Bill & Tad's Excellent Adventure

(AKA "The Battle of Akron")

Authors: Bill Dickson and Tad Simmons, with John Bankert and Gary Olson

Episodes: 1 (January 1990)

Important Characters:

In the first successful megacrossover story told on Superguy, the above characters and a host of extras converge on Akron, Ohio to take Dangerousman into custody for nearly destroying the planet. Independent investigation by Andy Awesome and Qwyntor, however, prove Dangerousman's innocence in the matter (innocence of a sort, anyway), and stop the battle. It is revealed that Scarywoman must be sent back to the Scary Dimension in order to prevent the destruction of our own dimension; a plan is quickly formulated to deal with the matter, but it is complicated by the arrival of five billion duplicates of George Bush, converging on the city like mindless zombies. Much merriment ensues, and by the end of the story Lt. Justice is dead, the danger has been repelled, Dog Thing has been conceived, Wonder Grunion has been inadvertently rescued from the Scary Dimension, and a bowling alley has been totally wrecked.

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