Enter the Security Guard

* Teri bops out of the TC Door, listening to some music on her walkthing headphones, carring a bag of discount easter candy, and munching on a chunk of chocolate easter bunny.

* Teri dances with the bag, and continunes munching on the bunny.

* Noa sneaks up on Teri, holding a basket of coloured eggs...

* Teri munches the rest of the bunny, and spins about,dropping the bag on the nearest table, and catches up several of the eggs from Noa's basket, starting to juggle 'em.

* Noa sighs. "Do you know how long it took the Cadbury bunny to make those?"

* Teri blinks a bit, and stops juggling, catching the eggs safely in one hand, using her other hand to yank off her headphones. "Huh? Wha, Noa?" Classic Journey plays from the headphones, loudly.

{Headphones} o/~ Baby please don't walk away there is this place / where I toss away my pride / so you can see that I'm the one / to take you to a higher place this time....

{Noa} Hel-lo...?

{Teri} Hi! *she grins, and turns down the volume from 'front row stacks' to 'grandstand'*

* Noa rubs her ears. "You're making my eardrums all tingly!"

{Teri} Sorry, sorry... *she looks sheepish, and turns off the walkthingie*

* Noa grins. "Still feeling Eastery?"

{Teri} Can I give you a peep by way of apology? *smile*

* Teri pulls out a markdowned package of Rainbow Marshmallow Peep.

{Noa} You'd peep on me? I thought only perverted guys did that...

{Teri} Moi? *she blinks innocently* Damn straight I would. *grin* I'd also malted egg you, hershey's kiss you, and jellybaby you.

* Noa blinkblinks at Teri. "C-c-c-candy... phile..."

* Teri muahahahahhs, juggling some candied eggs. "First one's free...."

{Calibretto} *hmmmzzzt* Sugar Addict.

* Calibretto enters from Corkscrew, looking bemused. How does an 11-foot tall Wargolem look bemused? Well, it somehow can do so.

* Teri Bllllllllsss Cal, and tosses the 'golem a can of hi-test lubricant. "Oilhead Junkie."

{Noa} Help! She's egging me on!

* Cal catches it in one gauntleted hand. "*hmmzzt* Better than egg on face."

* Noa sticks out her tongue and accepts the peep.

* Teri grins, and munches her own marshmalloowy sugar dose!

{Noa} So what's got you in the retrofitted holiday mood today?

* Cal goes and sits down next to a couch, drills a small hole in the lid of the lube can with his shoulder laser, and produces a straw with which to drink.

* Teri plops down on the couch next to Cal, and eats more peeps. "Eh, spent the holiday with the family for once, and took advantage of the after-easter sales. Hard to get your sugar fix when you're out exploring mystic ruins."]

{Cal} *hmmzzt* That is because sugar products degrade in high humidity, Teri.

{Teri} Details. Don't bother me with -details-.

{Cal} *hmmzzt* Suit yourself. *there's the imprssion of bemusement*

{Noa} He's got *that* right. That's why you never see the Ancient Truffle basket of Atlantis. Or the Candy Cane of Antioch.

{Teri} Ooooooooo. I'll have to ask the Atlanteans if they had one.

{Teri} Prolly just legends, but hey, never know until you ask!

{Noa} Been scarfing all the cheap aprez-Easter candy you could get your hands on?

* Teri nodnodnods, her mouth filled with peep.

{Noa} Must... resist... urge... to make her laugh...

{Cal} *hmmzzzt* She will be bouncing off the trees for weeks.

* Cal drinks more lubricant.

{Noa} Tie her down, tie down that kangaroo...

* Teri giggles, and swallows marshmallow peeps so she can stick out her tounge, which is now rainbow-colored. "Nobody can tie me down! I'm irrepressable! Inscrutable! Excitable!"

* Noa draws a long cord from her pocket. She eyes Teri appraisingly.

* Teri blinks. "Woah! Hey! I'm not into bondage here, Noa...."

* Cal gives an impression of an arched eyebrow. "*hmmmzzzt* And what about whips, Teri?"

{Teri} HEY! Watch it!

{Noa} Um... guys? Guys? Bad, dark place here...?

* Teri tosses a 1-inch hexnut at Cal. It goes clang on his head dome.

{Cal} *hmmzzt* ouch.

{Noa} Why do you take a licking from her?

{Cal} *hmmzzt* Because 1) she can also repair any damage to me, *hmzzt* and 2) she is a good friend.

{Teri} And three, he knows where I sleeps at night and can easily get his revenge.

{Noa} Damn... I knew it. *she starts to inch the cord towards Teri*

* Teri starts to inch away from the cord...

{Noa} *q* You can't escape...

{Teri} *q* I can sure as heck try....

* Noa leaps for Teri. "AAAAH! Get back here!"

{Teri} Yeek!

* Teri tumbles away, but too late!

* Noa tries to lasso Teri before she can escape...

* Teri starts finding herself entangled. "Ack! help! Emergency! Freedom! Viva La revolucion!"

{Cal} *hmmzzt* State of Grace. Threat level minimal.

{Noa} Muahahaha! Submit!

* Yes, it sounds like the Wargolem is smirking.

{Teri} The LeBeaus Never Surrender! *pause* What'll you give me if I do?

{Noa} More peeps?

{Teri} But those're -my- peeps!

{Noa} *My* peeps.

{Teri} When'd they become -your- peeps?

{Cal} *hmmzzt* When you gave her the peeps?

{Teri} That's technicalities.

{Noa} I *have* peeps.

{Teri} Gimme Peeps.

{Noa} Submit first, then peeps.

* Teri considers. "Are they good peeps?"

{Noa} *very*.

{Teri} Gimme!

* RHONDA fades in, peeping.

* Noa ties up Teri's wrists!

{Teri} Okay, I've submitted. Gimme the peeps.

{RHONDA} You trusted her?

* Teri does the big anime eye thing at Noa.

* Noa grins and takes peeps from her pocket. She turns to RHONDA. "Interesting dilmena, isn't it? I have peeps... but her hands are tied..."

* Okay, the effect is just a LITTLE odd with her red irises and black 'whites.'

{RHONDA} Put in her pocket? {grin}

{Cal} *hmmzzt* You could feed her if she opens her mouth wide and says 'aaaah'.

{Noa} Ew, no, now *that's* just wrong.

{Teri} Aaaaaahhhhhhh.

* Teri opens her mouth wide.

{RHONDA} You're... all reliant on us...

* Noa *sighs* and puts the peep in Teri's mouth.

* Teri munches happily, and makes a little 'mmmmm' of sugary bliss.

* Noa looks back at RHONDA. "Is it me, or is this just wrong?"

* Cal just nods slowly.

{RHONDA} It's... disturbing. I like it. Give her the cane!

* Noa hands her the candy cane.

{Teri} Caaaannnnee.

{Noa} But no cane for you!

* Teri grips the cane, and lifts it. "Yes cane."

* Noa sighs. "No cane..."

{Teri} Why no cane?

{RHONDA} Because she doesn't like canings?

*** Alice connected at Wed Apr 18 6:36 PM PDT from adsl-64-223-145-87.mannh.adsl.bellatlantic.net.

{Noa} Pepsi.

{Teri} Hm?

{Noa} No cane?

{Teri} Rather have sprite.

{RHONDA} You're reaching...

{Noa} She is. Not me.

{RHONDA} You started it.

* Noa shakes her head.

{Teri} Yes you did!

{RHONDA} You did too.. you brought up Pepsi!

{Noa} Nope! I stand by it.

{RHONDA} But you stood by it first...

{Noa} Oooh, you're asking for a peeping...

{Teri} Peep! Peep! Peep! Peep!

* Teri hops up and down, wrists still bound.

* Cal lets out a steampunk chuckle, and squeezes his empty lubricant can between thumb and forefinger. He then flicks in into the recyucler.

{Teri} Three points!

{Noa} okay, even I can't out immature this.

{RHONDA} You could stop her, though...

{Noa} I could, but do you want to get close to the fire?

{Teri} Bllll.

* Noa grins at her. "At least my hands aren't tied."

* Teri waves her fists at Noa. "Just 'ew wait, Noa 'wanson, Just 'ew wait!"

{Noa} Now, present arms.

* Teri does so.

{Noa} Should I free her... or shouldn't I...

* Teri does the puppy-eye thing at Noa again.

* Noa draws out a silk handkerchief and drops it over Teri's hands.

* Teri looks down at the hankercheif. Then up at Noa again, and arches an eyebrow.

{Noa} Hide the problem and it goes away!

* Teri rolls her eyes, and makes headbutting motions.

{Noa} What. You think *your* head is harder than mine?

{Cal} *hmmzzt* She is very stubborn.

{Teri} It's a family trait. *she grins*

{RHONDA} You could find horns to try keeping up...

{Noa} Horns...

* Noa's eyes light up.

* Teri makes a trumpeting sound.

{Noa} *Horns*.

{RHONDA} Other *horns*...

* Noa *grins*. "The devil we shall make..."

{RHONDA} No, you could just ask him to come in...

* Noa takes a pair of plastic horns from her pocket and puts it around Teri's head...

{Cal} *hmmzzt* Looking to join Arisa, hmmm?

* Teri laughs. "Hah! I don't have the body for it."

* RHONDA fades.. then Arisa's body appears under Teri's head! No, not bothering to match skin tone...

* Noa grins there, then puts a fake gotee on Teri's chin...

* Teri looks over at the bar mirror. She breaks down laughing. "That is so... SO wrong!"

* Teri rolls on the couch, laughing.

* It follows her movements fairly quickly!

{Noa} *m* damn, I wish I had pocket space to pull out a pitchfork.

{RHONDA} {vo} Long stick and horseshoe?

{Noa} *m* Wouldn't work... just not the same.

* Cal just blinks at the TeriArisa. Blink. Blink. It almost sounded like a camera going off.

{Teri} ... oh no.

{Teri} Nononononono! NO PICTURES!

{RHONDA} {vo} Yes pictures! Many pictures!

* RHONDA shifts the look to a bikini...

* Teri hops up off the couch and scampers over to Cal, and beats on his arm, innefectually.

* RHONDA giggles nuts...

* Noa takes a mini cam from her pocket...

* Cal takes his punishment with mechanical acceptance.

* Not that it does much, but hey.

* Noa clicks the pictures, walking aorund Cal and Teri...

* RHONDA's scaneye flashes...

{Teri} Whaaaaaa. *sniffle* I... I have no recourse... my pride is tarnished, my family shamed... there is only one thing I can do now....

{Noa} Suicide?

{Teri} Noooo.....

{RHONDA} {vo} Revenge?

* Teri slips her hands into one of her thigh-pouches.

* RHONDA fades away to reform, leaving Teri looking normal!

{Teri} *q* yessssss.....

{Noa} Ah, memories... and 8x10 glossies... last forever.

{RHONDA} Wonder if GAIA'd like e-mail...

{Noa} Who's that now?

* Teri awwwws, and points to the TC Door. "Olympus's MajorDomo." *blink* "And why'd I'd tell you that?!"

{RHONDA} Because it doesn't matter if she knows..

{Noa} Becuse you really want to be embarassed and humiliated?

* Cal lets out a steampunk chuckle. "*hmmzzt* A desire for self-ridicule?"

{Teri} Ehhhhhh, whatevah.

{Noa} Whatever it is, you're *ours* now.

{RHONDA} Unless you want the lingerie pics...

{Teri} .....

{Teri} Ooookay. -That's- it. No Mercy! *She grabs something from within her pouch, even with her hands still tied, and then throws it to the ground.*

* It shatters, and there's a big POOF! of pink smoke.

{Noa} Pink.

{RHONDA} Nice pink...

* Noa takes out several pencil erasers. "This pink."

* And now, everybody in the room is clad in a pink, flouncy dress. And rabbit ears. Save for Teri.

* Noa starts to whip the erasers into the smoke..

{Noa} . o O (Mmm... my career as a playboy bunny begins... today.)

* Cal looks down at his arms, clad in pink chiffon. "*hmmzzt* This is not my color."

* RHONDA bounces, grinning... "Yay, I look pretty..."

{Teri} Vengeance is mine! Muahahaha!

{RHONDA} This is horrible?

{Noa} This is, well, kind if weirdly neat!

{Teri} Well, it is if you don't like pink chiffon. Okay, I'm working on it.

{RHONDA} Could you make it hot pink next time?

{Noa} Shocking pink, you mean.

{RHONDA} Melting pink.

{Teri} Psychadelic?

{RHONDA} That might be too much..

{Teri} I could try for electrofloureccent. Go to a rave and you'll stand out in the blacklight.

{RHONDA} Not that I go to raves...

{Teri} Eh, you'd be a hit... "21st Century Digital Boi" has some damn good dances.

{RHONDA} I don't get out much. {grin}

{Noa} Or at all, from the sounds of things...

* RHONDA crosses arms. "Almost..."

* Noa grins at her.

* Teri considers. "Hm. I'm sure GAIA'd be willing to loan you a port address ad some bandwith to access the Olympus net..."

{RHONDA} Maybe.. might be fun some!

{Teri} Hey, it's your call. *grin*

{RHONDA} Oh, probably, just not right now! {grin}

{Teri} Righto. *Shr grins* I'll be glad to accompany you there. They've got some WAY retro stuff.

{RHONDA} I just like home net, mostly.. nice, safe connect...

{Noa} She's a LAN girl in the big WAN, you know?

* The Door to Knight Hall opens, and a buff-looking guy with long black hair, dressed in a uniform of some kind, steps through.

* Teri looks over and waves. Or well tries to, given her hands are still bound at the wrists. "Hi!"

{RHONDA} Gleets!

* Cal, a 11-foot-tall seated wargolem wearing a pink chiffon dress, waves to the newcomer as well. "*hmmzzt* Hello. I do not usually wear this outfit."

* BuffGuy looks... well, maybe a little disoriented, probably not prepared for the pink chiffon-wearing wargolem or something. "Er... hello." *he holsters the pistol he was carrying* "The writing on the door said this was a bar?"

{Noa} Heeeey...

* Teri nodnods. "Taervac's Bar and Grill." She looks wryly at her wrists. "I'd serve you up a drink, but my manual dexterity is shot to hell'n back." She grins.

{Noa} Whups, sorry. *grin*

{Teri} Hmph! *grin*

{RHONDA} I would, but no hands!

* BuffGuy hehs a bit. "Could -use- a drink right about now. Oh, my name's Brian, by the way."

{Teri} Hiii, Brian!

* Noa slides to the replicator. "Well hel-lo... Brian..."

{RHONDA} She's mocking us with her corporality.

{Cal} *hmmzzt* Hello, Brian. I am Calibretto. This is my associate, Teri. *he nods towards teri*

{RHONDA} I'm RHONDA.. the last is Josephina.

{Teri} Hey, equal opportunity! Get upgades!

* Noa returns with a taaaaalll coke. "Mock mock mock. That's right, Josephina, but you can call me Noa for short."

{RHONDA} Josie's nicer.

* Teri looks down at her hands. "Hm. Need to fix this."

* Teri looks up at Cal. "Cal? Fix this."

{Cal} *hmmzzt* Very well.

* Noa hands over the coke, grinning triumphantly.

* A small targeting laser pops out of Calibretto's shoulder housing, sights, flickers, and then intensifies.

* *zarch* Teri's hands are now freed.

* Teri grins, rubbing her wrists. "Ahhh, much better. Here, lemme get that dress of you... you SO do not have the build for it."

{Cal} *hmmzzt* Thank you. *wow, that sounds like sarcasm*

Brian looks wry at all this, then heads over to the replicator. "Hm... pretty sophisticated..."

{RHONDA} And this is my good night... night!

{Teri} Night, Rhonda!

* Teri waves to the nice hologirl.

* Noa waves to her...

* RHONDA waves, fading out.

* Teri goes and gets a sprite for herself. "Anyway, you put money in here, dial here and here, and food comes out here. Or drink. Or silicon wafers. Or what have you."

* Brian nods, drops a few coins into the money slot and succeeds in dialing up a glass of milk.

* Noa snickers wryly and decides to just drain the coke herself.

{Teri} Miiiilk. It does a bidy good. *she grins, and chugs her own sprite* So, what bringsya here?

* Teri hops up on the bar to sit on it.

{Brian} Mm, this is a definite improvement over our replicators. And well... I was getting chased by some security robots who were -supposed- to be on my side.

* Teri frowns. "Well, -that's- not right..."

{Noa} Those security robots. Never know who to trust.

{Cal} *hmmzzt* Indeed. Were they independant or remotely controlled?

{Brian} I'm not even sure. Tried to call it in and my radio suddenly stopped working. And the central computer flatly denied that they were even there.

{Teri} Weiiiiird. Mebby a hacker.

{Teri} What's the level of comp tech from... wherever you're from? *she smiles, apologetic*

{Teri} Sorry, butting my nose in.

{Cal} *hmmzzt* She does that often. *bemusement*

* There is a godawful, but oddly low-sourced noise, coming from another point of the bar.

{Brian} *snorts* Wouldn't be surprised; we've had a few hacks recently... amongst other problems. And we've got fairly good AI technology available to the rich and powerful... at least I -hope- the AI is still working.

* The noise gets louder.

{Brian} What is -that-?

* Suddenly about ten or so cockroaches of the species Blattidinae bloomcountinis streak in, performing primal scream therapy.

{Brian} ......

{Teri} .... roaches.

* They run around screaming some more, then dashing off, one toting a very stale cheeto found underneath the couch with itself.

* Callibreto nods. *hmmzzt* "Tribal ones."

{Brian} ...right, i'm definitely in another universe. *wl*

{Teri} That you are! *she grins, and sketches a bow* Welcome to the Complex of Realms, crossroads of.... a damned lotta places.

{Brian} Some kind of universal nexus or something?

* Teri touches her nose, and points to Brian. "Pin-pon!"

* Teri hops off the bar, heads over to Calibretto, and removes the chiffon dress, and tosses it into the recycler.

{Brian} Well, that would explain all the doors, then. *wg*

* Teri nods. "Yup yup... dunno how many there are." She grins.

{Cal} *hmmzzt* We believe it to be infinite, or practically so.

{Brian} Probably is infinite. I think the Almighty likes it that way. *ss*

{Teri} Ayyymen. *she smiles* Plenty of space to poke -my- nose about. *she winks, and wriggles her nose as she steals Cal's bunny ears and puts them on her head*

* Brian hehs, finishing off the glass of milk and dropping it in the appropriate place.

{Teri} Anyway... *she considers* ... you came through a Door down Knight, right? Did you make sure it was stable?

* Calibretto stands, up to his full height. *hmmzzt* "It would be unfortunate if you were stranded."

{Brian} Well, I was able to open and close it a couple times. If that makes it stable, then yeah. *pause* And yeah, getting stranded would be bad. There could be a serious problem developing on the space station I came from and I need to make sure people know.

{Teri} It's a good sign, yup. *she smiles* ... well, save for that serious problem thingie. *she looks rueful*

{Cal} *hmmzzt* If you need assistance, do not hesitate to call.

* Teri rolls her eyes. "Right, Cal. And I have problems disguising you among te norms -anyway-... how'd we explain you on a station? Assembled out of a Bandai Kit?"

* Teri grins.

{Brian} I'm -hoping- it was just a fluke on the part of the security system. Then again, if one of our experiments went bad enough to cause a dimensional rift, anything is possible. And I'll keep that in mind, nonetheless. *swg*

* Tat runs through, yowling happily in cat form and dragging an entire Northern Flyer wagon of anime kits behind her, disappearing into Escher.

{Calibretto} *hmmzzt* Art Cat, Teri.

* Teri nods slowly. Then blinks. "Anime Cat, Cal."

{Cal} *hmmzzt* Ah.

* Brian looks down at his watch, and hrms.

{Teri} Now that you're seeing cats, it's time to head out? *she grins*

{Teri} I could rustle up a tiger on short notice... but then Raja'd be grumpy and he'd try to chew my head off.

{Cal} *hmmzzt* More an arm, Teri.

{Brian} I like cats. *wg* Actually, I think enough time's passed that those bots have gotten bored and wandered off. I need to head back give my boss the full spiel on what's happened... well, except for the dimensional rift bit; that'd probably get me thrown in a padded cell. *swl*

{Teri} And that'd suck. *she grins* You're cute, you don't deserve the whitewall treatment.

* Teri winks.

* Brian blushes a bit.

{Brian} er, right... well, thanks for the hospitality, anyway. *scratch head*

* Teri grins, and waves. "Take care, and don't let the 'bots get you down, Brian!"

* Brian hehs wryly. "Thanks, I'll try." *he waves, and departs through the door to Knight*

* Calibretto waves as he heads out, and looks at Teri. "*hmmzzt* Shall we?"

* Teri nods. "Yeah, let's hit the sack." She smiles, and grabs up her bag of easter candy, then the two of them depart through the TC Door.

In Nomine 2070