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Peg Fisher - Recycle Woman

Email: recycler@usit.net

One of the few (hey, we're recruiting, OK?) the weird (and proud!), the Women Authors of Superguy! Yes! Hold that banner high!

That really is me under that wig, up there in the picture. So I like costume contests at sf conventions. Hey, it could be worse... And it is! I filk too! (SF folk songs are filks. It started as a typo and became a movement, an obsession. Ask me about my own modest contributions to the cause, like that tale of anime watching - The Japanesely Challenged!) (Yes, I live for subtitles...squint at the screen and read _really, really fast_, aieee...)

I have the dubious honor of being eldest SG Author, so far. (_Not_ Senior! Many here have written more and for longer than me, thus earning the Senior accolade.) I just landed on the planet before the rest of ye. However, I landed in a low tech part of this orbiting madhouse, and it's taken me a while to catch up. While I do admit of this, I'm a bit twitchy about it too, so there'll be no bannering of the year. The day is August 13, right between Greg Fishbone, 8-12, and Mike Escutia, 8-14, which makes birthdays kinda fun now. :)

You want to talk about mindboggling change, *grin*. In July 1994, I moved to Blacksburg VA, joined the science fiction club, and was first shown the Net. Boggle indeed! Gadge introduced me to Superguy, starting with Space Moose, and expanding from there to reading the whole list and all the full tilt wackiness there upon - yay! He posted my first 3 eps for me, until Igot direct access for myself. (Had to! This stuff is habit forming!) So on Dec. 20, 1994, I started my own first series, Team Bemused, and have been posting intermittently ever since. I've added Eeksburg Times and Daily Kazoo, and now Gwenna Questing, which will join with Team Bemused down the road a ways. And starting in the SF Story Anniversary Edition, I'm posting Jewel Scales as well. Now bear in mind that all of this is being typed with 2 fingers. (The touch typing course didn't sink in, argh! So I just keep plicking away... *rueful smile*)

Also, in the spring of 1996, fellow Superguy Author Greg Fishbone began Mythic Heroes, and this led to my story Werelocks appearing in print in MH issues 1-3, Sept.-Nov. 1996. So yeah, Net access has changed my life in a lot of very positive ways!

I make dreamcatchers (see Mythic Heroes website, in the Gift Shop), write poetry for PawPrints, and ride herd on a trio of cheerfully hyper critters, Joey dog, and Munchkin and Grey Brother cats. (Yeah, Grey's a cat, not a wolf. But he and Munchkin are sibs, so... Having loved the Jungle Book (the real one, not the-Disney-absurdity!) when I was read it by my Mom at age 5, I'll get in my Kipling homages where I can, here.)

In a lot of ways, Superguy got me started. Before this, I'd written a hundred fragments. Superguy gave me a place to have fun, a motivation to actually create complete episodes, and a welcoming, encouraging audience. It also gives me a lot of neat reading from my fellow Authors! And I want to share something in return. So I hope to be here for a while, and keep on telling these stories for my friends.



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