Col. Shannon

Created by: Jesse Taylor

Current author: Jesse Taylor


Real name: Shana Shannon

Status: Active, works for TONN

History: Shana Shannon was a FEMSquad Leutinate/Fashion Reporter, until she got in good with her boss (Sir Gerbre), and was made a Colnel, in charge of the entire TONNArmy. It was a bit more of a job than she wanted, but she stuck with it, even though the TONNArmy was almost totally obliterated by the Invid. She was injured severely in said battle, but a few spells from Shannon (of Force Ten), and medical care from the best doctors Gerbre could hire healed her quite quickly. She's now trying to get back into reporting and leave all the world domination stuff behind.

Description: Slightly shorter than average, with shoulder-length blonde hair. She's flexible and wears whatever is appropriate to where she is.

Major Appearances:

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