Picture of the Man

The Man with Two First Names

Alias: William Andrew Paul (no laughing back there!)

E-mail: ghod@drycas.club.cc.cmu.edu or wpaul@panix.com

M00sey name: Big City M00se

Prefered appelation: Bill

IRC nickname: Superuser

Attitude: disgruntled

Perceptions: skewed

The Man With Two First Names was born on April 12th, 1967, in the bustling, rat-infested, crime-ridden metropolis that is New York City, and resents the fact that nobody bothered to clear it with him first. Bound to the city by forces which he could neither comprehend nor control, The Man grew up there, went to high-school there and continues to live there to this day, assuming of course that you can actually call what he does living.

The Man spent his junior and senior college years at the University of Hartford in pursuit of a degree in electrical engineering technology, and it was there that he was introduced to both the complexities of computer networking and the bedlam of Superguy. Or is it the bedlam of computer networking and the complexities of Superguy... Either way, his first exposure to Superguy came in 1991 when he heard his then roommate, Dan Rossi, discussing a recent Superguy posting with his friend and previous roommate, Bill Dickson (Pickle). Intrigued, it wasn't long before The Man's inquiries and persistent nagging landed him a large stack of Superguy printouts, and it was then that the illicit love affair between offbeat medium and disturbed potential author was born.

The Man never really considered himself much of a writer, an opinion no doubt echoed by those who've read what he's written, and especially those who've read all of what he's written, but his initial exposure to Superguy coupled with the patience and encouragement of people like Dan and Domicic White (The Artiste) helped him to shake his feelings of apprehension and uncertainty, by proving to him once and for all that one need not necessarily be talented in order to be entertaining.

(There will now be a brief pause while The Man is clubbed repeatedly over the head with a wiffle-ball bat by Rob Furr.)

The Man has not been with Superguy since its inception but his contribution to the list has been fairly sizeable, to put it charitably. The Man's first forray into Superguy came in the form of part 4 ("Not Necessarily The Next Episode") of the now legendary Awesome Force mini-series: The Dark Night Comes Again. Next came a two episode solo adventure featuring his first Superguy character, Silly Wizzard, followed by a brief period during which absolutely nothing happened.

The Artiste, then The Awesome Force's principal author and a senior, came to the decision that he didn't have enough time to devote to both his studies and Superguy, and elected to turn over the reins of the Awesome Force to The Man, an act that marked a turning point in the history of Superguy that several people wish they could turn back. The Man With Two First Names worked on The Awesome Force from episode 10 to episode 117, after which he officially ended the series out of respect for his graduating fellow Authors, and because of the numerous death threats received from angry list subscribers suffering from overloaded mail spoolers. (The Artiste has since returned to the net and has revived the Awesome Force with new characters, new plotlines, and a dirigible.)

The Man returned to U-Ha the following year and began work on another series entitled The Defense Squad, which is still in production and well on its way to reaching its 200th episode, a feat which has earned it the record for the most voluminous storyline in Superguy history. The Man has plans to continue this series until his brain calcifies or he runs out of ideas, whichever comes last.

The Man has created such characters as Silly Wizzard, The Amazing Ginsu, Dr. Toon, Water Boy, Dirt Man, Windbreaker, Cementhead, Particle Girl, Dr. Lightbuzz, Ginsu 2000, RoboCrook, The One-Armed Bandit, Pit Boss, Roulette, The Surrealist, Captain Marvelous, Dropout, The Chia Pest, The League of Evil Punctuation, Ms. Marvelous, Tsongas and The Demoleks, Smartman, The Pundit, Loko, Ultimate Ginsu, the Scarlet Shrubbery II, Edgar Von Blim, RoboKoch, Special Agent Dale Cooper (no relation) aka CooperMan, Dr. Kevorkian (no relation), RoboKoch, Sgt. Al Dear and Detective Jack Honey, The YesMen, SPAM, The Scarlet Shrubbery III, Hardass, Crankshaft, Pinto Man, Dr. Feet, Samsonite, Ginsu World Class, and the lovely and talented Many More.

The Man has collaborated on such Superguy crossover events as The Death Of Superguy, Awesome Force: The Movie, The Songs of Darkness saga and The Industrial Revolution. He has also contributed more than his fair share of inanity to the Author's Altiverse storylines, such as they are. Lastly, The Man has recrntly begun contributing to the newsletter of the ancient and powerful M00se Illuminati, known as M00se Dr0ppings.

When not glued to his computer and writing, The Man can be found glued to his computer and hacking, glued to his computer and fiddling with various free 386 variants of UNIX, and glued to his computer reading Usenet News. The Man is a skilled UNIX programmer and systems administrator (with a preference for BSD -- System V is most definately not Scottish) who is secretly working to perfect the world's first Geek-Seeking Bullet with the hope of eliminating the threat of Bill Gates once and for all.

The Man also drinks Yoo-Hoo and likes it. What more is there to say?

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