now won't we? *she looks at Kid*

* Kidumiel nodnodnodnods.

* Ayrie nods, and hrms, rummaging around in the back of the AngelMobile some more.

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 10 (4 3 3).

* Gillian nods. "Can' you do something about that?"

* Ayrie hmmmms, smiling slightly, as she finds some more electrical devices in the back of the van... a pair of walkie-talkies, an MP3-chip recorder, and anothe rpair of headphones. "Hrmmmm.... I might be able to do something with this, and rig up a recording setup for here...." She glances over at Kidumiel. "We could have somebody listen and record here, while I head up into the forest with the 'mic... though...." She hmmmmmmmms, looking at Kimberly thoughtfully.

* Kidumiel blinkblinkblinks innocently.

{Gillian} I'll leave you to your work.

{Ayrie} -Two- scouting would be better than one, but two humans would be noticeable... not one human and a pikachu.

{Philip} *Dryly* A pikachu's not noticeable, Ayrie? *quireked smile*

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 6 (3 2 1).

{Ayrie} *offahand* Not if they're not expecting it....

{Gillian} I dunno. I've been presuming that they all have eyes. Silly me.

* Ayrie starts fiddling with the electronic bits. "And it's dark.. but point." *&wl*

{Kidumiel} And I... sadly... am bright yellow then. And would have to do the old switcheroo.

{Gillian} Paint.

{Philip} Might be some in the back...

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 17 (5 6 6).

* Philip rummages, and doesn't find much....

{Ayrie} Here, lemme look...

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 14 (6 4 4).

* Ayrie rummages, and finds some small pots of black, blue, brown... and chartreuse.

* Ayrie then returns to cobbling together her little electronic gizmo.

* Gillian picks ikt up. "Well, this is all we need, Kid."

* Kidumiel looks at the paint.

* Kidumiel looks at Gillian.

{Kidumiel} You're *sure* about this.,

{Gillian} No, not in the least. Are you?

{Kidumiel} Not in the slightest. Let's do it.

{Ayrie} *offhand* We can wash it off later back at the apartment. And I'll recoup the Essence cost for you.

{Kidumiel} Right! Is the noise gonna be a problem?

{Kidumiel} The essence isn't, really....

* Ayrie thinks, shakes her head. "We're far enough away from his house that I don't think it'll be an issue."

* Kidumiel nodnodnods and turns into a Pikachu with a kawaii little celestial "bing!".

* Gillian picks up the pikachu and places her on a newspaper, spread out...

* Newspaper is found, and easily spread out.

* Kidichu is placed!

{Gillian} This hurts you much more than it hurts me.

* Gillian pours the darkest paint that she can find over Kidchu.

{Kidichu} Thank you. Er, pika.

* Philip hehs a bit. Meanwhile, Ayrie makes the final tweaks to her device. "There... think I finished it..."

{Gillian} Now let her dry.

* The device is essentially whisper-mic and headphones connected to walkie talkine/ walkie-talkie connected to MP3-chip recorder and another set of headphones for monitoring.

* Ayrie nods. "I need to get changed anyway."

{Kidichu} Paint.... chafing.... stiffening.... up....

* Ayrie starts doing so, exchaning hat and jacket for darker versions, tucking her hair up inside, removing shiny earrings etc, to make her less noticeable.

* Gillian waves her hands over Kidchu.

{Kidichu} I'm kidding, I'm kidding.

{Gillian} I'm drying the paint.

* Ayrie hehs, finishing her quick change from caroller to urban ninja.

{Ayrie} There.... how do I look?

{Gillian} You look like you're ready to take out a Gap with extreme prejudice.

{Ayrie} Mmmmmm.... taking out Gaps. I always suspected they were a collab between Nybbas and Mammon.

{Kidichu} You look like a ninja with a *great* figure.

* Ayrie blushes, and grins a tad. Philip nods, grinning a bit more. "I second that emotion, Ayrie."

* Ayrie coughs, and blushes more. "Right." She goes, and hands Gillian the recording-end of the walkie-talkie whisper-mic setup. "Gill, you and Philip get the recording end... Philip, I want you to drive down to Westland Middle School.. that'll give you a good place to wait.. Kim, you're with me." She shoulders the pickup-end of the whisper-mic. [INServ]

* Kidichu nodnodnods and zips to Ayrie's side.

* Gillian nods.

{Gillian} *q* I'm good.

* Ayrie picks up Kidichu, and nods. *q* "See you on the flip side, then." She heads off into the forest surrounding the little secotion of suburb.

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 11 (5 2 4).

* Philip watches Ayrie fade into the darkness of the woods, then nods to Gillian and to the van, getting into the diver's side and buckling in.

* Gillian moves in. "*q* Off again."

* Philip starts up the van. *q* "Yup." He pulls out onto the street, and drives towards the aforementioned middleschool parking lot.

* Meanwhile, Ayrie takes this opportunity to climb a tree, shifting Kidichu to hold onto her back as she ascends into the lower branches.

* Gillian keeps watch, not the least nervous.

* Kidichu holds on, very very carefully.

* Ayrie hops from lower branch to lower branch, like an old pro. One would think she's done this before... not many lumps of snow fall to the ground.

* Philip navigates the suburb streets, quiet.

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 13 (6 2 5).

* Gillian sees no point to speaking right yet...

* Slowly, eventually, carefully... Ayrie and Kidichu reach the edge of the Tivoli's property. The house lights are on, on both floors, though some of the unoccupied windows are dim.

* Philip pulls into the parking lot of the school, finding a spot that isn't too overwhelmed with snow. He checks his watch, idly.

* Gillian makes sure the reception is *on*.

* Ayrie looks at Kidumiel. *q* "At the nearest sign of things amiss, sprint for the woods, okay? I'd -love- to try and get an attunment on the mother or kid, but I don't know if it'll be possible." She then turns on her whispermic, and murmurs. *vvq* "We're live here, folks." In the car, Gillian's able to hear Ayrie's voice more clearly.

* Gillian clicks a response once they've switched to receive.

* Ayrie clicks back in return, in the affirmative. She considers Kidumiel, and hanging from the stoutest branch, flips upside down, dropping her to the snow (and thereby having the least distance to drop.) She rights herself, and sets the whispermic for transmit again, pointing it towards the house.

* Kidichu nodnods to Ayrie (earlier), not answering verbally.

* The house, seen from the side, appearenly has a decent back yard, a porch working around the side, several large windows that happen to be a little bit fogged due to the curtains being open there and the temp differences between outside and in.

* Ayrie starts pointing her mic towards any of the open windows, trying to pick up sounds through glass-transmission.

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 9 (6 1 2).

* Gillian begins to extend her resonance...

* Kidichu looks over what's between her and the house, seeing how much she can stick to shadows to get closer....

* The faint murmurs of what could be conversation can be picked up on the second floor... there's also louder sounds on the first floor, and faint flashes of light of what could be a TV playing.

* Or trying to see at least!

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 11 (5 3 3).

* There's a couple of evergreen shrubs that Kidichu could lurk by to get to the porch. If she's good.

* Ayrie hms to herself, and focusses the mic on the upstairs conversation.

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 6 (1 4 1).

* Well, they're murmuring quietly, whoever they are. Must be having problems picking up sound due to the glass and the quietness behind.

* Kidichu starts trying to lurk her way past the shrubs. Trying to stay low and look shrubbish. And think shrubbish. And be shrubbish. . o 0 ( Shruuuuuuuub shrub shrub shrub branch leaf root thingies no wait can't move with those oh shut up leaf branch leaves shruuuuuuuub. )

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 16 (5 5 6).

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 11 (5 5 1).

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 12 (4 6 2).

* Some snow falls on Kidumiel as she sneaks a bit. And a branch snaps as she steps on it. BUT! It's still snowing, so nobody heard. Really.

* Kidichu looks around once she gets past the shrubs! . o 0 ( Leaf-- oh wait, don't have to do that anymore. )

* Ayrie purses her lips, and tries boosting the gain on the 'mic, one more time, before deciding to focus on the downstairs.

* The black-furred Pikachu is at the edge of the steps to the porch! She can probably listen close through the windows now, if she's carefull...

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 6 (1 4 1).

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 13 (6 6 1).

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 8 (2 2 4).

* Kidichu caaaaaaaaaaarefully creeps up on her little Pikachu feet to listen....

* Ayrie smiles as, after some more fiddling, the sound quality becomes -much- better. Enough the Gillian might successfully resonate through.

* And, miraculaously for Kidumiel, she -can- hear through the window better than she could from a distance! She can easily hear the TV playing a show about wildibeasts playing, and the sounds of a girl rummaging in a bag and eating.

* The sounds from upstairs are of a couple... well... *cough* *ahem* *cough*. If the moans are any indication.

* Gillian does try again...

## Frobozz rolled 3d6 = 10 (5 4 1).

## Frobozz rolled 3d6 = 7 (5 1 1).

* Kidichu risks a peek....

* The woman's current emotional state is unreadable... but the man's is smugly satisfied.

* Gillian leans over to Phil, whispering.

* Two black ears peek up as Kidichu peeks over, and a girl in her early teens can be seen, eating chocolate chip cookies and watching what appears to be a PBS special on critters of the African savannahs.

* Philip leans over to Gillian. *w* "mm?"

* Ayrie blushes as she realizes just what she was listening to, and decides they're likely going to be quiet for now, and points the mic towards the lower level windows.

{Gillian} *q* One man thinks he's the cat who's eaten the canary. I just hope he didn't die in a mine.

{Philip} *q* Oh joy and rapture. *he nods, though*

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 10 (2 6 2).

{Gillian} *q* No, the rapture would feel *so* much different.

{Philip} *q* So I've heard. I think I'll take my journy to the promised land the more normal way, thanks. *quirked smile*

* The audio changes as Ayrie points the mic to the lower windows, and Gillian can hear the Nature guy going on about the african savannah cycle of life. And somebody munching cookies.

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 14 (5 5 4).

{Gillian} *q* You're a solider of God. The odds are good that if you die, you'll die in one of a million different exotic fashions, quite possibly causing onlookers to applaud the sheer novelty. Normal way?

{Philip} *q* ... I concede the point. But I can dream, can't I? *arched eyebrow*

{Gillian} *q* Well yeah. That's the other point of being a solider.

* Over the microphone, the girl yays as cheetahs take down a weak old wildibeast. "Yay, cheetahs!"

{Gillian} *q* They never prosper.

* Philip mmms, quietly. *q* "Even so..." He shrugs slightly. "At least I know I've done -something-... and it's been a darn sight less boring than wiling away my life working for a corp just programming."

{Gillian} *q* You've served all of humanity and helped advance the cause of Heaven. Probably marginally better than reruns of Barnaby Jones.

* Philip chuckles a bit.

* Gillian leans back to listen.

* Suddenly (and without warning!), the ringing of the houses's phones can be heard by Kidumiel, and by Gillian and Ayrie over the headphones. The girl gets up, and moves for the living room phone, which she picks up before the parentals can wake. "Hello?"

* Kidichu blinkblinks, listening....

* The girl pauses as somebody on the other end of the line speaks. "... yes, it is... no, no, he's asleep, may I take a message? ... okay, okay! ... I'm sorry... I'll try and get him ..."

* The girl sets the phone receiver aside, and darts across the room, heading for the stairs and out of Kidichu's view.

* Ayrie keeps the mic moving, trying to follow the sounds. An upstairs light goes on, outside the room where the moans were coming from.

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 14 (4 5 5).

* There's the sound of knocking from upstairs... a soft creak. "Um... daddy?"

* Gillian facepalms.

* A softer, deep voice replies, "Yes, honey?"

* The girl's voice continues. "Um... there's a man on the phone for you... I tried to tell him you were... asleep... but he said it was importaint."

* The man's voice continues. "I'll take it in my study... you go and watch your cartoons, dear..."

* The girl hesitates, but eventually replies, "Okay, daddy," before the sounds of her footsteps progress downstairs.

* Kidichu knows she can't hear the phone from where she is, briefly entertaining thoughts of trying to get inside (albeit not seriously yet), glancing around....

* There.... -might- be a door nearby she could poke her head through... of course, she's only about a foot and a half tall right now. But -perhaps- she could try something...

* Another upstairs light flips on as the heavier footsteps move into another room.

* The girl comes back downstairs, and sits down quietly, watching her show which is most certainly not cartoons.

* Ayrie aims her mic towards the new source of light.

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 9 (2 4 3).

* Kidichu looks around for such a door, wanting to hear the conversation now if she can....

* Well, there's the back door. She might be lucky, and be able to unlock it... unfortunately, they don't appear to have any pets...

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 10 (4 2 4).

* The man's voice comes back into focuss, audible to both Ayrie and Gillian over the whispermic setup.

* Gillian listens close...

* Nevermind he seems to be speaking in Helltounge....

* Ayrie *WINCES*. And tries the damndest she can to -not- pay attention to the discordant, grating syllables.

* Kidichu does make that try to unlock it, if it looks like she has a better than even chance of doing it quietly....

* Gillian tries to resonate...

## Frobozz rolled 3d6 = 8 (3 3 2).

{Man} *helltounge* ... yeah, what is it you want, Japeth ... yeah? Yeah, I remember him... *chuckle* ... what do you mean?

* The man's emotional state is changing from pleased to angry, and his strongest current state is anger.

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 15 (6 5 4).

* Well, Kidumiel manages to get a hold of the doorknob, at least. It doesn't seem to be -moving-, though.

* Kidichu mutters, looking for another way....

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 8 (5 2 1).

{Gillian} *vq* We have an angry one.

* Well. she -could- try that air vent.

* Philip nods, quietly.

* Kidichu.... possibly predictably.... tries the air vent!

{Man} *ht* What do you mean, -take them-? You realize how much time and effort I've spent... no. no, of course not. No, I'm -not- dissonant, and not about to become so. Just give me a little time.

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 10 (6 2 2).

* Kidichu tries to get the air vent open. She does so.. but gets marginally stuck.

* Kidichu oofs, letting breath out....

## Frobozz rolled 3d6 = 8 (3 3 2).

* The man's emotional state is now shifting towards frustration... and his strongest emotion is worry.

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 12 (5 1 6).

* The Kidichu gets about 6 inches in further... before she gets stuck again. Clearly, she needs to cut down on the Pikayummies.

{Gillian} *vq* He's on the emotional run...

{Man} *ht* ... a -week-? How the blessit is it supposed to look plausable in a -week-? Before -Christmas- even, Jap'th? ... okay, okay... right... right... that could be played up, sure....

* Ayrie continues humming hymns in her head, trying to drown out the Helltounge and NOT pay attention, and hoping the MP3'corder is getting this for later analysis, since she wouldn't touch it with a Davidian's 10-foot-pole.

* Kidichu would facepalm if she could move her arms.... trying to wiggle further, or at least wiggle herself unstuck....

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 13 (6 4 3).

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 8 (4 2 2).

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 11 (1 6 4).

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 11 (3 5 3).

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 10 (5 2 3).

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 10 (1 5 4).

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 13 (2 6 5).

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 13 (4 6 3).

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 4 (1 2 1).

{Narnian} [[ [Kidichu begins to wonder if she is with dice the way her counterpart is with Doors.] ]]

* FINALLY! After about 5 or six -minutes- of wriggling... Kidichu manages to back out. With many brusings of the ego.

{Kidichu} . o 0 ( Enough, enough! I am departing as quickly as I may! )

* Kidichu, thoroughly humbled by the mighty vent, goes back to her window.

{Man} *ht* ... look, just give me warning before you call in the big guns, all right? ... good, we'll be able to salvage something from this then, play up my broken heart, and stuff.

* The window is still there, and the girl is still watching the TV and halfheartedly munching a cookie.

{Man} *ht* All right? You happy? ... -Good-. I'm happy you're happy. Now just don't call in Azzie's goons, and we'll -both- be happy. ... yeah, goodnight.

* The man, finally, hangs up the phone.

* The light in the room he was in goes out, and there's the sounds of footsteps heading back to the bedroom.

* Ayrie lets out a slow, shuddering breath as the Helltounge stops being said, thanks be to God.

* Ayrie directs the mic towards the upstairs window, one last time.

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 12 (4 6 2).

* Kidichu's kawaii, innocent, pure little ears (stop laughing, darn you) weren't exposed to the Helltongue. She's just watching the girl, increasingly worried now.

* Gillian wipes something from her face.

* There's some murmuring as the man and the woman get settled again.

* Philip glances over at Gillian. *q* "mm?"

{Gillian} *vq* Just a minor message from a very bad place.

* The girl is watching the TV, apparently unaware of the drama that's happened upstairs or outside at the air vent.

* Philip digests this, and nods, wordlessly. He returns to watching the snow.

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 14 (6 3 5).

* A woman's voice, soft, drowsy, asks, "who was is, ambrose?"

* The man's voice replies, murmuring, "just a late consultation, dear." There's a pause. "... planning anything tomorrow?"

* The woman's voice continues, "...probably shopping at mn'tgomery mall..."

* The man's voice continues, "...that's good. get everything done in time."

* The sounds eventually fade as both fall to sleep. Well, at least one of them does, techincally, sleep.

* The girl yawns, and sighs as the PBS show ends. She gets up, stretches, and heads over to turn off the TV, gather up the cookie bag, and heads out of the room, quietly, turning off the living-room light.

* Ayrie mmms, quietly. And watches for Kidichu to become more visible.

* Kidichu watches a few moments longer, then scampers carefully back over toward Ayrie's position.

* Ayrie watches kidumiel scamper back over... she switches off the whispermic, and does the hanging-from-the-treelimb-thing, so that Kidumiel can jump into her arms.

* Kidichu hops up indeed!

* Ayrie grabs the Kidichu, rights herself, and starts making her way back to the roads.

## Ayrie rolled 3d6 = 10 (1 5 4).

* Ayrie leaps through the trees with the Greatest of ease, even while carring a tye-dyed cherub.

* The suburbs are left behind, and soon, the open space on the outside of Westland MS can be seen, as well as a single minivan parked there.

{Ayrie} *murmured* Thank god they're still there...

* Ayrie drops to the ground fluidly, and walks quickly-but-nonchalantly across, placing her footsteps in places that have been plowed or tromped by others.

* Philip looks over, and spots somebody coming, dressed in black, and shaped somewhat Ayrieish.

* Gillian swings open the door.

* Ayrie smiles slightly as she and Kidachu get into the back seat. She pulls off her hat and gets buckled in. "Drive for the Tether, Philip. We need to drop something off for Analysis."

* Philip nods, makes sure folks are buckled in and the doors are locked, and drives for massacheusets avenue and towards DC proper.

* Kidichu is buckled in, staying in Pikavessel and muttering something about vicious attack air vents.

{Kidichu} What did you guys get?

* Ayrie looks down at Kidichu. "Hmm? Oh..." She takes a deep breath. "Well, it appears the wife's going to be at montgomery mall tomorrow, so that might give us a chance to contact... we also got her husband talking on the phone..." *winces a bit* "In Helltounge."

* Philip yergs, slightly.

* Gillian nods. "I heard."

* Ayrie looks over at Gillian. "Were you able to get anything out of it? I was trying to ignore it, myself."

{Gillian} *q* Japeth? A week's time? That's all I got. I couldn't listen more.

* Ayrie nods, pursing her lips. *q* "We'll hand the recording over to the Seneschal... Lightning should be able to translate it better without affronting our ears."

{Kidichu} {q} The girl.... knows that something's either wrong or weird, or I'm way farther off base then usual.

* Ayrie mmms. *q* "Hope so. I don't want to disrupt the family, but at the same time, I want that demonic excuse for a husband shipped back to his boss.... in pieces. You got a good look at her?"

* Kidichu nodnods. {q} "Darn good one. I could pick her out easily."

{Ayrie} *q* Good. Maybe we'll luck out and she'll accompany her mom shopping. I couldn't see anything good from where I was upstairs.

* Ayrie sits back. *q* "And I think we can discuss more about this once we get to the Tether. I think I've got an idea on how we can take care of both sides of this problem at once..."

* Gillian nods.

* Kidichu nodnodnods!

* Philip nods, and as they drive off into the snowy DC night towards the Tether of Lightning... we fade.

In Nomine 2070