The Awesome Force

Created by: Dominic A. White

Current author: Dominic A. White


Welcome, friends, to the Awesome Force Web Page. I am sure many of you are familiar with the Awesome Force, if not through the many forms of media which report our adventures, then through the numerous ways that Awesome Amalgamated has touched and shaped the lives of nearly everyone on the planet.

Many of you have stumbled across this site quite by accident. Many of you have logged in to satify any curious urges to learn a little bit more about the Awesome Force than the local, national, and international papers tell you. Some of you are here because you are diabolical villains and have faced us in the past. Through this site you hope to gain information, insight, or clues on how to prevent us from foiling your megalomaniacal plans for evil. You will not succeed! Wherever injustice rears its unwelcome head, the Awesome Force will be there to prevent it, stop it, and insure that the perpetrator of the villainous crime pays awesomely for his malevolent deeds!

For those of you not planning to defeat us, whether it be in the course of a crime or just for sport, I personally invite you to browse the Awesome Force Web Page and all the links associated with it.

Have an Awesome time. Your protector and servant, Andy Awesome

P.S. Protecting the rights of the electronic pioneers of the Net takes up most of the Perfectly Powerful Penguin's time. He is generously building this site in his spare time, and for this I give him my most awesome thanks. As a result of his free time being so voluntarily rare, there will be incomplete sections and many links with dead-ends for a while. Please bear with us and check the site periodically for progress and updates.

Current Members (in order of tenure):

Headquarters: The Awesome Amalgamated Tower, Hartford, Connecticut. Formerly the rebuilt Travelers Tower, it was taken over by the Awesome Force and used as their primary headquarters. Eventually, the full-time presence of the Awesome Force rid the Hartford area of nearly all crime, and the Awesome Tower became the new international headquarters of Awesome Amalgamated. Although the Awesome Force now spends most of thier time aboard the Awesome Force Airship Michell and Steven Skidmore (see 'Vehicles' below), they still go there for repairs, maintainance, restocking and still consider the 'Double A Tower' their home port.


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