Shared Universes

Most of these shared universe pages are sadly out of date and not actively maintained, but I keep them on-line out of nostalgia, for the information still captured on them, and so that people who participated in those shared universes can still find their traces on Google. Expect lots of broken links.

rec.arts.comics.creative Archives

I moderate and archive rec.arts.comics.creative, so this is the canonical site for those stories. The archives are, these days, not being updated, although I do hope to improve that process someday. The archives are organized roughly by "imprint," a set of related stories usually set in the same overarching shared universe.

For more recent stories, see the rec.arts.comics.creative mailing list archives, which are updated automatically but don't sort stories by imprint and include all the discussion.

Crossroads (web page, archives)

Crossroads was one of the boom of new shared universes in rec.arts.comics.creative, the brainchild of some of us who had been writing stories for the LNH and wanted something more serious and with more SF content. It was based on the old idea of multiple universes and a world that links them all, where people from different universes with different rules could collide. The universe generated a solid collection of series between 1995 and 1997.

Legion of Net.Heroes (web page, archives)

Growing out of a huge thread on the now-defunct rec.arts.comics, the LNH is the oldest and best developed of any of the universes on rec.arts.comics.creative with the exception of Superguy. Humor and parody are the basis of the universe, with characters like Cheesecake-Eater Lad and Cannon Fodder.

Omega (web page, archives)

Omega is a world of heroes with psi powers, a world of corrupt governments and powerful corporations, a world in which to be different may be a death sentence. It's also the home of some of the best on-line fiction that I've ever read.

The Patrol (web page, archives)

A little over a year ago, alien power batteries descended to Earth to empower a hundred selected people with the power to bring about Civilization. That year has been one of the most tumultuous ones in Earth's history... A more adventure-oriented (rather than superheroic) universe, reminiscent of the Lensman and Green Lantern series.

RACC Presents (web page, archives)

An anthology series on rec.arts.comics.creative that could feature stories in any universe or in no particular universe at all. It ran for five issues ending in 1999 and then had a single-issue revival in 2002.

Superguy (web page, archives)

Superguy was the first, starting on a mailing list long before the Legion of Net.Heroes began on rec.arts.comics. As I was once told by a Superguy author, stories have to meet three criteria: they have to be about superheroes, they have to be funny, and they have to be good. The better they are, the less important the first two criteria are.

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