Alias: Daniel Patrick Pawtowski, Thug One, The Other Pawtowski, Wearer of the Gadget Coat


Address: 825 Orchard St., #8; Blacksburg, VA 24060

Phone: (703) 961-3845

Quote: "EEP!"

M00se Code: Unassigned, but will respond to GadgetM00se

Muse: Elma

Birthday: April 16, 1967 (Just a day late for tax purposes)

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 220 lbs.

Build: Flabby

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Glasses: Thick-lensed and brown

Color of rubber duck: Yellow

Favorite Drink: Milk, Bogen's Pink Lemonade

Affiliations: VTSFFC, VTAS, Technicon, Katsucon, ACSYNT Institute, SUI, Zen Ticklers Anonymous

Daniel Pawtowski was born in Silver Spring, Maryland (near Washington DC) about two minutes after his twin brother, Eric. They've been pretty much inseperable ever since. Both grew up in the DC suburbs, attending the same schools and working for their father's plumbing company over summers and holidays. After high school both went to Virginia Tech university and became Mechanical Engineers. Both graduated in 1989, and both are currently working on Master's Degrees. From the point of view of anyone reading this, Daniel never did much interesting until he started Post-Graduate work. Various interests led him to discover VTSFFC, the Science Fiction Club of Virginia Tech, and VTAS, the Animation Society. These interests also led him to discover the Nets, and such amusements as the Superguy List, which Daniel began reading in late 1989. Both Daniel and Eric had created and told bizzare stories to each other all their lives, and had taken to actually writing them down during their sophmore years at Virginia Tech, with no intentions of ever actually showing the stuff to anyone. Even after reading Superguy for several years, it had never really occured to Daniel to actually write anything for it. In late 1993, two events conspired to change this: As a lark, he submitted a segment into the Awesome Force/Team Cynical Softball game. Shortly afterwards, Daniel discovered that Superguy Author Rob Furr was at that time a regular attendant of weekly VTAS meetings. Something snapped, so Daniel reached into the relatively shallow depths of his brief RPG experiences, and Space Moose #1 was written. The rest, as they say, is history.


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