Steel Monkey

Created by: Bill Dickson

Current author: Bill Dickson


Real name: Hank

Status: Active

Notes: Steel Monkey is one of the villains created by Mr. Bad Example. He works primarily with the Intruder, and the two stuck together after Mr. Bad Example's gang was broken up by Team Cynical. Nothing is known about his current whereabouts.

Known powers: Steel Monkey is apparently made of solid metal, rendering him incredibly durable and capable of causing a fair amount of harm to people by jumping on them at a reasonable speed, or hitting them with his head. His arms don't seem to be strong enough to deliver an effective punch, though they are strong enough (in conjunction with his legs) to allow him to scamper up and down just about anything that can be climbed with the ease of a tree monkey in a dense forest. He moves with remarkable speed in any mode of travel, often clambering up telephone poles and swinging hand-to-hand along a cable at a decent clip.

Description: Steel Monkey stands somewhere between 3 and 4 feet tall -- it's hard to tell exactly, as he never stands up straight. Being made of solid metal, his weight is highly deceptive; he weighs considerably more than a child of his size, but certainly not more than an average man -- implying that his body is of fairly low density.

Steel Monkey appears to be a hideously altered man, with obvious humanity in his features, but resembling nothing so much as a shiny metal simian. Even his eyes are metal, though he has metal lids that blink frequently, just like a human's. Despite the crimes he has committed, he appears to be a villain to pay the bills, and probably wouldn't be a bad sort if he were on the other side of the law.

Major Appearances:

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