The Dangerousmobile

Created by: Bill Dickson

Current author: Bill Dickson


It gleamed blackly, lethally. Its lines were those of an interceptor out of a science-fiction space opera. Deadly gun barrels poked out from under sinister ports. Lights gleamed inside, indicating incredibly sophisticated computer control.

"Oh, Doctor Kilohertzmunn! It's beautiful!"

"Vhy, thank you, Lars. I rather like it myself, alzough I have to use ze Suburban for shopping. No trunk zpace at all in zis thing. Now: over HERE ve have YOUR new car."

The Dangerousmobile was, appropriately enough, Dangerousman's car. Controlled and operated internally by its vehicular computer, Lulu, the Dangerousmobile transported and protected Lars through much of his brief career as a superguy.

The car was constructed from a Volkswagen Thing, and painted in the same radioactive green and poison yellow color scheme as Dangerousman's costume. It was, of course, perfectly hideous. But its appearance belied its capabilities.

The little car could easily achieve speeds of three hundred miles per hour and more, with spectacular acceleration and braking ability. It was entirely electric, powered by radiation emissions from Dangerousman that were collected through the steering wheel. It mounted a pop-up micromissile launcher under the hood, a smokescreen in the back, and was completely invulnerable to explosions.

The Dangerousmobile was badly damaged by SNUCCI cultists in 1991, and shortly thereafter Lulu achieved Transcendence with the help of its paramour, Gus. It has since lain unused, although it is not beyond repair.

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