Author:Mike Escutia

Rebecca rested her elbow on the table and her chin on her hand and watched as Rob searched through a folder of coupons, menus, and other papers related to take-out food. He was trying to find a certain coupon from Dominic's Pizza for two large two-topping pizzas with extra cheese and free complimentary Coca-Colas, but was having the worst luck.

"You're never going to find it," she told him.

"Yes, I am," he said confidently.

"You're never going to find it," she repeated.

"Yes, I am," he repeated confidently.

"You're never going to find it."

"Yes, I am," he reiterated, though not as confidently as before.

"Nah, you won't find it," Sean said as he strolled into the room. "You've been looking through that folder for over five minutes now, you're almost down to the bottom, and we're all getting hungry here. Besides, you probably passed it up already."

Just then, Rob produced a small piece of paper that was very clearly the coupon he had been looking for. "You were saying?" he asked Sean, a grin spreading across his face. Rebecca fought hard not to laugh.

Current Run:March 1994 - Present

Main Characters:

These are the adventures of Jon Perceptor, Earth Girl, Misfit, Soundbyte, and Starwave, collectively known as the Hero Patrol. A relatively new (compared to, say, CalForce) superteam, they teamed up to thwart the plans of Acronymic Atrocities, Inc. to assassinate the mayors of New Hampshire at a ball being held in Manchester, After that adventure, they decided to stay together, eventually being joined by Hugs and Kisses. They're headquartered in a secret compound disguised as a hill built as an outpost by aliens years ago, and given to them by its most recent owners, two aliens who were returning to their homeworld and had nothing to do with it.

As of Hero Patrol #19, Magnetic Personality, who came out of retirement in episode 16, has yet to join the team. You never know, though.

Major Storylines

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