Mr. Bad Example

Created by: Bill Dickson

Current author: Bill Dickson


Golden Grunion Nominations:

Real name: Unknown

Status: Incarcerated

Notes: Mr. Bad Example appeared on the Seattle scene in early 1993, with a small team of paranormals he had created. His team kidnapped prominent superheroes for the apparent purpose of testing his creations against their likely opponents. He escaped when the ring was broken up by Team Cynical.

When he lost track of Sister Death, an unfinished creation who disappeared in the battle with Team Cynical, he became nearly frantic looking for her. Witnessing her kidnapping by Benedict and the Sorstrata, he appealed to Team Cynical for help. In the end, Ramrod aided him, and Mr. Bad Example surrendered to the authorities in Bob City.

Although very much a villain, it is hard to dislike Mr. Bad Example too intensely. He's not such a bad sort, and his concern for his creations is touching.

Known powers: None. He has an astonishing talent for creating paranormals, but nobody understands how he does it.

Description: 6'0", 155 lbs, a poorly-preserved 45 or so. Mr. Bad Example has the grizzled, worn look of a man who has many bad habits, and indulges them often.

Major Appearances:

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