Author: Bill Dickson

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"Face your death, Dangerousman! Face your death in the form of -- FLATPHOOT! The Archless-Villian of all superheroes!" With that, he fired three shots at Lars, and ran into the Tabernacle.

All three bullets impacted on Lars' chest. His costume prevented any serious damage from being done, but it hurt like all hell. When he lifted his aching body back to his feet, Lars was seething.

"Very well, knave!" he shouted at the Tabernacle. "Prepare to meet your nuker- I mean, maker!" He walked gingerly up the steps, holding his chest, and stepped inside.

"Hah-HAH!" said FlatPhoot. "I have you now!" He was standing in the middle of the enormous chamber, behind the Mormon Tabernacle Jukebox.

"You really think so, FlatPhoot? It is I who have you! Surrender at once!"

"Oh, you can't get me that easily! First, you have to get past my little toy!" With that, he flicked a switch on the Jukebox and slipped out through a back door.

"A jukebox?" mused Lars, just before a pizza tray shot from the machine and he was forced to leap for his life to avoid being decapitated.

Total Run: 25 Episodes (March 1989 - January 1990)

Main Characters:

The adventures of Dangerousman and his faithful vehicular computer, Lulu. Purchased on the black market by agents of the top-secret Danger Project, Lars MacPherson was raised in a lab and developed into a devastating weapon. When the Cold War ended prematurely, however, he was instead sent out into America to battle crime. Roaming the country in his car, the Dangerousmobile, he sought out crime and blew it up but good.

The Dangerousman series also included the first appearances of Ramrod and Relativity Woman, among others, and included a three-issue crossover guest-starring IgnorantMan.

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