Nothing Like the Sun

Author: Gary W. Olson



Obelisk considered the communications. There were five figures on the ground, and five names had been given. One of the transmissions, apparently, had come from the ship, from the one called Kenn. Obelisk realized that the one walking determinedly towards it had not spoken.

Very soon, it had reached it's face. Obelisk watched with some amusement. Even if somehow they had managed to find it, despite the systems its creators had installed to deflect such visits, they would never be able to give the correct security code. It had never been written down, and had died with the one who had come up with it. It had over thirty digits from an arcane numbering system that relied on a base of 23, and even if an intruder somehow knew that, it would not know which buttons to press, as none of them were in order or labeled in any fashion.

"You might as well speak, Obelisk," the determined figure said, finally. "You can here us, can't you?"

"You will not gain enterance," Obelisk replied, secretly pleased at being able to converse, even in this limited fashion, after so many millenia alone.

"Won't I?" the figure replied. Almost in a blur, the figure tapped out the correct thirty-digit security code, and a huge door at Obelisk's base slid open.

"This is impossible," Obelisk said, confused.

"I know," the figure answered.

Episodes: 5 (June-July 1993)

Major Characters:

Obelisk, a long-fabled construct of an ancient race that died out because they had nothing better to do, is discovered to be in existence, and Ian and Chelsea, now members of The Magestrix, recruit Rad, Glum, and their allies to try to locate it. But Dark Wader, Emperor of the Muuuahahahan Empire, is also searching for the Obelisk, and will not hesitate to destroy our heroes with heavy gobs of malice aforethought.

That is, if someone *else* doesn't beat them to Obelisk first.

This limited series, the first to feature Rad as the lead character since the end of the Rad series, also included significant amounts of foreshadowing for the Grunion-winning Songs of Darkness storyline.

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