Enemies and Allies

Author: Gary W. Olson

Email: swede@acd.net

WWW: http://userdata.acd.net/swede

Hunter peered out of his capsule. Hardeharharlock's pod was nowhere in sight. Cautiously, he withdrew is Bad Guy Killer Pistol Mark II and stepped from the pod. The sky flickered above as the battle raged.

He appeared to be in the capitol of one of the more prosperous republics, which was apparantly called "Pan-Cal" for some mysterious reason. The city, which was Baka City, if the sign on the Courthouse was correct, did not seem very busy at the moment. In fact, it seemed almost deserted. Apparently, the residents were in hibernation.

He glanced at the picture of his niece, the princess Glum, which he had tucked inside his helmet. He smiled, thinking how easy she must be having it, on a primitive, beautiful Earth, with no galactic war and plenty of sun. His reverie was broken by a sound to his left.

Whirling, he saw nothing. Hardeharharlock had to be about, he knew. Somewhere... there! He fired at a cloak, which quickly fluttered away. A trap...

Too late! The ground around him was strafed. Looking up, he saw Hardeharharlock, without his cloak, standing on a large statue of an Iguana. The smiley face and crossbones on his tunic was clearly visible. Dark brown hair flowed over his left eye, but not covering the scar on his left cheek. An eyepatch covered his right eye.

Hunter asked the obvious question.

"How the hell do you see in that getup?"

Episodes: 4 (August 1990)

Major Characters:

The sourge of the galaxy, Dark Wader, Emperor of the Muuahahahan Empire, has acquired a portable Death Star (with sneeze guard attachment) from technicians on Planet Claire. Both Galaxy Hunter and Captain Hardeharharlock are trying to prevent him from using it against Planet Hottentot, the capital of the Ottsamaddawidu Empire. But can the erstwhile enemies learn to be allies in time?

Not much in the way of "major introductions" in this series (except for Dark Wader, and it wasn't until later that his much more notable wife, Dana, was introduced), but still rather fun to read. It also provides some important backstory for the You Say You Want a Revolution storyline.

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