At the Mountains of Badness

Author: Gary W. Olson



"Budda in polo pants," Badass cussed. "How...far does that pit go down?" The pit, which Smartass continued, incessantly, to refer to as The Deep, stretched down, down deep, until it passed beyond the limits of eyesight. It was a sharp, stabbing darkness, and a rush of pure evil spiraled up from the depths, a palpable terror that could be sensed with the naked mind. Smartass laughed a deranged laugh.

"May I introduce...That Which Is Not To Be Named?" Smartass laughed. "That Which Is Not To Be Named...Badass, Chalandra Harkness, and Varlas. Badass, Chalandra Harkness, and Varlass...That Which Is Not To Be Named." There was a chilling silence in the deathly still cavern, then a voice came lofting up, riding waves of darkest thought, the essence of everything corrupt and diseased.

*Pleased to meet you*, That Which Is Not To Be Named thought at them. *Don't mind him,* it continued, indicating Smartass. *He's a theatrical sort, so I encourage him. I understand you're here for the sacrafice, then?*

"Well, um, yes, I think," Varlas answered.

*Oh, good, good,* it thought. *Lovely night for it, don't you think? Personally, I think summer nights in the Mountains of Badness are simply smashing, don't you?*

"You know," Chalandra said. "He sounds a bit British, don't you think?"

Episodes: 4 (August 1992)

Major Characters:

Badass receives a letter from his long-lost antropomorphized donkey brother, Guillermo, and flies to Nepal, where he was raised, to find the answers. Chalandra Harkness travels with him, as he is heading to the Mountains of Badness, a region of the Nepalese Alps where several groups of vampires have lived for centuries. But there's a greater evil than the vampires lurking under the mountains....

This miniseries provided a good deal of background on both its principal characters, and also set their tone for their interaction in the CalForce series.

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