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Team Mate

Author: Keiran McManus

"Why don't we just have a brainstorming session?" asked Barmaid. "It'll be good practice for working as a group, and making decisions based on the good of the team."

"My thoughts exactly Cheri." Injuryman concurred as he made his way through the boxes towards the blackboard and picked a piece of chalk. "OK guys, fire away."

"How 'bout 'The Aussie Force'" suggested The Dill.

Injuryman wrote the name on the blackboard "I don't know, sounds a bit similar to something else?"

"What about 'Sydney Force' or 'SydForce'." from Barmaid.

"'Australian League United'." from Switch.

Emma interrupted "Guys, we don't want to get sued, do we?"

"My suggestion is 'Team Sceptical'" put in Injuryman.

"We could be the 'Supreme Team'" Switch added holding up a piece of the pizza.

"I think 'Task Force Australis' might work." Barmaid added.

"We're gonna get sued." Emma mumbled.

"We're all over twenty aren't we? We could try the 'Twenties Team'?" The Dill suggested before taking another bite from...whatever it was he was eating.

"Switch and the Protectors of Probity?" Dennis suggested causing everyone to pelt him with empty fast food containers.

"The Team Formerly Known As The As Yet Unnamed Sydney Team?" Injuryman added as he scrawled the list of names on the blackboard.

"I know, I know!" yelled Barmaid. "Barmaid's Blazing' Bunch!" Once again the fast food containers flew with a vengeance.

"Oh Author, we're gonna be sued." Emma stated "This isn't working, we're opening ourselves up to criticism of being unoriginal and I don't know about you but I wouldn't want my team mates to be labelled as imitators!"

Injuryman's eyes lit up. "What did you say?"

"I said I didn't want my team mates..."

"That's it Emma!" Injuryman exclaimed. "That's our name, Team Mate!"

"Is that Team M.A.T.E. or Team Mate?" The Dill asked.

"Definitely Team Mate." Barmaid insisted.

It all started the day Dennis Stewart found out he wasn't dying. Several months after being electrocuted by his project computer, Dennis finds that he can create copies of himself and literally be more than one person at a time.

At the same time an evil Publisher attempts to enslave the people of Sydney by planting subliminal messages in the print media.

Dennis enlists the aid of his best friend and lawyer ex-girlfriend in order to solve of the puzzle of what's happening to him, and to the city.

When his friends are kidnapped by the Publisher, a chance encounter with two amateur Superguys helps Dennis tip the scales, and together they defeat the Publisher and his army of Elite Paperboys.

In the aftermath, they decide to form a team (as is inevitable of any group of two or more Superguys), and take on the name Team Mate.

The rest, as they say, is still being written.

Series Commenced: January 1996
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