Leave Them All Behind

Author: Gary W. Olson

Email: swede@acd.net

WWW: http://userdata.acd.net/swede

"We've only got one more minute left!" Lt. Spot announced. Behind him, McFly and Sean Connery were drinking up the rest of the booze, racing against the clock. Toastiro, Chakoff, Galaxy Hunter, Zen Navigator, Splock, and Quirk were all clustered around the Nintendo, which had taken to glowing and giving off the occasional spark.

"All the wires are detached," Toastiro protested. "But we can't stop the countdown!"

"We must prepare to die..." Sean said dramatically but drunkenly. McFly hiccuped.

"Keptin!" Chakoff said. "Do something!"

"Okay," Jimbo said. "Paaaannnnnic, everybody!" Everybody started panicking. The computer countdown reached the final digits.

"Five...four...three...two..." The crew waited.

Nothing happened.

More nothing happened.

"Computer!" Zen Navigator snapped.

"Oh, sorry...one...zero. Have a nice day."

Everyone scrunched up their face as they expected the ship to blow up.

That's not exactly what happened. The ship transformed, but didn't blow up. Gears grinded, the nacelles withdrew into the hull, wheels extended, a muffler appeared under engineering, and a sunroof appeared over them.

"Ser!" Chakoff said. "We've transformed into a gargantuan Chevy Nova!"

"Oh no!" Quirk exclaimed. "We really *have* gone 'super-Nova'!"

Episodes: 4 (May-June 1992)

Major Characters:

The crew of the Winaprize, searching for the long-fabled Barbados, Planet of Physical Delights, accepts the dubious assistance of Zen Navigator, who pledges to guide them from the Superguy altiverse to the Sfstory altiverse. They are pursued by Dana Wader and Zen's arch-enemy, Ninja Taxi-Cab Driver, who are in turn pursued by Hardeharharlock and his crew and Galaxy Hunter and *his* crew.

From there, it gets weird.

Given how many different series and settings Zen Navigator has guest starred in, it's surprising that this is the only miniseries to feature him as the lead character. For a number of years, until the Radian & Shadebeam series redefined him, this series established all you needed to know about Zen Navigator.

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