The Sentries

Author: Van


The bowls of popcorn and drinks were prepared as quickly as possible, and were carried by the two overloaded superguys into the living room. Things were at full occupancy, it seemed. Steven and Christie were snuggled into a chair that was really only made for one person, and were being ignored by the rest for fear of saccharine poisoning. Jamie was sprawled out on an ottoman, and Julie sat on the back of the couch. Below her sat Ben and Kim, talking quietly about the day's sparring match. David sat alone on a recliner towards the corner, while Tina and Lee sat on the floor near the couch, discussing the movie.

Robyn shoved some magazines around on the coffee table and took up her normal seat on it with the popcorn, ignoring grumbles to pass along the bowls. Chris set the glasses and two liter bottles down next to Robyn and poured himself some Dew, then grabbed a throw pillow and lay down on the floor.

"Life's good?" asked Robyn. She was answered by various yeahs and mmms, and even a "Die, hell(tm)spawn" that no one could figure out the source of.

"Good seat, food that I'll never get out of my teeth..." Julie sighed happily. "Life's good."

"What's the movie about, anyway?" asked Jamie. He leaned over to snag a glass and pour himself a drink, then lay back again. He wasn't really acknowledging Chris being there, but he seemed calm enough for once.

"Mm, standard stuff. Someone screws up your normal dangerous science experiment, makes monster, we get blood and fun." There was a quiet knock on the door, but no one noticed.

"Yuck," muttered Christie.

"It's got cute guys, little sister."

"But I'm already sitting next to one." Christie smiled at Steven, who grinned back happily as they both ignored the sounds of gagging.

The knocking came back a little louder, and was heard this time. But the various people all stayed quiet, under the knowledge that whoever pointed out "Hey, someone's knocking on the door" would be the one who had to go get the door.

"You... fool." Lee rolled her eyes melodramatically, continuing after the knocks stopped. "You triggered another one of their episodes."

Julie shrugged. "It's easier to steal their popcorn when they're lost in each other's eyes."

"She's got a point," grinned Robyn. A small diecast helicopter flew over Steven and Christie's bowl, then dropped a tow-line down to free a piece from captivity and liberate it to the safety of Robyn's mouth.


For a moment the only sound were the words "Coming soon to video" from the television, as the assembled superguys tried to decide if that knock was too loud to reasonably ignore. Slowly, all heads turned to look at Ben.

"Okay..." Ben scanned the crowd, looking for the person least likely to throw something at him. The perils of leadership were indeed great. "Chris, get the door."

Chris looked down at the pillow under him, then reluctantly decided that if he threw it he wouldn't get it back. Sighing, he stood up and made his way to the large double doors to the porch. They swung open easily, revealing...


Chris tapped his ear a bit and looked at the person outside. He was an inch or so over six feet, with an olive complexion and short, slightly curly black hair. He wore jeans and a black t-shirt, with a long blue-grey lab coat on over the shirt. He looked Chris over, then smiled.

"You should really get the door more quickly. You ruined a running gag."

Once upon a time there was an overpass that overpassed a busy interstate. It was an ordinary stretch of road, really. There weren't any secret organizations out to take over the world hiding in its shadow. The Nun on the Road never drove over it. This depressing bit of normality offended the universe, and so it summoned a villain to blow up the overpass.

At least, that's our best guess for why someone would try to hold an overpass for ransom. Our villain, Energeto the Human Dynamo.. yes, that is his name... was challenged by a band of misfits that came together to fight in the name of truth, justice, and irritation that the road was now blocked.

After defeating Energeto, known as Enny to his close friends, the team stayed to hang out together. Through new members, leavings, and time they stayed on, because they just wouldn't die! Aaaaaah! They won't leave my head aloooooooone...

And there you have it.

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