Ramrod in the Wasteland

Author: Bill Dickson

Email: wrd@beer.wa.com

"Thank you girl....thaaaank you girl....I'll love you 'til the ennnnnnd of the world...." He sat on the edge of some cracked steps on top of Queen Anne hill, watching the sun set behind the Olympics, which seemed none the worse for wear. His arm itched terribly; reaching between the sticks, he scratched it gingerly for a moment as he hummed to himself.

He had wandered the city for two weeks since recovering his senses, and for some unknown time before that. He had decided that it was Tuesday, since no clock would tell him for sure. His Duo was as lifeless as the rest of the city, so he had no way of knowing whether the ten year battery inside was keeping its clock accurate. He suspected it wasn't.

His mountain bike still worked, but the lights didn't. He had located an old foot pump in the remains of a store, among some other things, and when his arm was better it would be ready for him.

Darkness claimed the hill at last, and he walked up the hill toward his new mansion.

He had every toy he'd ever wanted now. He even had a convertible '55 Corvette. He kept it in his four-car garage.

Maybe someday he'd ride it down the hill.

Episodes: 3 (May - June 1993)

Major Characters:

Inspired by Gary Olson's Magic Wars storyline in Calforce, this limited series follows Ramrod through major events in his (mostly) solitary life in the alternate future of the Wasteland. With all the magic burned out of him by the events that took place in the Cyrebrax affair, Ramrod was unknowingly rendered immune to magic and the effects of the magic storm that destroyed virtually all human life on Earth. Unaware of the other survivors in Tokyo, he survives alone for decades, accompanied only by the occasional pet coyote (all named "Skanky") and, upon later discovery, the aging Wonder Grunion.

A fairly serious story, "Ramrod in the Wasteland" attempts to examine how a normally solitary character might behave when he finds himself genuinely alone.

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