Crapshoot & Co.

Author: Chris Meadows


It started out with just Chance E. Vennt, whose powers of probability manipulation and cosmic luck seemed to portend a superheroic career. And so he designed a costume, and called himself Crapshoot. The problem was that he could never manage to be in costume whenever there was a crime around... Along the way, Chance has been joined by Zen Navigator, Sheri Brown (not the Muse Sheri Brown, but some other Sheri Brown. It's a long story) aka Bubblegum Babe, and, more recently, Sasha Borodurov. The style of this series is, frankly, just about as humorous as the author gets (or at least he tries...). This series was called "Crapshoot" for the first eight episodes, until the Author decided that there were enough additional characters now to warrant a change of name.

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