Mike Escutia

Aliases: Ergh, Sir

Email: mre@hopper.unh.edu

Homepage: http://pubpages.unh.edu/~mre/

Mike Escutia was born on August 14, 1974, one year and eleven days after his friend Sean, thirty-seven years and three days after his father, and twenty-one years and six days after Dr. Sam Backett from Quantum Leap. He was raised in Forest Park, Illinois, about twenty minutes or so out of Chicago. That is, until June of 1984, when his family moved to Londonderry, New Hampshire, where they've lived since June 15 of that year.

In the fall of 1992, Mike began his college career at the University of New Hampshire, where he majors in Computer Science, thus proving that he isn't entirely sane. Soon thereafter, he discovered Usenet, the newsgroup rec.arts.comics.misc, and the Legion of Net.Heroes, a collaborative, superhero-oriented fiction group similiar to Superguy, only with a greater (and, sometimes, too great) emphasis on parody. In November, he created the character who would eventually become his main creative focus for twenty or so months, Pliable Lad. The Pliable Lad series ran for 30 "issues" (June 1993 - December 1994), and changed as Mike was influenced by various authors and other things.

Mike discovered Superguy in December 1993, and was thoroughly amazed by what he read. Unfortunately, he came in right in the middle of the Songs of Darkness storyline, and so spent winter break that year thinking that ! was a member of CalForce and the Defense Squad consisted of Ricardo Montalban, the Amazing Doctor Feet, and company. Go figure. He began writing his own Superguy series, The Hero Patrol in March 1994, and has managed to turn out fifteen episodes since.

Mike is one of the founders of the Crossroads universe on the newsgroup rec.arts.comics.creative, and writes Tapestry for that group. He plans on writing several miniseries in the future, and continue writing for both Superguy and Crossroads.

An arguement could be made that Mike is stretching himself a bit thin. He'd most likely agree.

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