Author: Bill Dickson

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Ramrod looked at his group as they stepped up to the security station. He shook his head. "Guys, this is never gonna work."

"Why not?" asked a henchman.

"Why not? Why not?" Ramrod looked around him in disbelief. An idea struck him. "Follow me," he said.

He led the group into the men's room, and stood them in front of the mirror that covered the wall over the sinks. "There. See?"

Victor and the henchmen finally saw what Ramrod had been seeing all along. There were twelve short, identical men in expensive pinstriped suits, smoking cigars and carrying violin cases. Standing among them were Victor, with his ever-flipping silver dollar, and Ramrod. These two didn't do anything to mak e the group less conspicuous.

"It's a mirrah. So?" said a henchman.

Ramrod's jaw dropped. "SO? So first of all, you all look like gangsters, which you are, Victor looks like a high-ranking ganster, which he is, and I look like a dangerous psychotic, which isn't completely untrue! Secondly, this group is packing so much iron that our plane might not be able to lift off, even if we could get aboard, which we won't be able to, because the security guards at the metal detector will have us in handcuffs before we can blink!"

The henchmen laughed. "Is dat what's bodderin' ya?" asked one. "Dese novices, what can ya do?" They all laughed some more.

"You're all daft," said Ramrod.

Total Run: 19 episodes; story incomplete (January 1990 - February 1991)

Main Character:

Ramrod abandons the Awesome Force in Akron, Ohio to go to Denver with Batsman. There he runs afoul of the local mob, headed by Da Boss, who sends him on a mission to pick up Hitler's Brain. He then runs afoul of the Annihilator, who picks his brain. Then he runs afoul of the Bavarian Illuminati, which wants Hitler's Brain, and the Discordians, who don't want the Bavarians to get it. The M00se Illuminati also figures heavily.

Then things really get weird, as it is revealed that Ramrod is actual the host for part of a cosmic entity of unimaginable power. He is inexorably drawn to Jupiter, and gets there by reanimating the long-dead crew of a derelict starship. The series ended with his trip to Jupiter.

Along with the Annihilator series, the Ramrod series pioneered the more-or-less serious superguy story, stepping away from more-or-less pure spoof.

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