The Death of Superguy

Authors: Michael Brazier, Ben Brown, Eric Alfred Burns, Bill Dickson, Rob Furr, Gary W. Olson, Bill Paul, Evan Pongress, and Dominic White

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Kent stood and strode to his window. Despite his having a superreinforced apartment (compliments of the Clinton Street `Keep Kent Clark From Obliterating Clinton Street' Committee) the building shook as his massively dense body moved. "But what can any man do? To replace Superguy would be to put one's own life and happiness behind him forever, and become a hero for the world alone, forever."

Kent rubbed his chin, causing a vibration which shattered ten windows in the Megapolis Tower, sixteen blocks away. "And yet, doesn't this world deserve that? Did not my esteemed Father Bore-All rescue me from the utter obliteration of my world that I might serve people, rather than myself? Is it not my duty to take the powerful Heliumian Form I have been given and turn it to the never ending quest to the protection and heroic duties which Superguy gave his life to? If not now, when? If not me, who? Yes!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!"

"Attention, Kent Clark!" a police megaphone blared. "Please stop shouting, as you are causing severe structural damage to the buildings around you!"

But Kent Clark was not listening. No, he had the fire of purpose in his brain, which excluded all other thought. He ripped the bright neon green and red XXXXL suit off, revealing the bright purple and orange uniform of the Mightiest Guy Around, Mighty Guy!

"YES!!!! I shall dedicate my life to replacing Superguy! Henceforth, that shall be my existence! I shall dedicate my life to being Superguy, as best I can!!!!!"

So saying, the Action Arse leapt into the air, smashing completely through his reinforced apartment and obliterating Clinton Street.

Episodes: 15, plus bits from other episodes (April - December 1993)

Major Characters:

The worst has happened! The villain Doomsdude has somehow managed to kill the greatest hero in the Superguy altiverse, namely, Superguy himself! And, while the funeral is attended by villains and heroes alike, both sides know the future will be very different without Superguy around.

Thus, a number of heroes elect to attempt to replace Superguy, only to encounter a variety of obstacles. What's more, a fiendish villain has stolen Superguy's casket from it's tomb! Will the heroes who tried to replace Superguy be able to solve the mystery... or will the power of the greatest hero ever be turned to evil?

This storyline, set outside of the continuity of all regular series', involved nine of the Superguy list's most talented authors in a storyline that challenged heavily for 1993's Best Storyline Grunion. It's been collected in TEB format, and makes the perfect introduction to Superguy!

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