Ramrod Solo Miniseries

Author: Bill Dickson

Email: wrd@beer.wa.com

If you've seen The Princess Bride, if you've seen the original version of The Three Musketeers with Vincent Price, if you've seen any Errol Flynn swashbuckling film ever made, you have some idea of how it went. The bats made brown blurs in the darkness of the alley, the clunk of wood on wood rose into the night air, dramatic music blared in the background. The contestants forced each other back and forth and around, Batsman backing Ramrod up against one wall, then Ramrod backing her up against the other.

Then, with a quick whirling motion, Ramrod forced Batsman's weapon around in a wide circle, and she lost her grip on it. It went spinning away, landing behind Ramrod. Batsman backed away carefully.

Ramrod sidled over to the fallen cricket bat, and saw that it was propped up off the ground by some garbage. He placed the end of his own bat underneath the cricket bat, and with a smooth motion lofted it toward his opponent. She snatched it from the air, and the battle resumed.

Episodes: 2

Major Characters:

Having witnessed her parents murder at the hands of a street punk, a young Londoner contemplates the form her vengeance shall take. At the crucial moment of decision, somebody throws a cricket bat through her window, and Batsman is born.

When Batsman eventually works her way to Hartford, CT, leaving a trail of dead criminals behind her, the Awesome Force sits up and takes notice. Due to the killer's style and the strong possibility that the deaths could be blamed on Ramrod, he requests and receives permission from Andy Awesome to take on Batsman personally.

Finding her, they battle to a draw before the Awesome Force arrives. Boggling Ramrod with a kiss, Batsman slips away to vanish in the night, leaving herself and Ramrod in the opening stages of a mutual fascination.

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