Blow the House Down

Authors: Bill Dickson and Gary Olson

Email: and, respectively.

The light rose from the city, like mist through the damp night air. Despite her powers, Radian shivered slightly, and tried to think of something to say, something to break the silence that had enveloped them.

Bravado had spoken its piece.

Fear had had its turn.

What more was left?

They got to their feet slowly, simultaneously, neither quite looking directly at the other. There would be no final words, no battle cries, no mocking rejoinders. There would only be silence, to be punctuated by the shattering report of a gunshot, or the muffled thump of an irradiated body hitting the stone.

Radian saw her reflection in Ramrod's gold glasses, and suddenly wanted to know what those eyes looked like. She had seen them earlier, at the Fenix Underground, but that had been at far range, in a crowd. She wanted to see his eyes, while they were still alive.

Ramrod reached slowly into his pocket, for his gun. Blue began to radiate from her outstretched hand, and she could feel the moment of truth roaring closer, screaming in her ears...

Episodes: 6 (January - March 1995)

Major Characters:

Radian and Shadebeam, still on the run from the law, head North to track a mysterious suitcase to Seattle. At a dance club in the city, Shadebeam encounters three-fourths of Team Cynical, while Radian initiates a run-in with the other fourth: Ramrod, the man who shot her in the head while she was the Dark Goddess. Both driven to finish what they started over a year ago, they begin a dangerous cat-and-mouse game through the city.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the continent, the Awe-Inspiring Force escapes from the Really-Really-Hard-to-Get-Out-of-Place and, with their new teammate Ennui, heads to Seattle with sinister plans of their own.

A tale of love, hate, trust, betrayal, and revenge, Blow the House Down is the culmination of fourteen months of planning and sneaky foreshadowing on the part of the Authors, building on the events taking place a year earlier in Songs of Darkness, with a couple of musical numbers thrown in for good measure.

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