Frobozz. Man or machine? In league with Gene Hackman? Able to leap short stories in a single bound? These questions and more have never been asked about him!

Name: Chris Angelini

Age: 23 years and feeling the weight of each

Birthdate: That cold, harsh 23rd of February when the winds howled, the ice closed in and the polar bears sang to the Northern Lights while drinking Coke.

Favourite Colour: That one.

Least Favourite Colour: The other one.

Why: Why not?



Height: You only ask that because you want to taunt me. Well fie, fie on you!

Citizenship: Canada. (For American readers, that's the country to the north of you. Check a map. It'll be there, honest.)

Marital Status: The guy who gets his shoulder cried on after the relationship goes sour. You need him or society collapses as phone therapists throw the natural order of things out of whack by overbreeding.

Pet Peeve: Being Eaten by a Grue

Family: Supposedly I have one.

Why Don't I Supply Useful Information: The root of the problem might be that at heart I hate everyone who lives. But that's just a guess. Maybe I just don't want to duplicate the information given on my homepage. Dunno, really.

Stuff I Write!

-The Tribe of Behn (It's like _Children of a Lesser God_ except there's no dealing with disabilities, it isn't a movie and it bears no resemblance to the plot whatsoever.)

-Spotlight On... (An anthology for all of us! Excluding, of course, people who don't like stories about paranormals.)

-Aurora (The series that isn't afraid to take a stand on... important stuff.)

-Mythos (It's about criminals being foiled by those meddling superguys and their crystal.)

-Tarnished Gold (The series that I'm deluding myself into believing is still active.)

-Retrograde Rhapsody (A round robin series. Read it or suffer the consequences!)

-Round Robin II (Another round robin series. Read it or suffer more consequences!)

-Risk (Yet ANOTHER round robin series. What the heck is it with me and these things?)


Gimmie some time to work on this part, okay? Yeesh, demanding audience aren't you?

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