Harry DiLaren

Created by: Chris Meadows

Current author: Chris Meadows

Email: robotech@jurai.net

Real name: Harry DiLaren

Known Aliases: None; last name unknown

Status: Minor villain.

History: DiLaren wanted to steal the Qwyntor_ hyperspace engine from the Odd Science Convention in Springfield, Missouri because of its alleged history of causing or being involved with the empowerment of superbeings. He had plans for creating an entire gang of supers, with which to rob and pillage. However, his plans went awry through the intervention of Team M.E.C.H.A. and Spectrum, and he was forced to retreat before the engine could explode. Has no current plans for revenge.

Known powers: No specific powers per se except for knowledge. Has some minor knowledge of science.

Description: Late 20s or early 30s, dark hair. Basically a thug who has managed to work his way up from the streets, picking up a bit of knowledge as he went along.

Major Appearances:

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