Picture of Mason

Mason Kramer

Alias: Mason, MasonK, The-guy-over-there-by-the-computer

Email: masonk@eyrie.org

Mason Kramer has been writing for Superguy for a year now, and has managed a grand total of two miniseries, one Authorial Altiverse megaplot, and a continuing series (The Teen Team: Merchandise available at a store near YOU!). When he is not writing, which is pretty much of the time, he installs and troubleshoots computers for the Texas Education Agency. Prior to this, he has been a teacher, a stockboy, a fry cook, a pizza man, a taxi driver, and a teenager. This last leaves him extremely qualified to write the Teen Team. Future plans include working more on the Teen Team, and maybe starting another series. Mason's hobbies include reading e-mail and living on IRC (channel SUPERGUY-give it a try!)

Among many others, whole or partial blame for the following Superguy creations can be placed on Mason:


Teams and Organizations:

Regular Series:

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