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"Gee, mom," Tommy Anderson said, the afternoon of the next day, in the Anderson home (which, of course, had beautiful Anderson windows). "Cthulhu seemed really down last night."

"He just had a rough night, that's all dear," June said, washing dishes in the kitchen.

"But he failed!" Tommy protested.

"Now, Tommy," Ward said, putting down his paper. "I know Cthulhu didn't succeed. I know he went on a rampage, destroying the comedy club, eating the audience members except for Roseanne, Judie, Julie, and ourselves, and proceeded to ravage downtown, causing millions of dollars in property damage, hundreds of deaths, and driving thousands more into total insanity. But, and this is the point, he tried. And I think there's a lesson in that for all of us."

"Golly, I guess you're right, dad," Tommy said. Ward smiled.

Episodes: 6 (May-December 1993)

Major Characters:

This wasn't so much a limited series as a series of loosely-connected one-shot episodes, plus a Holiday Special. The first four episodes followed the same form: Cthulhu tries to fit into society (by becoming a stand-up comedian, or by changing his public image, or by endorsing crap beer). Cthulhu gets ticked off, goes on a rampage, and kills and eats thousands. Ward Anderson reveals the stock sitcom moral of the episode. End of story.

The fifth episode, the final in the series, tied into the Songs of Darkness storyline, in that what was going on there was used to pitch Cthulhu back to his home dimension of R'lyeh, where he currently resides, plotting to return to Earth and communicating with the True Necronomicon. The Holiday Special spoofed Bob Hope Specials.

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