Picture of the Large Manly Man

The Large Manly Man in Wet Clothing

Alias: Frank Orzechowicz

Email: manlyman@zelda.vet.cornell.edu

Frank Orzechowicz, The Large Manly Man In Wet Clothing, has several projects that can be considedered "in the works". By "In the works" we mean that he has written anywhere from two to twelve posts in any given series. Frank is not the most steady writer on Superguy. As a matter of fact, he only barely edges out Evan Pongress, who outshadows Frank in writing talent, however.

Frank (L'omellete du fromage to some of his friends) writes The Armadillo, The Fall Of The House Of Satan (a miniseries), and occasional Author's Altiverse posts for Superguy. He also writes Stetson Tyler - Space Cowboy, a series which originated in SfStory, but currently has it's characters in the Superguy Universe.

Frank lives in Ithaca, NY with his wife and three pet stepchildren [though he is considering trading them in for stepchia]. He performs various computer and other functions as a means of employment. His life ambition is to survive to his stepchildrens' maturity, so that he and his wife can become gypsies and follow the Renaissance Festival circuit around the country, thus becoming Ren Heads.

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