All those sensitive live-in-the-wilderness-with-the-bugs poets were right -- there is, in fact, a higher plane. Many of them, in fact, and Transcendence gives you access to and understanding of them all. An entity which achieves transcendence becomes at peace with itself, dedicated to the pursuit of further knowledge and pleasure, without the burden of a physical body to hold it back but with senses and an appreciation for sensuality far beyond that of any corporeal entity. It spends idle thoughts contemplating mysteries and questions that the human mind will not even begin to comprehend for many millenia.

Such an entity inevitably becomes a bit smug about it all, too.

Transcendence is not the only way to become infinitely wise and placid and powerful. Cyrebrax is not a transcendental entity, but it relates with them as an equal. Elvis is something entirely other. The only entities known on Earth to have transcended are Gus, Lulu, and Faith; it is known, however, that they are in constant communication with other such entities.

Transcendence can occur in many ways. Gus transcended when an exploding stove sent a power surge through the Apple IIgs's unique circuits. Gus initiated Lulu's transcendence directly. Radian attempted to achieve transcendence by converting the Earth into magical energy to power her conversion. Faith transcended when his absolute power over reality combined with his triumph over belief.

All in all, it's good work if you can get it, but don't pass up that job interview at Starbuck's. The only thing that bothers the transcendental entities is the Sage, who irritates them by knowing more than they do.

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