Created by: Jesse Taylor

Current author: Jesse Taylor


Real name: Jim Howard

Status: Apparently dead

History: Crossbow was one of the three JHDF supers who Drakkor tricked into helping him escape from the rest of Force Ten. After Jim figured out what was going on, he sought revenge, but was defeated and critically wounded by Bubbles when he snuck into the TONN labs to try and get Drakkor. Drakkor ordered Verne to save Jim's life, which he accomplished by turning him into a cyborg. Crossbow was apparently killed by Grounder.

Known powers: Crossbow was skilled with every weapon known to man, although he preferred unconventional and projectile weapons to guns.

Description: Crossbow was around 5'8", of average build, with brown hair and grey eyes. He dressed in black, with a black or other dark trenchcoat.

Major Appearances:

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