Created by: Jesse Taylor

Current author: Jesse Taylor


Real name: Unknown

Status: Active, solo

History: Zapper gained his powers along with Grounder and Metalhead. Dr. Shroom's experiment gave him telepathic powers, but he never really used them to their fullest extent. He followed Admiral Morgan loyally, but is in the same boat with Grounder now that she's gone.

Known powers: Zapper's telepathic abilities included telereceive (mind-reading), the ability to control others' thoughts and actions, and a "mindblast" attack.

Description: Zapper is of average height and build, with dirty blonde, buzz-cut hair. When possible, he covers his buzz-cut with a baseball cap. No-one knows _why_ he keeps getting his head shaved if he doesn't like how it looks, but no-one's ever bothered to ask him before.

Major Appearances:

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