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"No matter," she said, pulling a chair up and sitting down, facing him. "You and I are very similar, really, and if it comes down to preserving her or preserving yourself...well, we both know how that will turn out. I felt devoted to Pierre, too, until I decided to move on to other things. I could accomplish more without him, so I left.

"It's the same with you, now," she said with a smile. "By my side, as part of the Awe-Inspiring Force, you can accomplish so much. The possibilities for you are much greater than your current life holds, and certainly greater than any relationship with a cute little nothing of a girl holds for you. Do yourself a favor, dear."

She turned it on again, stronger still, and he suddenly felt himself going down in a wash of apathy.

"You'll see," she said to him quietly. "I know our kind, and I know where our loyalties lie."

Real name: Marie Bardot

Status: Active, solo

Notes: Very little is known about Ennui. If one were to peek at certain files in the Superhero Registry, one could discover that she was once married to a Pierre Bardot, but divorced him while he was being evaluated by psychiatrists for his claims of having seen Cinderella's Palace rise out of the Seine and steal the Eiffel Tower. (Everybody agreed that the Eiffel Tower had, in fact, been stolen, but they doubted that Cinderella's Palace was responsible.) She has been known to work for the government when needed for somewhat shady business.

Known powers: Ennui can exert psychic influence over a person's mind, causing her victim to feel as though things simply don't matter much. A vague feeling of weariness, boredom, and dissatisfaction will overcome the subject, rendering him or her susceptible to outside suggestions. It can be useful in combat situations -- a mugger, for instance, would suddenly find himself feeling that attacking this person isn't worth the effort. Ennui also has remarkable erotic talents, and will use them to reinforce her control.

Description: 5'10", 125 lbs., short dark brown hair, an obviously European face. Highly attractive. Tends to dress fashionably but not gaudily, in whatever sort of clothes is appropriate to the occasion. She has a temper, is highly self-confident, and is very possessive; despite this, her self-control is strong enough to prevent her from showing anything but a poised facade. She speaks with a pleasant French accent.

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