Chelsea "Star" Montrose [Stardancer]

  Choreographer and true owner of the company, Star lives for the Dance, be it on the stage or fighting the necessary fight. Engaged to Ted Kimball [Enygma]. Star is a serene and personable beau ty, who tries to keep her family together and safe as all of them work be it on a stage or in a fight. Mastery of Caipoera and Savate. She seems to have teleportation powers that appear to be based in two sabres that she can call (as well as her costume) at will.


Sylvia "Syl" Barrister [Ensonique]

  The wiseguy is a gal in this crew. Sharp and slightly acidic, Syl's the one who'll call the reality check in more times than not. Sound tech extraordinaire, she also has perfect pitch and the ability to generate perfect monotonic pitch in mediums..... a t any sound level.


Ted Kimball [Enygma]

  The big, strong silent type. I mean that. Literally. Linked to a black power armor he can call at will, Ted hasn't spoken a word since. Engaged to Stare Montrose[Stardancer], he is the general tech-head of the team, and general ombudsman while on tour. Without a sound, the armor is probably the brick of the group, with a notable lack of the normal weapons of mass destruction found on such things.


Renee "Reba" Barrister [Reba]

  Active and optimistic, Reba's the one to get herself (and her teammates) into the thick of things. A bit too lean for her brown haired, blue eyed frame, she's always doing something. An uncontrolled mircotelekinetic and minor empath, her powers require the focus of music to operate. Between this and her own natural enjoyment of music, she knows quite a deal about it.


Jaquie Taylor

  Beautiful, vivacious.... blue. Jaquie Taylor is making a comeback from her childhood singing years. She's got the talent, the savvy.... but does she have the luck to pull this off? Especially since her managing moth er has broken ties with Generico, the sponsor.... and Generico doesn't care for this.


Ice Fighter: The opening act for Jaquie Taylor's tour have their own little quirks and traits, but what connections do they have t hat will make an impact with our other cast?

Vic Raseba

  In another age or time, Vic would likely have been a barnstormer or a circus daredevil. The times don't make those quite the same impact as the days of yore, so this rebel rocker tries to capture the feel in his act. A dashing rogue, is he really that c onceited, or is this yet again, part of the show?

Ray Constantine

  Patient, rather large, Ray seems to be the good karma man of the act. Willing to provide anyone with the information or help they need, is he being too helpful?

Miranda "Mi" Sterling

  Firestarter in pink hair, she plays her bass with quite a flair, but does she play without a care? Or is jealousy boiling in yon heart there?

Vanessa "Viff" Yfandes

  Tall. Quiet. Trap set player. Mystery.

Villains and Antagonists:


  You've met Poseur, but never will realize it. He's that wonderful cop who directed your car. She's the ticketseller who got you seats in the fifteenth row. He's the burly security guard who threw you out for harassing th e star. But the thing is, trying to recall anything about Poseur more than the extreme competence displayed... you'll fail.


  Media leads the strangest group of assassins you will ever meet. They will leave you alive, they will leave you with all you have, but the image in the mirror will never be the same.


  At the heart of this mess, is one unnamed man and one media company. Generico. A monolith in the touring industry. Will their connection to Media be revealed? Or will the only thing crashing be Jaquie's hopes for a comeback tour?